Saturday, November 19, 2005

Angel Kisses

Again, I have no idea the author of this cartoon, but I am reminded of my baby sister.... God bless, Sas!


Friday, November 18, 2005

An early Merry Christmas picture

After my own post on Merry Christmas, while traveling through my list of other blogs, I went to Dad29's tonight and found he also has one that is rather interesting.

And then, some humor....

Also was watching EWTN's Life on the Rock tonight, and they ended the program with a short video of Nick Alexander singing a parody of "Should I Stay or Should I Go?"

I had not heard of him until I saw that segment, and have to admit that I was giggling as I watched. Googling, I found some tidbits and reviews of his work (and I did not even KNOW he has a website!). Many of his links there no longer work, and sadly, I could not find the parody I heard, "Should I Sit or Should I Kneel" to listen to.

Some of the other tidbits I found about him did not necessarily make me want to know him better.
But for tonight, with all the bad news, for a short time, I was roaring with laughter!

1/5/06 Heard from Nick Alexander himself, and when I checked here, found that the link to his website was not working above. It should be now.

Via the comment box below, we have access to his parodies here. Thank you, Nick!

John Walsh on Hannity and Colmes

John Walsh of America's Most Wanted was also on Hannity and Colmes tonight, talking about his reaction to the verdict in the Joseph P Smith case regarding the kidnapping, rape and murder of Carlie Brucia. He also called attention to the Child Safety Act that the House has passed, but the Senate has not.

He said to ask them not to add a lot of amendments to it, though at this time, I have no idea what is being considered as additions. The House DID add some, and more information on this is available here.

Though on the Hannity and Colmes program, he said that the hyperlinks would enable you to contact your Senators, so far, all I have found is outdated information about the House and Congressional members.

This Act was sponsored by Congressman Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin July 26, 2005 and passed in September.

However, there are some who are opposed to the legislation, and this fact needs to be weighed, also.

Another highlighted case that will be on their next show is that of a man who lit fires, dressed as a firefighter to gain entrance to a former co-worker's home, where he assaulted her.

Johnnie Stevens, Vet with Cancer Losing His Home

Hannity and Colmes tonight had a very disturbing piece on that is not even listed on the website, and I cannot find anything AS YET online about it.

But we need to be alerted to this, and pass it on.

Johnnie Stevens is a WWII Battle of the Bulge Veteran who now has cancer, and lived his life, prepared to die in his own home. However, someone else has designs on his property, and he has now been fighting, according to his attorney, for a year, for the RIGHT to stay in that home. 'Emminent Domain' is again being claimed to force him out of his home, NOT for a road or something that is meant by this, but once again for a 'private business' to take his property for gain. Head Start was mentioned. The property around his home is already being developed.

Instead of being able to live out the remaining time he has left, this elderly man is being forced to watch this 'progress', and fight a costly battle to retain his rights to that home!

This is disgusting. The Kelo case was bad enough, and was wrong, IMHO. But this is just another case of wrong use of eminent domain, and should be stopped now.

More to follow as I can find it on the web.

God bless

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Be Careful, Parents

All parents, but especially, homeschooling parents need to be warned and watchful. Many of my homeschooling friends had a sense of real security. True, you are in control of what your child is TAUGHT, but none of us are in control of LIFE.

I was listening last night to a rerun of Greta Van Susteren on tv tonight. She had a guest on who said that the couple (the fourteen year old daughter and the eighteen year old bf) who were finally found after he had shot and killed her parents had actually met at a homeschooling function last spring (May?) and were exchanging nude pictures of themselves via camera and email, and meeting several times per week.

A dear friend of mine thought her kids were safe from drugs, etc because she was homeschooling, only to learn later that some of the neighboring kids supplied them. Her child died, after many years of problems with using drugs and alcohol, in her 20's.

Another dear friend of mine also had homeschooled for some years. Friends in the area again introduced drugs. One child ended up on drug runs in the middle of the night many times, often missing school the next day (claimed illness...) was in drug treatment by 14, but talked the way out with the counselors focusing on parents as the problem. We did not know until then that a 14 year old could sign themselves out of treatment! That child later did nearly a year treatment elsewhere, but only after much stress and worry, etc.

Kids today are not safe ANY PLACE, but many think that they are because of the fact that they are not in public schools, etc.

Watch those computers, please. If you have cameras on them... disable them when your kids are around, or put them away when you have to leave. Get those filter programs that you can get, as annoying as they can be! Learn how to track history on the puter, but don't teach the kids, or they can learn just as easily how to clear history (speak from experience there!)

Put a lock/password on the sign on for the internet, so that they cannot GET on the internet when you are not there! So what ever you have to do on your puter to ensure that this kind of thing does not happen with your puter. And remember that teens can be sneaky and get up in the middle of the night when you are asleep and do LOTS of things that you would never dream of them doing. If your puter signs on automatically to the internet, find out how to disable that feature if there are children in the home.

When my son was into sites that he should not be into, I put a password on my puter that would not let him get to the sign on that I had. He had to 'close' that screen, and tried to go around it then by signing on without my password. But he had NO idea what I had changed the password to, and without going through MY password entrance, he could not get on the internet until I was home. The puter was in the living room, and so was I. I never had one obscene site pop up again once I had cleaned cache, etc, and password locked the way to get onto the internet in this way. I left the password OFF the log on screen for when he tried to go around my password to use the puter.

It is still that way on that puter to this day, because I do not know how to get that function off the puter. Now that it is used by the grandkids, however, I prefer it that way once again. They cannot use this newer puter. And, BOTH are in the living room!

I don't know if this 14 year old girl had any idea that her 18 year old boy friend was carrying a gun that morning or not, or if perhaps she went with him because he 'commanded her' to, and in shock, did as she was told. That is up to the Police to find out.

If she had any part in the murder of her parents, I hope that they can find evidence of it. If not, I hope that she is given much much counseling. Her life, the lives of her siblings and other relatives and friends will never be the same.

He will also be charged with statutory rape of a minor, from what they said on the news today, and possibly, depending on what they learn about her involvement (if any) in the murder of her parents, kidnapping. So very very sad.

Later news said that the police found 54 guns in the home of the 18 year old! 54 Guns!

As much as I believe in the Second Amendment, who NEEDS 54 guns? Why were they available in any way to him? Were they collector's items? Was someone there selling guns?

Why 54 guns?

Be careful, parents. All parents. Children are not safe today, anywhere.

But it seems that either are their parents.

God bless!

GUILTY on all three counts

Judge entered the court room at 2:21 PM Central.

Joseph Smith Count 1 Guilty of First Degree Murder

Sexual Bettery of Child less than 12 Guilty

And the third one Kidnapping Guilty

Polling the Jury now, then instructions. The second phase of this trial, the death penalty aspect is set for Nov 28. Joseph Smith gave not much reaction.

Carlie Brucia Verdict In--To Be Read Shortly

Carlie Brucia Murder Trial Jury has reached a verdict, and it should be read within half hour to forty five minutes.

Asked if this could bring closure:
Carlie's Mom says nothing will ever mend the pain in her heart....don't believe it!... I still want to hug my daughter. The school bus goes by, and I am still waiting for her to get off...

Good news Court decision

Kansas City, MO, Fox News just said that a decision has been made that it is constitutional for parents to be able to sue someone who takes their minor daughter for an abortion without their consent. Good news.

They cannot give kids Tylenol for a headache without parental consent, pierce their ears, do a T&A, or anything else, but they CAN do surgery (D&C or any other form of abortion=--duh, hey, that is SURGERY...with all the resultant possible complications of any surgery up to and including death...) just because she is pregnant? And what about the fathers of those babies? What happens if they are older, with a young girl (incest, pedophile, etc) ... he gets off scott free, in spite of it's being illegal to have sex with a minor.

Will update this later, and edit it if it needs to be edited.

More reading gleaned from Dr Charles' website

From the same Dr Charles' blog (thanks, Dr Charles!) I also found this interesting piece about woodworking, relating it to how God works in our lives, vs metal working.

But, in going just a little further into his blog (meaning more recent writings, I found two more that were equally thought provoking here (title: Funny but Bad Logic, Poor Biblical Studies, and Lousy Theology: and here.

Please note: I do not know for sure how to use trackback... sorry, if it does not work, forgive me?

C'mon Marianne.....

In a very different and effective way of saying what he is intending, as though a man writing to a very angry girlfriend who has publically humiliated him, Darius gets his point across well. I found this via Dr Charles' blog today.

Sam (USA) is writing to Marianne (France), reminding her of how he has helped in the past, and despite it all, would still be there for her if he is ever needed. Be sure to click on both names, as it will tell you who the principal characters are. His hyperlinks also give a clear visual picture of who/what he is referring to.

Well done, Darius! I especially applaud the finding of Marianne!

God bless!


Canadian national shrine cancels pro-life conference
Montreal, Nov. 16 (

Montreal, Nov. 16 ( - One day prior to the opening of the Canadian National Pro-Life Conference, the religious priests who are in charge of Canada's national Catholic shrine, St. Joseph's Oratory in Montreal, have reneged on the conference location due to threats received from 'pro-choice' and homosexual activists, the LifeSiteNews service report.

Organizers of the conference are scrambling to find another location on short notice. Despite the pleas of pro-life leaders to reverse the decision in several meetings today, Father Jean-Pierre Aumont, the rector of the Oratory, was unmoveable in his decision.

Jim Hughes, national president of Campaign Life Coalition Canada, told, "This decision to cancel the contract at this last minute is a great capitulation on the part of the Catholic church in the face of opposition to its pro-life, pro-family teaching."

While there has been a movement to oppose the pro-life conference by "pro-choice" and homosexual activists, Montreal police Detective Sergeant Judy Poulin told that Montreal police did not tell the Oratory to cancel the conference. She noted that the police could offer "adequate protection" but, "it was the decision of the Oratory to cancel the conference."

[For a more detailed story see the LifeSiteNews web site.]

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I received a Canadian response about noon today, some of which I will leave off as it is questioning the 'National Shrine' aspect,
but he was able to tell me that a place WAS found and the conference is being held---

It is very sad the lack of courage. But, I would question the term: Canada's national Catholic shrine,

The original announcement says:
From Nov. 17-19 Canada’s first fully bilingual national pro-life conference since the 1980s will take place at the St. Joseph’s Oratory facility near downtown Montreal.
(no mention of "Canada's national Catholic shrine"
But the pro-life conference does have a new location:
New Location Announced for Canadian National Pro-Life Conference
The Protestant Evangelical Church
La Blble Parle
12265 Laurentian Blvd.
In the Montreal district of Cartierville
But the net result is that the cancellation is sad.

Vatican set for "historic" visit by israeli president

Vatican set for "historic" visit by israeli president
Vatican, Nov. 16 (

Vatican, Nov. 16 ( - Israel's President Moshe Katsav will meet with Pope Benedict XVI on Thursday morning, November 17. This will be the first formal state visit by an Israeli president to the Vatican.

Oded Ben Hur, the Israeli ambassador to the Holy See, has said that the meeting will be a "historic visit," confirming the steady progress in relations between the Vatican and Israel. Pope John Paul II met with Katsav in December 2002, but the meeting was not an official state visit. The Israeli leader also met briefly with then-Cardinal Ratzinger when he attended the funeral for Pope John Paul II in April of this year.

President Katsav has indicated that he will issue a formal invitation for the Pope to visit the Holy Land. Although the Pope has already received such an invitation, the Israeli leader will doubtless urge the Pontiff to return his visit.

The talks between the Pontiff and the Israeli president are also certain to include discussion of the negotiations between Vatican and Israeli officials on the completion of a juridical accord to fulfill the terms of their 1993 agreement. Israeli spokesmen continue to say that the accord will be completed "as soon as possible;" Vatican officials are impatient for the end of the protracted negotiations.

After a period of tension early in the summer of 2005, when the Israeli foreign ministry lashed out at Pope Benedict for his alleged failure to condemn Palestinian terrorism, relations between the Vatican and Israel have improved significantly in recent weeks. Spokesmen for the Holy See made a point of voicing their "firm condemnation" of a terrorist attack in Hadera on October 28, and-- in a statement clearly aimed at the president of Iran, although not naming him-- denounced radical Islamic leaders who deny Israel's right to exist.

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Pope Apparently Screened New Film on John Paul II

Pope to screen film on John Paul II tonight
Vatican, Nov. 16 (

Vatican, Nov. 16 ( - Pope Benedict XVI will attend a preview of the film John Paul lI, by the Canadian director Ken Harrison, at the Vatican's Paul VI auditorium Thursday night.

The film, which will be shown as a 2-part television production, stars Jon Voight as the late Pontiff, with the British actor Cary Elwes playing the Pope in his younger days. It will be shown on the Italian Raiuno network November 27 and 28, and on the American CBS network on December 4 and 6.

"I leave the experts the job of judging the film from an artistic point of view," said Archbishop Stanislas Dziwisz, the longtime secretary to the late Pope John Paul. But the Polish archbishop told the Italian magazine Famiglia Cristiana that everyone involved in the production "undoubtedly had a great love for John Paul II." Archbishop Dziwisz said the producers and cast were "very respectful of the truth," and worked diligently to provide an accurate account.

John Paul II was filmed on locations in Poland and Italy. The movie follows the story of the Polish pontiff from his youth through the time of his death. An impressive supporting cast includes Christophe Lee, Chiara conti, Ben Gazzara, James Cromwell, Vittoria Belevedere, and Daniele Pecci. Pope Benedict has already seen one film about his predecessor: Karol, A Man Who Became Pope, by Giacomo Battiato, which was screened at the Vatican on May 19 and played on Italian television. That film was the first of a 2-part series about the Polish Pontiff; the second part, with the Polish actor Piotr Adamczyk in the lead, is currently in production and scheduled for release in April 2006.

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Walid Shoebat

Quite awhile ago, I was 'introduced' to Walid Shoebat via his website by reading With Issue. It was a website I could not forget, and have often revisited.

I have done a lot of studying on WWII, Nazism, and Israel over the last 35 years, but am definitely no expert, and would never claim to be. But I did long ago learn about the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem being a friend of Hitler, and having the same goal as he did, the eradication of the Jews. I also knew that Arafat was a relative of his, with the same basic philosophy.

I have great respect for Walid simply because he has had the courage to speak out. He is trying to warn us all of what is really going on, what he was taught, and what others are still being taught. Walid has appeared on Fox News, Dennis Prager's show, etc, and given testimony on Capital Hill in the past, with those links on his website.

I was sent an email about a talk that he will be giving on Dec 8 at Princeton, along with two others, and am passing it on here for any who may live near and may be interested.

God bless, Walid.


On December 8th history will be made with a most extraordinary event.

Three EX terrorists will speak together at Princeton University on December 8th at 7.30 pm.

The Title of the Event is:


If this is not controvesial what is?

We have hired a PR firm and press releases will go out to the world

Walid Shoebat, Ibrahim Abdallah and Zak Anani will tell the world about their lives and how they were brought up in a world of hate. Walid in Judea, Ibrahim in Dearborn!! Michigan and Zak in Lebanon.

The Walid Shoebat Foundation spokespeople will speak without holding back. They will speak the truth about the evil Israel and the West faces. The danger we are all in if we do not confront this evil head on.

If the world will not confront this evil many millions will perish in the future. The world cowered in the 1930s and resulted in WW2. We face a similar danger now.

The World has ignored the evil of anti semitism, anti Americanism and anti Christianity in the Middle East. All this hatred, ignored for the sake of a cheap barrel of oil. This is about to change on Dec 8th. We plan 5 more events in first half of 2006 and we are also planning a huge event in Madison Square Garden in Fall 2006 or Spring 2007. We will not be silent, the world needs to scream the truth. Walid Shoebat and his brave friends will scream it, loud and clear.

The Shoebat Foundation would like to thank the many supporters who have made this financially possible.

The event in Princeton will be recorded for DVD.

Whether a Jew or a Christian, please pray for the saftey of Walid, Ibrahim and Zak and all those who speak out while endangering their lives so we can live in freedom.


Keith Davies
Director of Shoebat Foundation

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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

November 19--National Adoption Day

November 19, 2005 is National Adoption Day (November is National Adoption Month).

There are many special needs and older kids out there who could use a good home. Adoption is a good way to begin/increase the size of your family. Perhaps, if you have been thinking of it, now is the time to look into it?

God bless!

So You Want to Take Christmas Out of Christmas?

Watching news stories lately about taking Christmas out of Christmas has been exasperating, to say the least. More and more stores are having their employees say 'Happy Holidays' rather than "Merry Christmas". Last year, I did my small balking by blogging loudly and clearly exactly what I thought of what has been happening with increasingly more frequent and more blatant anti-Christian activities for the past generation.

This year, I think that the only boycott that I am going to join is to return to the roots of what Christmas is, and forget that side of it that is commercialized.

If I buy any gifts, it will be only from Catholic/Christian places, whether online or in town. Clearly, the rest of the places do not want my business. For many years already, when I buy (often don't get them mailed, but I have bought them with good intentions) Christmas cards, they ARE Christmas cards. When I mail them, they are mailed with Christmas stamps. NOT just those with cute snowmen, etc. The REAL Christmas Cards and Stamps that celebrate the birth of the King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the Only Begotten Son of God, born to the Virgin Mary in a stable in Bethlehem, who the Angels announced, the Shepherds worshipped, and the Three Wisemen tracked down to bring gifts. The same One who was hated and feared so much by Herod that he ordered all boys under the age of two murdered, even in their mothers' arms (The Holy Innocents) in order to try to kill Jesus.

No longer will I give any Christmas season money to any business that does not want to celebrate the true reason for that Season.

They don't 'tolerate' me.

I have no problem with anyone who is Jewish wishing me back a Happy Hannuka, as my late family Doctor did each time we wished him a Merry Christmas.

And if someone who runs into me REALLY celebrates Kwanzaa, I have no problem wishing them one back. (However, I find it rather interesting that on the official Kwanzaa site, the man who owns the site calls himself the "Creator" of Kwanzaa. )

To be perfectly honest, I don't buy many gifts any more. The season of Christmas to me is time to reflect on the meaning of that day, and to be with my family. I used to buy, buy, buy for everyone. Then we hit a long time when I could not afford to do so any longer. I still bought for my kids and my parents (often chipping in on gifts for parents with my siblings). And for a few others.

But then came a time when my Dad died, and Mom spent the holidays at a hotel near my brother's home, and talked to the people who ran the place. She figured out that getting a room for each of her ten children and herself (with a meeting room, if possible) was less expensive and time-consuming than buying individual gifts for them and their spouses and each grandchild as she had been doing. At the time, I believe that was a total of seventeen adults, and nearing 25 grandkids. Figure it out, cost-wise even if you estimate a small amount per person.....

She asked what we thought about it, and we said... 'Great!'

So each year, since 1988, my family has gathered at a local hotel for two nights, Dec 25-27th. Everyone gets to go to their 'other side of the family' and have their own individual family time, then gather together later in the afternoon, to check in for the two night gift. If someone CANNOT get off of work, they can still come for the rest of the time.

As Mom says, "No one ever forgets what I got for them, returns it, or breaks it the first night".

As each of my children became adults and married, I, in turn, have gotten THEM their room at the same hotel. They have two nights, three days of swimming, shopping, movies, etc., and can spend time with their cousins, aunts, uncles, and Grandma. And the great grandkids can meet and get to know these same people.

But the little business I do, including buying decorations for a tree, etc, will no longer be done at the Mall, at Target, Walmart, etc. If they don't want to wish me a MERRY CHRISTMAS, I do not wish to spend my money there.

I will not boycott year round most of these places, because I do need clothing, shoes.

But from November until after January 6 (Epiphany) when MY Christmas Season ends *usually Advent to Epiphany*, I won't be in those stores for anything that is not absolutely not sold elsewhere and cannot wait. (Their 'holiday shopping seems to get longer each year, beginning even before All Hallowed Eve-Halloween now)

So, those of you who refuse to recognize MY Holiday/Holyday, enjoy yourselves without me this year.

And next year? If you continue to choose not to wish me a Merry Christmas? I honestly will not miss your stores.

Those smaller stores who DO wish me one will be glad that they do.


By the way, Neil Cavuto had a guest on tonight, a priest, who says that all of those stores should begin to wish people Seasons Greetings instead of Happy Holidays, because "HOLIDAY" means "HOLYDAY"... he says that they should hurry up and get rid of the Happy Holiday greeting. Good for Fr Jonathan Morris!!

US high court rejects "In God We Trust" challenge

US high court rejects "In God We Trust" challenge
Washington, Nov. 15 (CNA/

Washington, Nov. 15 (CNA/ - The US Supreme Court has refused to review an appeals court decision which states that the inscription "In God We Trust" on a government building in North Carolina does not violate church-state separation.

Two attorneys who argued that the inscription on the government building in Lexington was unconstitutional had filed the lawsuit. But a US appeals court ruled that the lawsuit failed to show that the display had no legitimate secular purpose, that it has the effect of endorsing religion or that it has resulted in an excessive entanglement of government and religion, reported Reuters.

The appeals court said Congress first authorized the phrase "In God We Trust" on coins in 1865, and Congress made it the national motto in 1956. It is inscribed above the speaker's chair in the US House of Representatives and above the main door of the US Senate chamber. The high court rejected the appeal Monday without any comment or recorded dissent

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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Words and "Living Wills"

I have been warning people about 'Living Wills' for a long time. So have many others in and out of the health care field. To simply sign one without really knowing what you are signing can be, and is, dangerous.

Here is an article that puts in into clear language. The article mentions "
good alternatives. National Right to Life, the International Anti-Euthanasia Task Force and other groups have legal documents that presume the patient wants to live and prefers lifesaving medical treatment."

The "Will to Live" from the National Right to Life organization can be found here, with more specifics involving your State found here.

International Anti-Euthanasia Task Force is a site that EVERYONE should read and educate themselves about this topic! This page has information that is essential, and the best 'warning' of what is going on with terminology, etc can be found here. It is worth taking time to read "Words, Words, Words".

Oh, and the latest words to be cautious of which really needs to be investigated is "Terminal Sedation". The article here needs to be read in full, not just the first few paragraphs.

That article begins with a quote that is very telling:

"If thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought."
George Orwell

Monday, November 14, 2005

Blog-hopping can lead to very interesting places

Blog-hopping again today, and somewhere on the way, think from Blackfive, I ran across Jodi's profile, giving links to two blogs she has. One is a beautiful memorial tribute to her husband, Mike.

The other is to her blog that she is writing about her student nursing/widowed young mother days, and her family can use prayer. Her mother is now facing what Jodi faced five years ago with her husband's cancer and death at age 26. Jodi's step-father is in the midst of this diagnosis now.

While there, she had found a place suggesting Googling your first name followed by 'needs'. I did, and it was funny, in many ways, as I ended up on one page that said I needed a smile, and another that spoke of care-giving, and then another's blog of the same name. She had also done it, and she got most of the same that I had, plus one that said we need to shut up... I know many who feel the same way (grin) but this one probably won't.

Also, after going to that website, I found another interesting one to try regarding a birthdate. I tried it with each of my children's bdates, also, and have been playing around with it for some other's that I know. I do not believe in astrology, etc, but this was sort of fun.

Your Birthdate: April 27

You are a spiritual soul - a person who tries to find meaning in everything.
You spend a good amount of time meditating, trying to figure out life.
Helping others is also important to you. You enjoy social activities with that goal.
You are very generous and giving. Yet you expect very little in return.

Your strength: Getting along with anyone and everyone

Your weakness: Needing a good amount of downtime to recharge

Your power color: Cobalt blue

Your power symbol: Dove

Your power month: September

Of Canons & Culture by Pete Vere

Pete Vere has read and reviewed Judy Parejko's book, Stolen Vows. I had not been able to read his review, as I do not read The Wanderer very often, but Judy has put it on her website here.

Hopefully, his having read this book has also helped him to see that MANY Catholic faithful had no choice in the divorce that took place in Civil Court, and that the results of the 'hearing' were predetermined as soon as the divorce papers were served, resulting in many valid marriages being ripped apart, and the resultant rise in petitions to the Tribunals. That fact has been addressed by John Paul II in many of his writings and talks over his Papacy.

It is why so many of us strongly encourage the Roman Rota as the Court of Second Instance in all cases from many of the Diocesan Tribunals here in the US.


Of Canons & Culture
Stolen Vows: The Illusion of No-Fault Divorce
by Pete Vere
The Wanderer, August 8, 2005

Pete Vere is the author of Surprised by Canon Law - see

Sunday, November 13, 2005

A Missionary's Work Does Not End When He Dies, Does It?

I am looking for Fr Daniel Mode's website for quite awhile now, and have been checking anything that I can Google up on him. In doing that, I have been to

many times and looked over the site. I have found some things about Fr Mode, but had not found this video that is now on the front page. It may have been there all along, but I doubt that I would have missed it, because I have MET Fr Dan Mode, and know what he looks like. This was the first time that I saw this photo of him, with a hyperlink to a video about Fr Vincent Robert Capodanno.

Take the time to view this video and learn about Fr Capodanno. This is what a TRUE hero is all about. True heroes do not earn medals with minor injuries and then go home and disparage the men that they served with. True heroes do what needs to be done, and then do more. And most never speak about it later, willingly.

'The Grunt Padre' - by Fr. Mode
Online Video about Vietnam MOH recipient and likely saint, Chaplain Vincent Robert Capodanno

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June Maxam's Father

For those who were aware of the earlier information from June Maxam about her father, the announcement came yesterday.

Update (11/12/2005): From June Maxam - "My father died this evening about 7 p.m. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers and efforts on his behalf. He died with dignity, not dehydration."