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Pro-Abortion Senator Admits Pregnant Women Carry Children

Pro-Abortion Senator Admits Pregnant Women Carry Children

By Kathleen Gilbert

WASHINGTON, D.C., September 18, 2008 ( - Although Chairman Barbara Boxer expressed frustration when the unborn's right to life emerged as a topic of discussion during a Senate Environment and Public Works Committee meeting, she herself repeatedly admitted that a pregnant woman is carrying a child, despite her reputation for being staunchly pro-abortion.

Her admission happened while the Senate panel was reviewing a bill involving the dollar value assessment the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) assigns to human life in environmental decisions.  Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK), an established pro-life advocate, wanted to amend the bill to include considerations for unborn life.

"My amendment directs EPA to also establish and properly consider the statistical value of the conceived, unborn life," said Sen. Inhofe.   "Given this Committee's recent focus on children's health it seems only consistent that we would want EPA to also properly value the life of the least protected class - the unborn children."

Sen. Boxer became clearly vexed at the mention of unborn life, saying, "Even the Bush administration has never brought the question of when life begins to an environmental regulation.  It was my understanding that you were not going to do this, and now you're doing it."

While Inhofe's amendment was ultimately rejected, Boxer herself introduced an amendment stressing that the valuations should cover pregnant women, whom twice she characterized as carrying unborn children. 

At one point during the meeting, Boxer said, in reference to pregnant women, "You can talk about it any way you want, but she's carrying a child."  A second time she said, "I would just like to state the obvious.  When a woman is pregnant, and I was, you're carrying a child and if you protect the pregnant woman, you're protecting that whole entire pregnancy."

Boxer's comments recognizing the presence of a child and not a mere fetus in the mother's womb stand in marked contrast to earlier discussions in which she vehemently refused to acknowledge the personhood of a preborn baby. 

In 1999, while the Senate was debating the Partial Birth Abortion Ban, Sen. Rick Santorum questioned Boxer as to when a child assumes e the Constitutional right to life.  Boxer refused to answer, despite Santorum posing the question about a dozen consecutive times.  (see for a transcript of the exchange)

This writer would recommend reading that exchange between Santorum and Boxer...she tried VERY hard not to answer his question with run around, and ultimately refused... the BOLD in the article above is by this writer for emphasis.

God bless!!

Transcripts of Sarah Palin's interview with Sean Hannity.

Understanding the Historical Truth about Pius XII

Understanding the Historical Truth about Pius XII

The full text of the story is available at:

American Jew comes to the defense of Pius XII

I have had this ready to post for a couple of days, and just found it in 'drafts'...

God bless!

American Jew comes to the defense of Pius XII

Created Sep 17 2008 - 06:05


Defenders of Pius XII, whose alleged silence on the Holocaust is a source of tension between Jews and Catholics, met in Rome this week to project a more positive image of the wartime pope. While that's perhaps not remarkable, the aegis under which they gathered certainly is – a foundation called "Pave the Way," dedicated to interreligious understanding and led by an American Jew.

The organizer of the Sept. 15-17 conference at Rome's Palazzo Salviati, which included a number of Jews in the audience, is New York businessman and philanthropist Gary Krupp. While making his living as a medical developer, Krupp became a benefactor of a hospital in southern Italy founded by the legendary Capuchin stigmatic Padre Pio, and is today one of just a handful of non-Catholics to belong to the papal Knights of St. Gregory.

Improbably, Krupp, who says he grew up "hating" Pius XII, has emerged as a passionate defender of the pontiff once famously excoriated as "Hitler's Pope."

"It's our obligation to recognize somebody who saved more Jews than all the other world leaders and religious leaders combined," Krupp said in an interview with NCR. "This man should be raised up as righteous among the nations, not demonized."

Krupp referred to the negative portrayal of Pius XII in some Jewish circles -- including a critical placard at Yad Vashem, the main Holocaust memorial in Israel -- as a shonda, the Hebrew word for "shame."

While Krupp represents a distinctly minority view within Judaism, he is not alone. Sir Martin Gilbert, the distinguished Jewish historian in England, has praised Pius XII's efforts to save Jews, and American Rabbi David Dalin has proposed that Yad Vashem recognize Pius as "righteous among the nations." Probably no one, however, has devoted more time and energy –including his own financial resources – to the defense of Pius XII.

Krupp argued it's in the best interests of Judaism and Israel to pursue better relations with the Catholic church.

"Today, we're faced with people such as the president of Iran who want to see us wiped off the map," Krupp said. "Don't you think that 1.2 billion friends might be good to have?"

The rest of this article is here...

Latvian priest to be honored posthumously for helping Jews in WWII

Latvian priest to be honored posthumously for helping Jews in WWII

By Judith Sudilovsky
Catholic News Service

JERUSALEM (CNS) -- The family of a Latvian priest posthumously named as Righteous Among the Nations by Yad Vashem, The Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Authority, will receive a medal honoring his work in Riga, Latvia, Sept. 26.

Cardinal Janis Pujats of Riga will attend the ceremony to honor Father Kasimir Vilnis at the Israeli Embassy in Riga.

Father Vilnis' name also will be inscribed on the Wall of Honor at the Garden of the Righteous Among the Nations at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem.

Read the rest here...

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Barack Obama Camp Starts "Faith Tour" to Mislead Pro-Life Voters on Abortion

Go back and read the words of Lori Kalner after you read this article...

God bless!

Barack Obama Camp Starts "Faith Tour" to Mislead Pro-Life Voters on Abortion

by Steven Ertelt Editor
September 19
, 2008

Washington, DC ( -- Though Barack Obama is out of step with pro-life voters by virtue of his pro-abortion position throughout pregnancy, his campaign plans a "faith tour" featuring a handful of pro-life advocates who are supporting him. But the representative of one pro-life group says pro-life voters won't be deceived.

The Obama campaign has signed up evangelical author Donald Miller, Pepperdine University professor Doug Kmiec and former Indiana Congressman Tim Roemer, for the "Barack Obama: Faith, Family and Values Tour."

The trio plan to head to churches and community events in key battleground states starting next week and it is similar to the evangelical outreach Obama attempted in Iowa an South Carolina during the Democratic primaries.

They plan to talk about how Obama and his pro-abortion running mate Joe Biden appeals to evangelical voters.

Since the pair support virtually unlimited abortions paid for at taxpayer expense, they will likely rely on issues like poverty and the environment to appeal to evangelical voters to back Obama or rely on false statistics claiming pro-life presidents haven't reduced abortions.

National Right to Life legislative director Douglas Johnson talked with about the tour.

"These Obama surrogates are will try to persuade people of faith that Obama would reduce abortions," he said. "That is just is a public relations product cooked up at liberal think tanks like Third Way, where veteran pro-abortion activists specialize in developing strategies to help hard-core pro-abortion politicians camouflage their positions."

Johnson said the proof is in the pudding about how pro-abortion Obama's policies are -- despite campaign rhetoric to the contrary.

"The truth is, there are more than one million Americans alive today because of the Hyde Amendment, but Obama calls for the repeal of the Hyde Amendment and tax-funded abortion on demand -- the very opposite of 'abortion reduction,'" he explained.

Johnson tells "Pro-life state laws -- for example, women's right to know laws, waiting periods, and parental notification laws -- are saving countless lives, but Obama is a cosponsor of the so-called 'Freedom of Choice Act,' which would invalidate every one of these laws."

"I have faith that most people of faith are not so easily snookered," Johnson concludes.

David Brody, the senior correspondent for CBN News, also weighs in and says he thinks he knows the kind of voters Obama is targeting.

"The Obama campaign believes the White Catholic vote is very much in play especially in places like Pennsylvania," he explains. "Plus, while conservative Evangelicals are not going to head Obama's way, the campaign believes they can win over those moderate and liberal Evangelicals, Catholics and even some conservative mainline Protestants."

"Look, getting conservative Evangelicals was always a tough sell for the Obama campaign and it became much tougher after the Palin pick," he says in an analysis of the tour announcement.

"But the Obama campaign understands that most people in this country consider their faith integral to their lives. The values and religion talk resonates not just with conservative Evangelicals but a whole range of people out there," he says.

YouTube Pulls another Pro-life Video

I am debating embedding this video on my blog. It is a little bit more that 'just a picture'. My first instinct was to put it on, but then I decided that since the link is here to it, that may suffice. The link is at the end of this article...

God bless!

YouTube Yanks Another Pro-Life Video, Clip Exposes Barack Obama on Abortion

by Steven Ertelt Editor
September 19
, 2008

Washington, DC ( -- YouTube, the popular video sharing web site, has yanked yet another pro-life video -- this one exposing the pro-abortion policies of presidential candidate Barack Obama. The Kansas Coalition for Life produced a video titled "Obama: WRONG Change for Children."

The video included information about Obama's voting record on abortion-related bills, but YouTube blocked the video yesterday.

The video resembles a campaign commercial and deals with Obama's abortion record and the producer tells he thinks YouTube specifically removed it because it was negative towards Obama.

It contains one graphic abortion photo and a diagram of the partial birth abortion procedure.

Bill Claydon, the producer, told, "I was just getting ready to attach a link to our web site and to begin our promotion of it when it was pulled. They did not give us any explanation whatsoever, except a boiler-plate email covering all types of 'YouTube Community Guideline Violations.'"

When YouTube removed the video, it gave the Kansas Coalition for Life's account a community guidelines violation strike and a generic message saying the video has been removed.

"There are lots of pro-life videos containing graphic photos which are allowed to remain, but they don't mention Obama," Claydon said.

Mark Gietzen, the president of KCFL, also talked about the incident.

He says, "The video is in no way distasteful, pornographic or outside of the ordinary. It does however make a strong point, and we feel that it was pulled only because it makes a simple, clear statement about what Obama's change is all about."

Earlier this month, YouTube came under fire for blocking an investigative video from the pro-life group Live Action exposing the racist donations Planned Parenthood accepted.

In July, a short film by the pro- life Population Research Institute highlighting dishonest reporting from a pro-choice filmmaker was censored.

YouTube eventually responded to criticism and restored both videos.

Also, YouTube took down a video from Citizens for a Pro-Life Society showing an abortion center that was investigated for illegally dumping medical waste.

ACTION: Contact YouTube with your comments at

Related web sites:
The video is now located at -

Original story from:

Fw: Bearack Obama explosion in Bears

HT to Meg

This is a funny... too good not to pass on!

God bless!

Photo E-mail
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The photo below captures a disturbing trend that is beginning to affect wildlife in the US.

Animals that were formerly self-sufficient are now showing signs of belonging to the Democratic Party... as they have apparently learned to just sit and wait for the government to step in and provide for their care and sustenance.

This photo is of a Democrat black bear in Alaska nicknamed 'Bearack Obama'!

PBS Poll on Sarah's Qualifications, a Video, and a Debate

PBS Poll - Do you think Sarah Palin is qualified to serve as Vice President of the United States?

Please do go and vote!

  • Exclusive Sarah Palin interview
  • Interactive Debate: Sarah Palin

  • The debate... I think it will be fairly obvious who I think makes the better points....

    God bless!

    HT to Go Sarah Go and to Catholic Fire for the poll information. I have voted...

    Thursday, September 18, 2008

    The Wonders of Life

    I have a grand daughter I will be able to hold sometime in January of 2009....I found this tonight on my surfing...

    Lyrics: Free by Rachael Lampa
    What would you say if I told you about
    A love too good to be real?
    Would you reply that you’ve heard it a million times?
    Oh, you’ve thrown up your hands - never understand;
    Turn and walk away, cry another tear.
    I know where you’re coming from, I was
    Searching for the road that would lead me home

    Where I’m free - free to believe what is real to me.
    Free - free to believe that He lives in me!
    La la la la la, la la la la la, free.

    How would you feel if love fell in your arms
    With the tenderness of a child?
    Would you be able to finally open your eyes?
    Oh, a love so strong it never begs - never borrows,
    Never steals from anyone.
    Even if I bend, even if I sway, even if I lose my way,
    I will always come home

    Where I’m free - free to believe what is real to me.
    Free - free to believe that He lives in me!
    La la la la la, la la la la la,
    La la la la la, laa.

    Free to love, free to dance, free to live your life with open
    Hands that reach for the way - closer to the edge you hear the
    Music play, awakening all that once was slumbering’s alive again,

    ’Cause I’m free - free to believe what is real to me.
    Free - free to believe that He lives in me!
    La la la la la, la la la la la,

    La la la, la la la, la la la, laa, yeah,
    (Free) - free to believe what is real to me.
    Free - free to believe that He lives in me!
    Free, yea-yeah, free, la la la, la la la, laa, oh...
    (Free) yeah, even if I bend, even if I sway, even if I lose, yeah,
    Free, yeah (free)

    BUT just before I found THAT one, I was watching THIS one... and the lyrics/song also fits very well....

    All I can say is ... wow... how can anyone call this a blob of cells--a product of conception... this is a BABY.... I am still amazed after all these years at LIFE, from conception to natural death.
    The pictures show the earliest, most vulnerable period of any one individual's life....

    God bless!

    Music: Jewel Kilcher - Hands
    If I could tell the world just one thing
    It would be that we're all OK
    And not to worry 'cause worry is wasteful
    And useless in times like these
    I won't be made useless
    I won't be idle with despair
    I will gather myself around my faith
    For light does the darkness most fear
    My hands are small, I know
    But they're not yours, they are my own
    But they're not yours, they are my own
    And I am never broken
    Poverty stole your golden shoes
    It didn't steal your laughter
    And heartache came to visit me
    But I knew it wasn't ever after
    We'll fight, not out of spite
    For someone must stand up for what's right
    'Cause where there's a man who has no voice
    There ours shall go singing
    My hands are small I know
    But they're not yours, they are my own
    But they're not yours, they are my own
    I am never broken
    In the end only kindness matters
    In the end only kindness matters
    I will get down on my knees, and I will pray
    I will get down on my knees, and I will pray
    I will get down on my knees, and I will pray
    My hands are small I know
    But they're not yours, they are my own
    But they're not yours, they are my own
    And I am never broken
    My hands are small I know
    But they're not yours, they are my own
    But they're not yours, they are my own
    And I am never broken
    We are never broken
    We are God's eyes
    God's hands
    God's mind
    We are God's eyes
    God's hands
    God's heart
    We are God's eyes
    God's hands
    God's eyes
    We are God's hands
    We are God's hands

    Re-edited version of "Creation" taken from gjay79 (on You Tube).

    Lori Kalner's Words of Warning and Hope

    I am a reader of the Thoene's books, and I cannot tell you how much I see exactly what was going on in Germany happening today, in our world, for a large portion of my life. I began reading Bodie's books when she only had published two or three of them, and I could hardly wait for each to come out since then. MUCH research went into her books by Brock, her husband, who is the historian. Lori Kalner was one of the main characters in her Zion Covenant series. Lori has written other letters for their blog, as has 'Tikvah', the real life daughter of another a couple killed in Israel and raised by 'Moshe and Rachel Sachar'. 'Tikvah' is a real person, as is Lori Kalner.

    Even if you do NOT want to 'hear' this message, it must be remembered that Lori LIVED IN GERMANY WHEN IT ALL BEGAN as Hitler came to power.... and as she says, she LIVED IT. She is warning us, as she has before....

    All BOLD font below has been done by me, WI Catholic..... to read it ONLINE, go here.

    God bless!

    Posted by: Lori Kalner on Thursday, September 18, 2008

    Words of Warning and Hope
    Lori Kalner

    Dear Friends,

    It becomes more difficult for me to write to you these days with a difficult time of dialysis as diabetes advances. Now I must write at least this one last time. Bodie and Brock are gracious and let my voice of warning be heard.

    I was a young girl in Germany and lived through difficult times. We have since then had a wonderful life. The world, as difficult as it has been, at least for many years remembered what happened politically in Germany with the Depression in the 1930s. You remember how it began and thus progressed with the horrors of war which followed.

    The battle was at the beginning a Spiritual battle.

    You have read some parts of my story in the Zion Covenant, from growing up in Germany in the days when evil men prevailed and TRUTH was turned upside down. White became black through a barrage of propaganda and constant repetition of lies against those who spoke the truth.

    Here is my warning to all: Perhaps it will be my last warning. (I wake up each day surprised that I am still here and not in heaven with those who wait for me!)

    America and the whole world hangs in the balance now. I believe that America will stand or fall depending on who is elected President this year.
    Good Americans, like the good Germans of my youth, may think that the issues of their nation center around the economy. I tell you now that the fate of the greatest nation on earth does not depend on money.
    Every issue must only be judged worthy and true by the Word of God. Prosperity comes to a nation and a people who serves the Lord first. That is a basic spiritual principle which is seen in every book of Holy Scripture.
    "If My people, who are called by My Name, will humble themselves, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land." (2 Chronicles 7:14)

    This is where the healing of America begins: Friend, you must begin with examination of your own life first and the confession of your sins.
    Then pray for your nation. Ask yourself now: who supports the rights of the unborn babies and also of those who are handicapped?

    History tells us why this is critical:

    In the Germany of my childhood, everyone worried about the economy. Paying bills. Buying bread. Money! And there were 1 million abortions in the year before Hitler came to power. (A drop in the bucket compared to America.) The excuse given for the murder of unborn babies was that economic times were hard. How could a family feed another mouth?

    There followed the legalized forced sterilization of parents who had a handicapped child or who were judged "racially impure."

    Next came the legalized euthanasia of those who were handicapped. (An example of who would be killed is the Downs Syndrome child of Sarah Palin. He would have been killed immediately at birth.)

    Do we not see such choices carried out with tiny babies being strangled or left to die by abortionists today? Evil advances forward in America by law! This is done with the support of men and women in office who have sold their souls for power.

    In those days in Germany all, who were, as I am now, elderly or ill, were gassed. These were all called "useless eaters."

    Christians and Jews who spoke out against this evil were labeled as radical "religious fanatics." A campaign of false accusation, slander and persecution began, targeting people of faith. It was "unpopular" to speak the TRUTH. (Were these persecuted Christians people like you?) Many were jailed and eventually killed. Some escaped with only their lives.

    Finally, by millions, Jews were hunted, imprisoned and killed. You know all this from the Zion Covenant books. I lived it.

    Now, today, I hear the words and know the deeds of this Barack Obama and I know that he is a "gifted," convincing, fellow. He is telling you how bad you have it and saying to Americans he is their messiah and the answer to all problems.

    The propaganda machine loves Obama. The power of the media is much greater than in my childhood; a frightening thought.

    But here is TRUTH: of all men in the US government this Obama has most strongly encouraged and urged the on-going slaughter of the unborn…"the useless mouths" of America. This slaughter is performed in the name of "A woman's reproductive rights."

    In the land of my birth, the Holocaust all began with the first step of legalized abortion. Abortion was ENCOURAGED by a downturn in the world economics.

    Scripture teaches us the survival of a nation is not about the economy. The only nation which will stand is the nation which follows the Lord and the true teachings of scripture.
    I warn you, my dear American friends, with love in my heart and with my last breaths that no man or woman, Protestant or Catholic, can remain in God's favor or blessing if they vote for this Obama. This is a man who voted four times to leave tiny babies who survived abortions to die!

    I know many devout American Catholics in my life and many who have never voted for the Republicans because of tradition. Now I say that you who are Catholic must not follow after this man Obama who is gifted in his words but NOT speaking the TRUE WORDS OF OUR LORD OR THE CHURCH!

    You cannot be a true Catholic Christian and vote for Obama. To vote for him is to vote for continued infanticide. To Protestant Christians, I say, you are not a Christian if you support the slaughter of the unborn!

    Christianity and abortion are spiritually impossible companions.
    Protestants and Catholics MUST UNITE in this battle. The victory must be overwhelming!
    Do you feel you cannot vote for Mr. McCain and Mrs. Palin, who are for the LIFE of the unborn and handicapped? If you cannot support these leaders, then for the sake of your soul, I, who have seen the spiritual destruction of many good people, Protestants and Catholics, urge you NOT TO VOTE for Obama or anyone who does not support protection of LIFE!

    For all those American politicians who have the chance to change the course toward destruction, I who have been witness to national and worldwide tragedy, urge you protect those in your society who are the most helpless. Publicly deny your support of Obama. According to 2 Chronicles 7:14 you must turn your life around for the sake of your soul and your country!

    To those politicians who use "FAITH" to get votes while they follow the path of destruction, I must speak this warning: "God will not be mocked."

    If you, Christian, can vote, and if you can encourage others to vote, then you must VOTE FOR LIFE.
    In the judgment of heaven, there is no other choice but LIFE and protection of the innocent for a Christian.

    I am thankful to Bodie and Brock for letting me be heard once more. They agree with history and with the Truth of scripture. Most of my generation is gone now. You who are taking control of the world have a fight ahead of you as the memory of our peril dims. I have heard and listened closely to the voices of Sarah Palin and John McCain, and my spirit bears witness that they speak truth and are the true Hope-Bearers of your generation. Sarah is a true Deborah. Pray for her and her family and also for John McCain. You must all remember what happened to us and not repeat the same mistake of apathy.

    If I cannot write to you again I pray we will meet in heaven and you will tell me I helped you encourage others to do the right thing for the sake of your soul and for the nation.

    God bless you,
    Lori Kalner

    Copyright © 2008

    Wednesday, September 17, 2008

    She Admits it is Murder--the Extermination of the powerless by the powerful... but....

    I admire honesty. I seldom hear it from pro-abortion advocates. I especially get nauseated at the "personally opposed, but...." of so many Catholics and Christians that I know (and politicians). They cannot even admit knowing when Life begins. They have had to change terminology to more 'palatable' terminology to disguise what they are really talking about.

    Fetus instead of baby.
    Mass of cells instead of baby.
    Products of conception instead of baby.
    "Choice" instead of Abortion.

    Some even call the baby a parasite.

    Some try to turn it into a religious thing -- "Keep your rosaries off our ovaries".
    They tell us that it is a RIGHT of any woman to do whatever she wants with her body... but isn't HER BODY that is being curreted and suctioned, or... killed just before birth by piercing the back of her head with a scissors to suck out her brains with a suction machine (partial birth abortion), and then crushing the skull for easier delivery of a now dead... BABY.

    Many don't even want to look at the results of an abortion, because it is too 'gross'. Actually, it is because when they LOOK, the SEE that " IT " was a CHILD.

    But the other day I came across a woman who is honest about what really happens.... and though she is the first person I have found that was honest about what is happening... I almost wish I had not read this.

    For in listening to the others NOT being honest, I could pretend that many really didn't know what they were doing.... or saying...

    But it isn't just in reading the first article that one understands exactly what Paglia is saying... for that, one needs to read her own article in its entirety. Read the original article: Fresh blood for the vampire

    Friday September 12, 2008

    Shock: Prominent Feminist Admits "Abortion is Murder" but "I Am a Firm Supporter"

    By Tim Waggoner

    WASHINGTON, September 11, 2008 ( - In an article focusing on newly appointed vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin, prominent feminist Camille Paglia admits that, much like Gov. Palin, she also believes abortion involves the murder of an innocent life - but unlike Palin, Paglia says she is a "firm supporter" of abortion.

    Paglia's piece, which appears on, is the latest indication that "utilitarian" philosophies that no longer recognize the "right to life" as being the most foundational human right are gaining ground in some liberal circles. Under these philosophies even murder can be advocated as long as it protects what is deemed to be an even more important "right" - in Paglia's case the sacrosanct "right to abortion."

    Paglia, the University Professor of Humanities and Media Studies at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, is well-known for her non-conformist approach as a lesbian social critic and as a popular journalist and author. Her latest article, "Fresh blood for the vampire", largely addresses the Republican's surge in the polls after choosing Palin as VP-nominee, but also touches on abortion.

    "Let's take the issue of abortion rights, of which I am a firm supporter. As an atheist and libertarian, I believe that government must stay completely out of the sphere of personal choice. Every individual has an absolute right to control his or her body," said Paglia, voicing the commonest argument put forward by feminist supporters of abortion.

    Unlike her fellow pro-abortion colleagues, however, Paglia continued on to - as she termed it - "face the ethical consequences" of embracing abortion. "I have always frankly admitted that abortion is murder, the extermination of the powerless by the powerful," she said.

    Paglia then admitted that in order to rationalize and accept abortion, one would have to not only accept, but logically condone other atrocities against life - that is, one would have to accept murder for the sake of protecting a particular, more important "right", as she does. The author criticizes those on the social left who parrot the scientifically untenable position that the fetus is just a "lump of tissue", saying that those who do so are simply afraid to face the consequences of their pro-abortion position.

    "Liberals for the most part have shrunk from facing the ethical consequences of their embrace of abortion, which results in the annihilation of concrete individuals and not just clumps of insensate tissue," explained Paglia. "The gigantic, instantaneous coast-to-coast rage directed at Sarah Palin when she was identified as pro-life was, I submit, a psychological response by loyal liberals who on some level do not want to open themselves to deep questioning about abortion and its human consequences."

    Paglia also criticized some on the social left for their logical inconsistency in condoning the killing of the innocent, but not of the guilty. "I have never understood the standard Democratic combo of support for abortion and yet opposition to the death penalty. Surely it is the guilty rather than the innocent who deserve execution?" she said.

    "What I am getting at here is that not until the Democratic Party stringently reexamines its own implicit assumptions and rhetorical formulas will it be able to deal effectively with the enduring and now escalating challenge from the pro-life right wing."

    Paglia's professed willingness to sanction murder in order to protect a woman's "right to choose" is comparable to the argument put forward in a recent article published in the highly respected New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM). The authors of the article, writing on the notion of "brain death" and organ donation, note that the frequently used criteria of death known as "brain death" is inadequate for determining if a potential organ donor has truly died. However, instead of calling into question the idea of vital organ donation, the authors of the piece instead suggest that the criteria for dead donors should be eradicated altogether - thus sanctioning killing a potential organ donor in order to harvest his/her organs.

    Likewise, at the beginning of 2008, in a lengthy report that appeared in The Hastings Center Report - called by conservative bioethicist Wesley Smith the "world's most prestigious" journal of bioethics - the authors advocate infanticide for those new born babies who may face a life of what medical personnel deem to be "unbearable" suffering. Under what is known as the Groningen Protocol, infanticide is already taking place on a regular basis in the Netherlands with government support.


    Lord, Have Mercy.

    Christ, Have Mercy.

    Lord, Have Mercy.

    Tuesday, September 16, 2008

    Inside the OODA Loop

    This one was fascinating!

    I found it the other day, but had not yet gotten around to posting it, until tonight. I did not want to lose it, so kept gong into history to make sure it stayed where I could find it.

    Not being a pilot, I never heard of an OODA loop, nor of John Boyd. But after reading this, I guess I am not the ONLY one who never heard of it....

    God bless!

    McCain Flies His Campaign Past Obama
    Michael Barone
    Saturday, September 13, 2008

    John McCain was trained as a fighter pilot. In his selection of Sarah Palin, and in his convention and campaigning since, he has shown that he learned an important lesson from his fighter pilot days: He has gotten inside Barack Obama's OODA loop.

    That term was the invention of the great fighter pilot and military strategist John Boyd. It's an acronym for Observe, Orient, Decide, Act.

    "The key to victory is operating at a faster tempo than the enemy," Boyd's biographer Robert Coram writes. "The key thing to understand about Boyd's version is not the mechanical cycle itself, but rather the need to execute the cycle in such a fashion as to get inside the mind and decision cycle of the adversary."

    For a fighter pilot, that means honing in above and behind the adversary so you can shoot him out of the sky. For a political candidate, it means acting in such a way that the opponent's responses again and again reinforce the points you are trying to make and undermine his own position.

    The Palin selection -- and her performance at the convention and on the stump -- seems to be having that effect. Obama chief strategist David Axelrod admitted of the Palin pick: "I can honestly say we weren't prepared for that. I mean, her name wasn't on anybody's list." But it was known that McCain's VP adviser had traveled to Alaska, and anyone clicking on could see Palin's impressive performance in political debates. The McCain campaign shrewdly kept the information that she was on the short list and that she was the choice to a half-dozen people, who didn't tell even their spouses. The Obama team failed to Observe.

    Read the rest here.

    “They must think you’re stupid” said Obama

    HT to Meg from Alaska

    An interesting article. I was going to add my own comments, but I think that Ken Blackwell said it better than I could, so I have nothing to add.

    Words Obama Will Regret
    Ken Blackwell
    Thursday, September 11, 2008

    On Monday, Senator Obama uttered one sentence that could haunt him until Election Day. He said of Senator McCain and Governor Palin telling voters they would bring change, "they must think you're stupid." Given his stances on the surge, social issues, and his past, Mr. Obama will regret those words.

    Let's start with social issues like Second Amendment freedoms. Mr. Obama denies that he's ever supported banning handguns, right after the landmark Heller case where the Supreme Court struck down Washington D.C.'s handgun ban.

    Read the rest of his article ....

    Catholicanuck: The Rubber Hits the Road

    Catholicanuck: The Rubber Hits the Road

    I just read this on a friend's blog, and it has made me think. I also read the article that she has linked to it.

    God bless!

    My Pre-born Grandchild is a Girl!

    From my second child... a text message on my cell phone mid morning and an email later in the day. They are thrilled, as they have two sons. The younger doesn't want a sister... he wants a BABY! lol well, he will have his wish, and that baby will be a sister.

    His mother, just a little older than he is now, also wanted a baby, but decided since her older sister wanted a girl, SHE wanted a brother. She got him... lol

    God bless, Megan and Todd! Congratulations on your daughter. Cannot wait to hold her! Not sure which of the names you like will be the one given to her, so I won't mention any of them here....

    Love, Mom

    ---------- Forwarded message ----------
    From: Megan
    Date: Mon, Sep 15, 2008 at 2:03 PM

    IT'S A GIRL!!!!!

    Born Alive -- Gianna Jessen

    This email was sent to you by your friend, Me

    'Born Alive'
    'Born Alive'
    Abortion survivor featured in McCain ad

    Hi Everyone,
    I thought you might be interested in this video. Gianna was on Hannity and Colmes earlier tonight.

    God bless!

    "Divorce tears marriage apart. It desolates both husband and wife. It leaves the children not only in tears but also in misery. We do not deny that there can be serious disagreement between husband and wife, but divorce is not the solution. When husband and wife have a disagreement, they should reflect, pray, sit together and discuss. Accept fault where you are wrong, ask for pardon, or consult a priest or other spiritual adviser, but do not divorce."
    ~~Francis Cardinal Arinze

    Monday, September 15, 2008

    Gianna Jessen has a Message for Obama

    I have known about Gianna since she was thirteen or fourteen years old, the same age as my two daughters, when we heard her speak and sing in Wausau, WI. I have followed her since then, as best as I could. She is one busy lady--for someone who was not supposed to have been born.

    Gianna survived her abortion. She has said that she was never born, but instead, aborted, and survived. She is a powerful testimony to the fact that those babies in the uterus ARE babies.

    I have previously written about her on my blog. A list of many of them can be found here.

    She is an amazing child of God.

    God bless!

    Palin/Clinton SNL

    HT to Lee

    What God Has To Say About Marriage

    FEW times have I ever gotten such a clear and succinct email on this topic as I did with this one.

  • 09/14/2008 - Standing Firm - September 14, 2008

  • I have subscriptions to a lot of Catholic news sources (like Zenit, CNA news, CWNews--now Catholic Culture) and others, and I have a few sources I follow on some topics from other sources, such as NRTL and WRTL.

    One of the sources I enjoy reading is from Rejoice Ministries that I found awhile back in reading other's sites on Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage. Dennis Wingfield has a very good newsletter that is very encouraging...

    I ONLY wish that we would hear this from our own pulpits.... On the one Sunday in a three yr cycle that Mark 10: 2-12 (or optional 2-16) is read--the 27th Sunday of Ordinary Time, Cycle B.

    OR, the two weekdays per year (Fri of Week 7, Ordinary Time ) that it, or the similar Gospel reading from Matt 19:3-12 (Fri of Week 19, Ordinary Time) is read.

    Three times per year, during the B cycle of the Lectionary, we have a golden opportunity to learn TRUTH about what God says about Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage... but seldom, if ever, does it get addressed.

    Where are the Thomas Mores and the John Fishers of today?

    God bless!

    Part of the latest newsletter reads:

    In spite of clear doctrine to the contrary, divorce still happens.
    What does God's Word have to say concerning those that are divorced?

    "To the married I give this command (not I, but the Lord): A wife
    must not separate from her husband. But if she does, she must remain
    unmarried or else be reconciled to her husband. And a husband must
    not divorce his wife."
    1 Corinthians 7:10-11

    God gives the divorced two choices: reconcile or remain single. The
    only exception allowing a person to remarry is if their spouse has
    died. Why are pulpits silent on this clear teaching from the Word of
    God? Lord, please forgive those who teach contrary to your Word.

    In closing, many say that the Lord has told them to give up on their
    marriages, to stop standing, and often to remarry. The test to see
    if what you are hearing is in fact from God, check it out against
    His Word. God cannot contradict himself. If what you are hearing
    disagrees with the commands in God's Word, it is NOT from God. Satan
    wants nothing better than for you to give up on your marriage. Why
    does he wish this? Because He knows by breaking up your family the
    battle is not over if, you continue to stand for your marriage. He
    knows that in the end, he will lose when you are standing in
    agreement with God for the healing of your marriage. Anything he can
    do to sway you away from Biblical teaching will help ensure his
    victory. The only way Satan can get at God is through the
    disobedience of His children.

    Remember, that you are only defeated when you give up. Continue to
    fight and pray for your home. Do not be deceived by the evil one
    into giving up. Do not believe in the falsehood that God has someone
    better for you. God has someone better for you; your one-flesh mate
    when He cleans them up and brings them home. I am standing in
    agreement with you, praying for you and your spouse. Many blessings
    are in store for you when you are obedient to your marriage vows and
    God's commands in His Word.

    Sunday, September 14, 2008

    Mike Gravel on Sarah Palin

    HT to Copious Dissent for this interview!

    "As much as Mike Gravel is a total lunatic, it is hilarious listening to him defend Sarah Palin on a Leftist talk show. They expected Gravel to attack Palin, and he came out firing back at the hosts. It is one of the funniest interviews I have ever listened to."

    I have to agree...

    God bless!

    Sarah Palin Experience while Mayor and Governor

    posted by meggimugs at Go Sarah GO!

    It seems that the media talks that Gov Sarah Palin has "no experience", however every other report seems to point at what she did in office as Mayor and Governor. At least she has done "something" instead ...

    Fwd: It's me, Smooth Stone: An excellent must-see video

    Thank you, Smooth!

    God bless!

    ---------- Forwarded message ----------
    From: Smooth Stone
    Date: 2008/9/14

    Thanks to Brian over at SnappedShot for linking to Al Salibayyah who thanks Devil's Advocate over at Copious Dissent for this brilliant video. Pass this video on, make it viral, spread the word. And when I say brilliant, I mean it:

    Thanks, everyone.


    Smooth Stone

    "For Zion's sake will I not hold my peace and for Jerusalem's sake I will not rest.." Isaiah 62.1