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There ARE Miracles! FAIRVIEW HEIGHTS, IL ( KPLR ) - It's an incredible tale of survival about a man, a tree and what happened to make the two become one. There is good luck, there are miracles and what happened to Jack Wier proves they are not the same thing.

Jack and his wife Julie raise alpacas on their farm in Fairview Heights. On a spring day in 2007, Jack experienced something astounding, only 16 acres from their house. He had been using a Bobcat to clear some trees when he hit a large cottonwood that hit back.

A broken limb came flying in under the roll bar, spearing Jack through the belly with a piece of wood 20 feet long and six inches thick.

"I've always had a pretty high tolerance for pain. I had no pain, I had none," Wier said.

Still, he knew the situation was desperate. That's when Jack remembered the military mantra he relied on during his 38 years in the army.

"You define the identify alternatives... you accumulate relevant information... and then you make a decision. My problem was I got this tree in me," explained the tree accident victim.

Jack also had another problem. His leg was so swollen that he could not get into his pants pocket to reach his cell phone. So, as they say in the Army, he identified an alternative.

Julie explained "When this came in it ripped his pants and so he could see the pocket of the jeans because his pants were ripped...."

"And so with that aerial, I started pushing it to make a hole, and fortunately after about five minutes I was able to make a hole, pulled the cell phone out and got on the phone and I'm telling you by the grace of God she answered on the first ring," Jack added.

The challenge for the rescue team was to carefully remove Jack from the bobcat, without removing the limb from jack. "They cut it at about eight feet with a chain saw and they determined they couldn't get an eight foot tree into the helicopter," Julie laughed.

So they cut it to three feet and flew him to St. Louis University Hospital. Dr. Carl Freeman, also a military man with experience as a battlefield surgeon, led the team of doctors who took the tree limb out of Jack.

The first step was to determine which organs had been damaged. The jaw-dropping answer was none. Dr. Freeman explained "It literally just slid along them, went right along them and slid along them and pushed them out of the way."

Julie continued to explain "The doctor came out and he said we removed the tree. We don't hear this everyday and then she said and it missed every major organ...and she chuckled... and our oldest son said doctor what do you call that..." Jack added "She said... a miracle."

The limb missed Jack's spine by 5/16 of an inch, about the thickness of a pencil.

Jack has always believed in miracles. He also believes his statue of the Virgin Mary, a family heirloom which happens to sit just a few feet from the scene of the accident, had something to do with his survival.

This is not the first time the Wier's have been touched by a miracle. In 1983, Julie was diagnosed with Hodgkin's disease and told she had six months to live, but her cancer went into remission.
"When you have a terrible experience something very tragic... horrible that happens in your life it is there to prepare you for the next horrible tragic thing that is going to happen in your life because it is not an if, it's a when," Julie said.

You might think people who have been through what they have been through would want to distance themselves from that awful day. The Wier's choose to embrace it. Their son Dominic wrote a song about his family's miracles. The song says "An old tree nearly took his life... he was gone almost saw the light, but God granted us a miracle and he survived..."

Speaking of seeing the light, on Jack's desk, there now sits a lamp his son-in-law made from pieces of the tree that almost killed jack.

At the St. Louis Zoo, you'll find two of the Wier's alpacas, named for the surgeons who saved Jack's life, Doc Andrus and Doc Freeman.

The keepsake that means the most however, is the simplest of them all. A large section of the limb left behind from the rescue.They keep it on their patio and it is a weathering reminder of how both luck and miracles saved a branch on the Wier family tree.,0,2214233.story

Praise the LORD!! And God bless!

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Amazing Juggling Finale

Enjoyed watching this!

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Three weeks early.... Kendra Rayne

Today, my seventh grandchild was born, on Veteran's Day, at 1:20 PM.
Three weeks early, but she is doing very well, and so are Mom and Dad.

Welcome to our world, Kendra Rayne!
5# 15 oz
18 1/4 in

Congratulations to my son, my daughter-in-law,
and my grand-daughters!!!

I love this picture... Haylie and Kendra
Haylie has become a Big Sister....
God bless!

Edith Manchester Pro-Life Legend

According to the person who hosts this video, she is in her 90's!!

God bless her!

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Bishop Thomas Tobin: Opinion



Walid Shoebat: Fort Hood Massacre should be a wake up call

This was in my email this AM... I have highlighted a few points.

Lord, have Mercy!

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Tue, Nov 10, 2009 at 1:24 AM

As our media and President trip over themselves, rushing to take the politically correct line that Radical Islam is the problem and most Muslims are peaceful; we should chalk this massacre up as just another isolated example of a religious madman gone nuts.

This is the second time this has happened in less than six months; in June another Islamic nut job murdered a soldier in Arkansas. Last year a Muslim Naval officer was convicted of passing information to terrorists. In the war in Iraq in 2003 a Muslim serving in our military turned his gun on his own compatriots. The FBI can confirm that they are watching hundreds of Mosques around the country yet we continue to protect the great peaceful religion of Islam in our midst.

As a Western country we cherish freedom of speech and freedom of religion. However, in countries where Islam is in the majority, the opposite is true. Millions of Christians have been persecuted with death, rape and the vandalizing of their churches. There are virtually no Jews living in Muslim countries as they have already been ethnically cleansed after Israel, the Jewish state, was founded in 1948. Why should western cultures offer tolerance of Islam when that tolerance is not reciprocated in Muslim countries toward Jews and Christians?

The argument that most Muslims are peaceful is irrelevant. In Germany, most Germans were not Nazis but that did not stop the Nazis from taking control and terrorizing its non-Nazi population. Even if the majority of Muslims are not terrorists or do not support terror, they have shown neither the ability nor the desire to reign in the terrorist element. Because Islam is classified by ignorant people as just a religion, they cannot wrap their minds around the fact that Islam is also a movement that is political, ideological, and all-encompassing. It is the same as Nazism but worse because in this politically correct culture, we focus only on its religious component but fail to study its political and aggressive militaristic nature in history as well as what is happening today. We also deny or ignore the atrocities and genocides committed by Islam in order to dominate its empire as well as spreading itself through its military plunder.

Any scholar of Islam recognizes the legalized deception allowed and encouraged by Islamic Shariah law to spread its faith. For example, CAIR (Council for American Islamic Relations) has been exposed as a covert terror organization and the FBI has broken its ties with them because of their terror connections. CAIR just denounced the Fort Hood Massacre as not becoming of the Islamic faith, yet there is overwhelming evidence that privately they support such atrocities.

What might you say we should do to combat this threat? We at the Shoebat Foundation are not afraid to speak the truth and it is obvious what we should do.

First we must discharge all Muslims who work for the Military, the FBI, the CIA, DHS or other counter-terror organizations. While Muslims who might be loyal to the USA will suffer, we must at the same time recognize that we cannot judge whether a Muslim is loyal or not, but based on the ideology of a true Muslim and based on the teachings of the Quran and Hadith we know that the objective of Islam is to subjugate all under its yoke. Since deception and lying are allowed under Shariah law, these are facts that we must face and deal with head on.

Offending Muslims!? Please! As an American I am offended that Muslims - radical or not - think they can kill and maim Americans because their book says it is ok to do so. Aren't you? I am offended that the "peaceful" Muslims are not reigning in the "radicals". I am offended that Muslims openly show hostility toward Jews and have an anti-Semitic bent that is embedded in their faith. I am offended as an American that a Muslim took about $500,000 worth of free education provided by the American tax payer to become a doctor and then preached hatred of the country that gave him that opportunity. A Muslim was given a better life and then turned his gun on his fellow American soldiers because Allah said that it was a good thing to do.

Wake up America or else the next time 9/11 might look like a very small man-made disaster compared to what might come our way if we continue to enable our President's ideological suicide pact with the American people THE BERLIN WALL AND KRISTALLNACHT--Two Examples of Human Forgetfulness THE BERLIN WALL AND KRISTALLNACHT--Two Examples of Human Forgetfulness

THE BERLIN WALL AND KRISTALLNACHT--Two Examples of Human Forgetfulness
Posted by: Brock Thoene on Monday, November 09, 2009
Two Examples of Human Forgetfulness
Brock Thoene

Some media attention has been paid to the fact that today is the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Twenty years ago today the evident moral and spiritual bankruptcy of the Communist system strangling Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union was clear for all the world to see.

The people of divided Berlin came to symbolize the eternal desire of people everywhere to be free. The wall came down when they asserted their will as to the form of government under which they would live. They rose up to do away with an ultra-restrictive system that relied on coercion and torture and secret police and informants to continually prop up a failed economic system.

President Ronald Reagan stood up to the Soviets and forced them to compete with the power-for-good vested in free market capitalism. Pope John Paul II, with personal courage and sacrifice, showed the world the authority of a God-centered belief in the fundamental rights of man.

You know---life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Seems like we heard that phrase somewhere before!

Together Reagan and John Paul brought about more than just the collapse of the Berlin Wall…they brought down the Iron Curtain, and exposed atheistic communism for what it is: a sham and a fiasco.

How quickly we forget!

Today America is far down the road to embracing socialism. This is not some ‘new and improved’ version either; it’s the same old failure that will take an entire generation to tear down and another generation to recover from if it is not stopped short of its goal of government intrusion into every aspect of American lives.

What’s the point of celebrating the anniversary of tearing down the communist wall if apathy and ignorance are rebuilding it in America?

And the remembrance of the fall of the wall obscures another anniversary that should also be in the forefront of our minds as freedom-loving people everywhere wrestle with the problem of Islamic terrorism.

November 9th is also the anniversary of Kristallnacht; the Night of Broken Glass, when Nazi-organized vandalism and thuggery against Jews broke out across Germany and Austria. That was in 1938----but it foreshadowed the Holocaust.

Nor did it only occur within Nazi-controlled territory. Haj Amin el Husseini, Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, was friends with, and formed a mutual-admiration society with, Adolf Hitler.
(You will remember the Mufti from our Zion Chronicles series.)

The Muslim terrorists of today are the spiritual (and in some cases physical) descendents of those Muslims recruited and trained by the Nazi SS. This is true of Muslim radicals in general, and of Iran’s terrorist-sponsoring regime in particular.

You probably didn’t hear any reference to that anniversary in the main-stream media, did you?

Take a look at an article (lengthy, but worth reading in its entirety) from yesterday’s Jerusalem Post:

Posted by Petra Marquardt-Bigman
Sunday Nov 08, 2009

When President Obama welcomed the newly re-elected German chancellor, Angela Merkel, in Washington last week, he commented on the imminent 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9, 1989. But as Merkel emphasized in an address to both houses of the US Congress, November 9 is also the anniversary of the so-called Kristallnacht in 1938, the "night of the broken glass," when Nazis brutalized Jews and attacked their homes and property in an orgy of unrestrained violence that "later turned into the break with civilization that was the Shoah."

In the same speech, Merkel also declared that a "nuclear bomb in the hands of an Iranian president who denies the Holocaust, threatens Israel and denies Israel the right to exist is not acceptable." A few weeks earlier, Israel's Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu had focused on this specific issue in his address to the UN General Assembly, where he sought to highlight the danger posed by a fanatic Iranian regime that is pursuing its nuclear ambitions at all costs while denying the Holocaust and Israel's right to exist.

But the argument that the danger posed by Iran's nuclear ambitions must also be assessed in view of the Holocaust denial of Iran's president and the threats against Israel that are a staple of the Iranian regime is often rejected, not least because the implied comparison between Iran and Nazi Germany is regarded as very controversial.

In an article on "Iran, the Jews and Germany" written in March, New York Times columnist Roger Cohen haughtily dismissed criticism "from several American Jews unable to resist some analogy between Iran and Nazi Germany" and asserted firmly that "Iran's Islamic Republic is no Third Reich redux."

Of course, much has changed in the meantime, and some experts have argued that Iran is evolving into a military dictatorship. Moreover, as far as history is concerned, it is worth remembering that during the Third Reich, relations between Nazi Germany and Iran were excellent. It was admiration for Nazi Germany that prompted the shah in 1935 to change the country's official designation from Persia to Iran, because this term refers to the Aryans so admired by Nazi racial ideology.

It may be debatable if this past is relevant for today's developments, but what is certain is that a curious double standard exists: Europeans firmly believe that it is important to confront the past, and particularly the Germans were and still are expected to own up to the evils of Nazism. But no such demand is made of the admirers and collaborators of the Nazis in the Middle East.

Quite the contrary - Middle Eastern enthusiasm for Nazism is something of a taboo in Europe. In a recent Wall Street Journal article, Daniel Schwammenthal reported on the difficulties encountered by the German organizer of an exhibition that was devoted to the subject "The Third World in the Second World War" and included one section on the role of the Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al Husseini, who was a Waffen SS recruiter and Nazi propagandist in Berlin.

The exhibition was scheduled to be shown in a multicultural center located in a Berlin neighborhood with many Turkish and Arab residents, but the center's director objected to the segment that focused on the mufti's enthusiastic collaboration with the Nazis.

It is worthwhile to note in this context that even before the mufti came to Berlin, he had played a role in what has been described as "Kristallnacht in Baghdad," the pogrom in June 1941 that is commonly known as "Farhood" (also spelled Farhud or Farhoud), which was no less brutal that the German Kristallnacht.

As Schwammenthal rightly emphasizes, there is no justification for the "politically correct" tendency to downplay the role of the mufti:

The mufti 'invented a new form of Jew-hatred by recasting it in an Islamic mold,' according to German scholar Matthias Küntzel. The mufti's fusion of European anti-Semitism - particularly the genocidal variety - with Koranic views of Jewish wickedness has become the hallmark of Islamists world-wide, from al Qaeda to Hamas and Hezbollah. During his time in Berlin, the mufti ran the Nazis' Arab-language propaganda radio program, which incited Muslims in the Mideast to 'kill the Jews wherever you find them. This pleases God, history and religion.'

Among the many listeners was also the man later known as Ayatollah Khomeini, who used to tune in to Radio Berlin every evening, according to Amir Taheri's biography of the Iranian leader. Khomeini's disciple Mahmoud Ahmadinejad still spews the same venom pioneered by the mufti as do Islamic hate preachers around the world."

In recent years, there have been a number of scholarly studies examining the lasting influence of Nazi propaganda in the Middle East. A new book on Nazi Propaganda for the Arab World, by Jeffrey Herf, has just been released. In a class of its own will be the forthcoming work A Lethal Obsession: Anti-Semitism from Antiquity to the Global Jihad by Robert S. Wistrich, the Director of the Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Anti-Semitism at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

It is certainly sobering to read Wistrich's thoughts on the anniversary of Kristallnacht in a recent article, where he writes:

The scale and extremism of the literature and commentary available in Arab or Muslim newspapers, journals, magazines, caricatures, on Islamist websites, on the Middle Eastern radio and TV news, in documentaries, films and educational materials, is comparable only to that of Nazi Germany at its worst. Yet the Western world largely turns a blind eye to the likely genocidal consequences of such a culture of hatred, much as it did seventy years ago."


Now, while that’s a lot to read and absorb, don’t stop just yet. Read today’s readings aloud to get God’s perspective---
This book is among the manuscripts discovered in the Dead Sea Scrolls. Hear the warning to tyrants and to false shepherds operating under the claims of ‘Hope and Change.’

Reading 1
Wisdom 6:1-11
Hear, O kings, and understand;
learn, you magistrates of the earth’s expanse!
Hearken, you who are in power over the multitude
and lord it over throngs of peoples!
Because authority was given you by the Lord
and sovereignty by the Most High,
who shall probe your works and scrutinize your counsels.
Because, though you were ministers of his kingdom, you judged not rightly,
and did not keep the law,
nor walk according to the will of God,
Terribly and swiftly shall he come against you,
because judgment is stern for the exalted–
For the lowly may be pardoned out of mercy
but the mighty shall be mightily put to the test.
For the Lord of all shows no partiality,
nor does he fear greatness,
Because he himself made the great as well as the small,
and he provides for all alike;
but for those in power a rigorous scrutiny impends.
To you, therefore, O princes, are my words addressed
that you may learn wisdom and that you may not sin.
For those who keep the holy precepts hallowed shall be found holy,
and those learned in them will have ready a response.
Desire therefore my words;
long for them and you shall be instructed.

Amen! The Word of the Lord!

To Sum Up:
Today is a good day for those of us who remember the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of communism to speak up to the younger generations about what it cost and the dangers of going down that road in the name of ‘progressivism’ and ‘secular humanism.’

It’s also a good day to recognize that evil directed against Jews (and Christians!) has a supernatural, malevolent spiritual source---and those demons don’t die, they just reappear in other bodies. But they are aided in their destructive tasks by….guess what?....apathy and ignorance.

Blessings in Jesus’ Name,

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Christmas With a Capital "C"