Friday, March 25, 2011

Kloppenburg Never Had, but Now Lost Forever, My Vote

I am so sick of the nasty ads that some put out there during political campaigns, and some of them are so outrageously false that it really makes my blood boil.

Add to that, bringing in the Church, and making an ad about it that IS NOT EVEN TRUE, and you really make me ill.

I hope that Troy Merryfield is able to make his point to her, and that she not only does as he wishes, but also PUBLICLY repudiates this ad, and steps away from it, including admitting it is wrong, and honestly saying if she was aware of it before it was released. I said HONESTLY!

Disgusting. Please read this statement, in pdf format, and pass it on.

He states that if he lived in Wisconsin, he would be voting for David Prosser for WI Supreme Court.

Well, I do live in Wisconsin, and I WILL be voting for him. He is pro-life, and he has experience.

God bless!


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