Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Name of Jesus is Offensive and Repeated too many times for teacher

Ya know.... I am getting JUST A LITTLE BIT SICK of this kind of thing.

Well, actually, I am getting MORE than just a little bit sick of it.

This is undermining the child, making him be ashamed of the song he chose to use, and if repeated often enough, will actually eventually also lead to his OWN mocking of anyone who uses the name of Jesus 'too many times'....including his parents.

This is a form of propaganda. A form of psychological abuse. A shoving down the throat of a personal belief by a superior to a CHILD, in an inferior position, and probably also undermines his parental rights/beliefs in the process. A shaming of a child for doing NOTHING WRONG, other than 'offending a superior'. That superior misused her power. That superior misused her position. That superior is WRONG!!!

Principal Calls Jesus Song Offensive:

I really am sick and tired of this discrimination of Christian children in public schools.

Shame on that woman!!

Lord, have Mercy!


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