Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Death Penalty & Pro-Life Credibility

Why is it that so many who are against the death penalty are 'pro-choice' about innocent babies? How can they possibly begin to equate the two, and not defend the babies? Those babies are innocent of anything. Those sentenced to death have been tried and found guilty of heinous crimes.

I have never believed in the death penalty, for I worried about those who carried out the sentence, and I worried about those who were innocent of the crime. I am for Life without parole, for that gives the person time to repent if guilty, and perhaps to be freed if innocent... which HAS HAPPENED. It also does not cause anyone else to take another's life for any reason. However, there may be times when it is necessary in some places because Life Without Parole may not be possible (to safely keep the guilty out of the public realm for Life).

But to compare the two, and come out on the side of the tried and convicted over the innocent babies murdered by abortionists, and not hold those who murder the babies makes NO SENSE to me at all!!

Catholic Advocate » The Death Penalty & Pro-Life Credibility

Many are also very pro-animal... yet will not raise a finger to save a pre-born human. And they justify it. Evil...

Lord, have Mercy! Lord, forgive us.


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