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Here's another by the same person..... ENJOY!

She found another one, and the creator's name.

I personally like the other better, but this is also fascinating.

His name is Carson Williams, of Mason, Ohio. And she also mentioned that he may be making another. If he does, we hope we can find it!

Enjoy them both, and again, Merry Christmas!

House in Ohio puts on a real, Christmas light, music display

Oh, wow! I just opened an email with this link in it, and had to pass it on.

It is fascinating, to say the least, and I cannot imagine the amount of work that went into this display. Perhaps, if I lived across the street, the flashing lights would begin to irritate after awhile, but it is still really worth watching! I loved it!

I also wonder if he has more songs built into his system so that it changes... I bet he does!

And it would be neat if someone FROM there who has seen it would read this and tell us more about it!


This is the message that came with the link:

House in Ohio puts on a real, Christmas light, music display (video link)

Hi Everyone...

I hope I can send this, it's not adoption related....but I thought this might bring a smile to everyone's faces....I was sent this link from a weekly email group I belong to, and thought I would share. This is an actual house in Mason, Ohio. The owner wires up the outside of the house with 16,000 lights, and has it hooked up to a computer program that displays a Christmas light show, along with music. The music is set up so that visitors in their cars can listen to it through their car radios.

I ran this link through my virus scan and it came out fine. :-)

The music is by "Trans Siberian Orchestra" and the song is "Wizards of Winter."

Happy Holidays !

Hitler's Mufti, Not Hitler's Pope by Rabbi David Dalin

Someguy had sent me another link ( in the comments ) to the same topic written by Rabbi David Dalin himself on the topic... and this one is equally good, more direct. It appeared on FrontPage Magazine on August 9, 2005.

It also apparently sparked a lot of comments! There are many people that I know personally who needs to read his book, and this column.

Thanks, Someguy!

Hitler Didn’t Have a Pope, but He Did Have a Mufti

I just read one of the most blatantly honest columns in a very long time. In this column, the author is also reviewing a book that I have recommended earlier to many people, and again encourage others to read. Rabbi David Dalin wrote The Myth of Hitler’s Pope: How Pope Pius XII Rescued Jews From The Nazis. A very strong endorsement of this book can also be found here.

The author of this article is Don Feder, and I found it based on the previous article linked to from The Church Militant blog. While the first part of his article is in defense of Pius XII, the rest of it is the point of his article, and is also found in Rabbi Dalin's book. And it is a question that I have asked repeatedly, pointed out numerous times over the years, including the relationship to Arafat.

How else explain this relentless assault on Pius XII, when little has been written about the role of Hajj Amin al-Husseini, then the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, in aiding and abetting the Holocaust?

A precursor to al Qaeda and Hamas, al-Husseini devoted his life and considerable polemical skills to fomenting the most rabid Jew hatred.

Dalin (who devotes a chapter in his book to Islamic anti-Semitism) reports that al-Husseini took up residence in Berlin early in the war, as an honored guest of Hitler. The mufti made propaganda broadcasts to the Arab world calling for the extermination of Jews and recruited a Waffen SS company among Bosnian Muslims. (“Kill the Jews, wherever you find them. This pleases God, history and religion,” al-Husseini implored in one radio address.)

After the war, Dieter Wisliceny (one of Eichmann’s lieutenants) testified that the mufti even visited Auschwitz, and urged guards in charge of the gas chambers to “work more diligently.”

Regrettably, this monster escaped prosecution as a war criminal (a case of Allied pandering to the Arabs). In the late 1940s, he met a young Yasser Arafat in Cairo, and the torch was passed to the next generation of Jihadist anti-Semites. (Arafat called the mufti, “our hero al-Husseini.”) Dalin sees a direct connection between al-Husseini’s murderous ideology and today’s Islamic anti-Semitism and terrorism.

And now we have Iran's new leader and HIS recent statements that continue this hatred.... when are we going to realize that there is not a true interest in peace over there? And that appeasement is not going to help to bring it about? The ultimate goal began long ago, with the Mufti...and with Hitler...and with others of the same ilk.

TheChurchMilitant: The Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights is on the front line of the counter-revolution.

TheChurchMilitant: The Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights is on the front line of the counter-revolution.

I was going to write on Jackie Mason's comments, which I listened to yesterday, and LOVED hearing... but this will have to do for now, as I lost my notes on what he'd said.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Emily (the Cat) is Coming Home to Appleton!

Emily took off in late September, from Appleton, traveled to Chicago, and then on to Nancy, France. There, the vet tags enabled the finders to contact her Veterinarian, who was able to tell them her name, and her owners.

Emily is now flying first class back by Continental, with a human companion named George, who will see that she reaches her home. She has been in quarantine, and will need to be in quarantine again when she hits the States, BUT that isn't the ONLY problem she will be facing.

You see, she has run away before. And she cost money THEN... but only the fee the Humane Society charges. This time, when she finally makes it home, according to her owner,

"And that's not the end of Emily's troubles. McElhiney said when the family gets Emily back, she'll be grounded."

and in an updated story, she gets thirty days time out!

Emily, if interviewed, would likely tell you that this was her birthday gift to herself, a treat that she managed to accomplish with many unsuspecting accomplices on her voyage. Emily turned one year old on the day she was found.

Emily was flying into Newark, NJ, then on to Milwaukee, where the family will meet her and take her home by car for the final couple hours of her journey, sometime today. A little more detail on her homebound trip is available here.

To my children who have cats.... take HEED.

And note:

Rollins is not QUITE as smart, apparently, as Emily, also known now as the 'diva' and 'Raflacat' DON'T introduce them!

Just because HE can open the door to make HIS escape, SHE is a world traveler now. The two together would be DANGEROUS!

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

WriteWingBlog: Praise God!!! Little Erik Buran Found Safe!!!

WriteWingBlog: Praise God!!! Little Erik Buran Found Safe!!!

What a Christmas Miracle this is!

50 Abortion Survivors per year in England......

Via WriteWingNut, in the comments, a news article about England's survivors of abortions. Gianna Jessen is mentioned at the end of the article, and quoted there. I have highlighted some, or simply put some parts in bold, and inserted some of my own thoughts in this color below:

The Sunday Times November 27, 2005

Fifty babies a year are alive after abortion
Lois Rogers

A GOVERNMENT agency is launching an inquiry into doctors’ reports that up to 50 babies a year are born alive after botched National Health Service abortions.

The investigation, by the Confidential Enquiry into Maternal and Child Health (CEMACH), comes amid growing unease among clinicians over a legal ambiguity that could see them being charged with infanticide.

Part of that same 'concern' as well as not wanting to hear surviving babies gasping, etc after being tossed aside (until they actually did die) is what aided the invention of the "Partial Birth Abortion procedure)...

The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, which regulates methods of abortion, has also mounted its own investigation.

Its guidelines say that babies aborted after more than 21 weeks and six days of gestation should have their hearts stopped by an injection of potassium chloride before being delivered. In practice, few doctors are willing or able to perform the delicate procedure.

For the abortion of younger foetuses, labour is induced by drugs in the expectation that the infant will not survive the birth process. Guidelines say that doctors should ensure that the drugs they use prevent such babies being alive at birth.

In practice, according to Stuart Campbell, former professor of obstetrics and gynaecology at St George’s hospital, London, a number do survive.

“They can be born breathing and crying at 19 weeks’ gestation,” he said. “I am not anti-abortion, but as far as I am concerned this is sub-standard medicine.”

SUB-STANDARD PRACTICE?? So, what will they do about it, stop doing the late term abortions or begin our "Partial Birth Abortions" as part of their 'guidelines'?

The number of terminations carried out in the 18th week of pregnancy or later has risen from 5,166 in 1994 to 7,432 last year. Prenatal diagnosis for conditions such as is increasing and Down’s syndromefoetuses with the condition are routinely aborted, even though many might be capable of leading fulfilling lives. In the past decade, doctors’ skill in saving the lives of premature babies has improved radically: at least 70%-80% of babies in their 23rd or 24th week of gestation now survive long-term.

Selective abortions are a form of eugenics. Seeking the perfect child, the perfect person. Eugenics. The disabled non-perfect have no right to live, you see, in eugenics. So some of the most unconditionally loving persons are never being born as a result! And the saddest part is, there are parents out there who WANT to adopt children with Down's Syndrome!! 'Routinely aborted'... ' the condition'...

Abortion on demand is allowed in Britain up to 24 weeks — more than halfway through a normal pregnancy and the highest legal limit for such terminations in Europe. France and Germany permit “social” abortions only up to the 10th and 12th weeks respectively.

Doctors are increasingly uneasy about aborting babies who could be born alive. “If viability is the basis on which they set the 24-week limit for abortion, then the simplest answer is to change the law and reduce the upper limit to 18 weeks,” said Campbell, who last year published a book showing images of foetuses’ facial expressions and “walking” movements taken with a form of 3-D ultrasound.

Yes, that 3-D/4D ultrasound is proving that those BABIES really ARE babies!! See Memorable Commercials from Oct 30, 2004, and possibly, some of those urls can STILL bring up the commercial!
GE commercial in Real player format fast
GE commercial in Real player format slow

The Department of Health was alerted three months ago to the issue of babies surviving failed terminations. In August clinicians in Manchester published an analysis of 31 such babies born in northwest England between 1996 and 2001.

“If a baby is born alive following a failed abortion and then dies (because of lack of care), you could potentially be charged with murder,” said Shantala Vadeyar, a consultant obstetrician at South Manchester University Hospitals NHS Trust, who led the study.

A systematic investigation of data collected through the CEMACH indicated that there are at least 50 cases a year nationwide in which babies survive abortion attempts.

“First sight of our data suggests this is happening,” said Shona Golightly, the agency’s research director. She said official confirmation of the figures would be available next year.

It is not known how many babies who survive attempted abortions go on to live into adulthood.

Paul Clarke, a neonatal intensive care specialist in Norwich, has treated a boy born at 24 weeks after three failed abortion attempts. The mother decided to keep the child, who is now two years old but is suffering what doctors call “significant ongoing medical problems”.

“The survival of this child was not recorded in any official statistics,” Clarke said. “There is nothing at the moment to force abortion practitioners to account for their failures.

The issue will be highlighted by Gianna Jessen, 28, who survived an attempt to abort her.
She is to speak at a parliamentary meeting on December 6 organised by the Alive and Kicking campaign, which is lobbying for a reduction of the abortion limit to 18 weeks.

Jessen, a musician from Nashville, Tennessee, was left with cerebral palsy but is to run in the London marathon next April to raise funds for fellow sufferers.

“If abortion is about women’s rights, then what were my rights?” she asked.

“If people are going to talk about abortion, then it’s important for them to know that these are babies that can be born alive and survive.”

Copyright 2005 Times Newspapers Ltd.

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Followup to Silenced?? I Doubt It! Contacts listed

Followup to Silenced?? I Doubt It! from 11/28/2005 is an article
here with the following addresses of contacts about the refusal of University College Dublin in Ireland to allow Gianna Jessen to speak:

(And I have said more here... )

Universities are meant to be places of discussion and learning; it is to UCD's shame
that they effectively banned this young woman and her amazing story.

Ultrasound has asked that concerned international supporters write or email the following:

Taoiseach Bertie Ahern, TD (Head of State) at .

Dr. Hugh Brady, UCD President's Office at .

His Excellency Noel Fahey, Irish Embassy USA at .

His Excellency Martin Burke, Irish Embassy Canada .

We are building a register of complaints.
Please send a copy of your email to

or a copy of your letter

60a Capel Street, Dublin 1.

For more information contact
Eoghan De Faoite at 353876524935 or Una at 353876877477.

(This update is courtesy of the Christian Communication Network.)

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Monday, November 28, 2005

Silenced?? I doubt it!

Time passes by so swiftly!

While we lived in another part of the State, we attended a speaking engagement of a young girl who was right inbetween the ages of my daughters, who had guts enough to speak and to sing in front of crowds. I was impressed by HER, not just her message.

This young girl has grown up, and though I knew she was my girls' age, it just did not enter my mind that she was no longer just a 'girl', but a grown woman. Oh, I knew it, it just did not register until I saw a website that is still not functioning with her picture!

This young lady, if it had been up to some, would not be here today to sing, to speak, or to testify before Congress!

She was never supposed to have lived.

Never supposed to have been born.

Never supposed to have survived the saline abortion that was chosen for her when she was seven months gestational age.

She was also never supposed to survive even after she survived.

And then, she was never supposed to sit up, roll over, stand, walk.... and definitely NOT speak to crowds of people over her 28 year life -- that is, speak the Truth about what abortion has done to her generation!

Gianna Jensen is the same age as my daughters. Gianna was also adopted by those loving caregivers who helped her to prove the MDs wrong. Gianna walks, runs, talks, and sings very well, thank you, even with Cerebral Palsy. She has overcome everything, including forgiving her birthmother.

But she won't be silenced.

UNLESS there is not enough 'insurance' for an Irish University's demands, I guess!

In Ireland, no less. At University College Dublin, whose site includes this statement:

History of University College Dublin

The origins of University College Dublin date back to the Catholic University of Ireland which was founded in the mid-nineteenth century by Paul Cullen and John Henry Newman. In 1881, under the Royal Universities Act, the university was renamed University College Dublin. Among the professors during this phase of UCD’s history was the poet Gerard Manley Hopkins and amongst its most famous pupils was the writer James Joyce.

I introduced her to the readers of this blog on July 1, 2005, along with a few other survivors of abortion, and Nick Cannon's video. Among other things this young woman has said in the past, you can read her testimony to Congress, and find more about her online. She also sings, and I am sure that talent has also matured over the years.

Gianna, you continue to inspire me!
Never stop speaking, even when they refuse to let you!

God bless you!

"When the freedoms of one group of helpless citizens are infringed upon, such as the unborn, the newborn, the disabled and so called "imperfect," what we do not realize is that our freedoms as a NATION and Individuals are in great peril." ~~Gianna Jessen
Testimony of Abortion Survivor Gianna Jessen on HR 4292~~July 20, 2000

And, in 1991, this was in the records:

GIANNA JENSEN, A SURVIVOR OF ABORTION (House of Representatives - October 08, 1991)
[Page: H7561]

(Mr. SMITH of New Jersey asked and was given permission to address the House for 1 minute and to revise and extend his remarks.)

Mr. SMITH of New Jersey. Mr. Speaker, on Friday I hosted a Capitol Hill press conference, and our special guest, Gianna Jensen, a spunky 14-year-old girl who survived a salt-poisoning abortion, is now going public with her story.

The medical records which I have seen show that as an unborn baby of about 24 weeks' gestation, Gianna was injected with high-concentrated saline solution with the intent to kill her. Of course, under Roe versus Wade, such violence against children is perfectly legal. Unborn children have no rights. Although the poisonous salt solution worked on Gianna's fragile body for 5 hours, she nevertheless survived. She was injured and today bears some of the scars and a mild case of cerebral palsy. But she is alive, she is well and full of life.

Mr. Speaker, how do the proabortionists react to a survivor like Gianna?

Mr. Speaker, they respond by devising more efficient means of killing.

In the Washington Times, on Saturday, their story about Gianna, Susan Shermer of the National Abortion Federation, said, `The way most abortions are performed today, most physicians make sure there is fetal demise.'

`Ensuring fetal demise,' what an antiseptic, euphemistic way of saying, `Make sure that the baby is dead.'

Mr. Speaker, it is a national scandal that each day over 4,000 babies are killed by chemical abortion or by dismemberment. Every child killed, every child killed by abortion and those who will die today are exactly like Gianna Jensen. This Congress should rise to their defense.

[Page: H7562]

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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Got cranberry juice, unsweetened?

This is interesting, but remember that SUGAR and syrups added to any juice means some good may be lost... sugar FEEDS those bacteria. We have long encouraged cranberry juice to help prevent or treat urinary tract infections. Oral mucosa may benefit also. The question is... how was it used? Did those in the study just drink it normally, or sort of 'swish and swallow', as is done with Nystatin, etc for thrush ... interesting, but still leaves questions...

Cranberry Juice Cuts Cavities

Nov. 23, 2005
(WebMD) Cranberry juice curbs cavities, new research shows.

The juice contains a chemical that blocks cavity-causing bacteria from sticking to teeth, scientists report in Caries Research.

"Something in the cranberry juice disarms the pathogens that cause tooth decay," researcher Hyun (Michel) Koo, DDS, PhD, says in a news release.

Koo is an oral biologist at New York's University of Rochester Medical Center.

How Cranberries Work

The tart cranberry is a staple of the Thanksgiving table. It's also well known for its work against urinary tract infections.

"Scientists believe that one of the main ways that cranberries prevent urinary tract infections is by inhibiting the adherence of pathogens on the surface of the bladder," says Koo. This means preventing bacteria from attaching to the urinary tract and tracking back to cause an infection.

"Perhaps the same is true in the mouth, where bacteria use adhesion molecules to hold on to teeth," he continues.

Basically, Koo's team found that cranberry juice thwarted that adhesion process. The cavity-causing bacteria can't do their dirty work without latching onto teeth.

Sour Note

Before you serve extra helpings of cranberry sauce, remember that the studies only included cranberry juice.

What's more, the juice had no sweeteners in it, unlike mainstream cranberry drinks. Koo's team focused on science, not gourmet flavors.

The scientists plan to isolate cranberry's key anticavity chemical, which may one day be used in toothpastes or mouth rinses, states the news release.

Meanwhile, Koo suggests avoiding cavities with simple steps like brushing your teeth, limiting sugary foods, and getting proper dental care.

Sources: Koo, H. Caries Research, January-February 2006; vol 40. News release, University of Rochester Medical Center.

By Miranda Hitti
Reviewed by Louise Chang, MD
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