Friday, March 25, 2011

Kloppenburg Never Had, but Now Lost Forever, My Vote

I am so sick of the nasty ads that some put out there during political campaigns, and some of them are so outrageously false that it really makes my blood boil.

Add to that, bringing in the Church, and making an ad about it that IS NOT EVEN TRUE, and you really make me ill.

I hope that Troy Merryfield is able to make his point to her, and that she not only does as he wishes, but also PUBLICLY repudiates this ad, and steps away from it, including admitting it is wrong, and honestly saying if she was aware of it before it was released. I said HONESTLY!

Disgusting. Please read this statement, in pdf format, and pass it on.

He states that if he lived in Wisconsin, he would be voting for David Prosser for WI Supreme Court.

Well, I do live in Wisconsin, and I WILL be voting for him. He is pro-life, and he has experience.

God bless!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Nat Hentoff

I admit it: My Palestinian dreams have become nightmares

By Nat Hentoff

Lord, have Mercy!

Wounded Iraq veteran jeered for speaking in Columbia University ROTC debate -

Wounded Iraq veteran jeered for speaking in Columbia University ROTC debate -

Not sure if I posted this or not, but if I did, it deserves a second run. If not, I was remiss.

This behavior is, in my very humble opinion, despicable. This man is a hero, and deserves at least to be heard respectfully, whether or not you agree with him.

Thank him for his service and salute him! Disagree with him if you want to, but do not treat him disrespectfully! It is because of HIM and others LIK HIM that you have the right to speak out....and the duty to allow HIM TO DO SO! Your rights end where his begin.

God bless!

Libyan Muslim leaders order followers to rebel | Reuters

I am still wondering who is really behind all of the uprisings in the Middle East.... and I am not thinking any of it is good....

Libyan Muslim leaders order followers to rebel | Reuters


Totally agree, and they can start with the TRUTH about Indissolubility, Adultery, Fornication, etc.

Why do Progressive Catholics Hate Catholic Politicians? — The Curt Jester

Why do Progressive Catholics Hate Catholic Politicians? — The Curt Jester

It has long been Catholic teaching that receiving the Sacrament of the Eucharist when you are in an objectively grave state of sin profanes the Eucharist.

“For any one who eats and drinks without discerning the body eats and drinks judgment upon himself. That is why many of you are weak and ill, and some have died” (1 Cor. 11:29–30)

So anybody who loved Gov. Cuomo or anybody else in similar circumstances would want them not to receive Communion. Ideally they would want him to repent and thus be worthy to receive this great sacrament or to at least not go forward to receive being aware of his grave sin. Gov. Cuomo though does indeed still go forward even though he is aware at least of the controversy and surely knows his actions are not in accord with the Church. So again anybody who loved Gov. Cuomo knowing that he would still go forth to receive would want him to be kept from receiving out of concern for his soul in not adding another sin. All of this is of course in the context of a public sinner; one where the objectively grave sin of the person is well known. To think that Gov. Cuomo should be given Communion is to show an objective hatred for him in that you do not will him good, but evil.

I have not read one progressive Catholic who seems to be concerned at all for Gov. Cuomo’s soul and their concern seems to be almost totally political. Their anger is directed towards Ed Peters whose crime is pointing out the application of Canon Law in this matter.

Please do read the entire blog post. It is worth the time it will take.

God bless!

David Horowitz's Keynote at CPAC 2011

And perhaps people should have been listening to him a LONG time ago....

"You cannot make men EQUAL without taking away their FREEDOM"
... very true.

We need to wake up, peple. Time is growing short to do so.

God bless!

Harvard's Niall Ferguson Schools Her on Muslim Brotherhood and Caliphate

Personally, I think that this is even MORE evident now, after the other Middle East actions and his reaction to them, including Libya. Right on!

Lord, have Mercy!

De Oppresso Liber

I have no intention of following the leads of other bloggers who are 'telling us' what is happening with Fr Corapi. I do not believe that they know anything more than I do, and I do not condone speculation or innuendo. Fr Corapi has asked us to pray for ALL CONCERNED, and denies the allegations. That is enough for me. I will do as he asked, and also let him know via the FB pages, that this is my intent.

FB pages:

Fr John Corapi
his page)

Pray For Fr. John Corapi and All Priests

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Name of Jesus is Offensive and Repeated too many times for teacher

Ya know.... I am getting JUST A LITTLE BIT SICK of this kind of thing.

Well, actually, I am getting MORE than just a little bit sick of it.

This is undermining the child, making him be ashamed of the song he chose to use, and if repeated often enough, will actually eventually also lead to his OWN mocking of anyone who uses the name of Jesus 'too many times'....including his parents.

This is a form of propaganda. A form of psychological abuse. A shoving down the throat of a personal belief by a superior to a CHILD, in an inferior position, and probably also undermines his parental rights/beliefs in the process. A shaming of a child for doing NOTHING WRONG, other than 'offending a superior'. That superior misused her power. That superior misused her position. That superior is WRONG!!!

Principal Calls Jesus Song Offensive:

I really am sick and tired of this discrimination of Christian children in public schools.

Shame on that woman!!

Lord, have Mercy!

Glorious Saint Thomas More

Allen West Agrees to Debate CAIR Supporter

This is one debate that I would love to see!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Shamrock Shore - Horslips

What is it about the music of my ancestors that calls so loudly to me?

I love this!

God bless!

The Death Penalty & Pro-Life Credibility

Why is it that so many who are against the death penalty are 'pro-choice' about innocent babies? How can they possibly begin to equate the two, and not defend the babies? Those babies are innocent of anything. Those sentenced to death have been tried and found guilty of heinous crimes.

I have never believed in the death penalty, for I worried about those who carried out the sentence, and I worried about those who were innocent of the crime. I am for Life without parole, for that gives the person time to repent if guilty, and perhaps to be freed if innocent... which HAS HAPPENED. It also does not cause anyone else to take another's life for any reason. However, there may be times when it is necessary in some places because Life Without Parole may not be possible (to safely keep the guilty out of the public realm for Life).

But to compare the two, and come out on the side of the tried and convicted over the innocent babies murdered by abortionists, and not hold those who murder the babies makes NO SENSE to me at all!!

Catholic Advocate » The Death Penalty & Pro-Life Credibility

Many are also very pro-animal... yet will not raise a finger to save a pre-born human. And they justify it. Evil...

Lord, have Mercy! Lord, forgive us.

Charlie making progress one stride at a time | WFRV Green Bay: Northeast Wisconsin News, Weather and Sports | Local

This little boy has had a lot to deal with in his short life, and is being treated by stem cell transplant, after his mother had to fight for it to be covered by WI. I've taken care of ONE child, long ago, with this same disease. He had to be hospitalized due to serious infection of his blistered sores, and the dressing changes were hard on US... much less on a small child.

Back then, there was nothing that could be done. Today, Charlie is getting better....

Charlie Knuth making progress one stride at a time | WFRV Green Bay

Thank you, Lord!

God bless Charlie and his family, doctors, and all...

God bless you, the reader!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Wisconsin Police Officer Killed in Wild Shootout

Praying for the officer who died. May he rest in peace, and sincere condolences to his family.
Praying for the injured, that recovery be swift and complete.

Wisconsin Police Officer Killed in Wild Shootout -

Lord, have Mercy!

God bless!