Friday, June 17, 2011

SPECIAL VIDEO: "A Warrior Always First: Rep. West Honors the Army"

I'd vote for him for President 2012 in a heartbeat!

Come look around, and join us as we work to have him run! Join AllenWestNation and then your State Group, and take the message to the Nation. Sign up for whatever you feel you can do (including getting out petitions, etc).

God bless!

Community Medical Center offers brain injury treatment for veterans

So many head injuries (but much better diagnosis, better treatment, etc from when I was in nursing school way back in 1972-72, and worked before that as a nursing assistant) .....

A reality of modern-day war is that more and more soldiers return home with traumatic brain injuries.

In a 2009 report, Pentagon officials estimated that 360,000 service members returning from Iraq and Afghanistan suffered a brain injury during deployment, and 45,000 to 90,000 of those soldiers have lasting symptoms and need specialized rehabilitative care.

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Community Medical Center offers brain injury treatment for veterans

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Allen West Nation - 3...2...1...LAUNCH!!!

If you are interested in Allen West for President 2012, then you are needed. Please join Allen West Nation, find your State Group, and join it, then go to the new action group sites to find out what you can do, where you can fit in. Writing letters, getting petitions out and signed, as well as actually volunteering for duty ....

=D COME JOIN Allen West Nation!

Allen West Nation - 3...2...1...LAUNCH!!!

It’s the Allen West Project!!!

This is OUR chance to make a HUGE difference…ALL of us! Allen West Nation is excited to introduce the Allen West Project and we need your help!

AWN is looking for VOLUNTEERS…not just a handful but LOTS of volunteers. We need between 100 and 200 ready, willing, talented and able volunteers for an enormous outreach to Congressman West and we need them FAST!!!

This team of volunteers needs to be committed and talented and the team will pursue every conservative internet site and blog we can. Once these volunteers are identified and up to speed AWN will unleash them with a FURY!!!


Why…JULY 4TH…can you think of a better day to start taking our country back???

On July 4 we start seeking national attention, controversial sites, and going viral.

This is going to be the SUMMER OF RECLAMATION for this GREAT nation and YOU…our VOLUNTEER TEAM…will be leading the way!!!

Now…lest you think this directive will only last the summer…THINK AGAIN…because July and August are only the start of what we KNOW will be something HUGE!!!

Phase 2 will start on September 1st and the impact will be felt throughout the country.

AWN Members have been itching to get busy and NOW WE CAN as we move forward with PURPOSE, and our mission becomes clear.

AWN is teaming up with many solid Allen West support sites in this action and together, with staggering numbers…we can and WILL make a difference.

A BIG difference.

Congressman West says it takes 5 miles to turn an aircraft carrier around...Let's show him we can do it in 3!!!

PLEASE follow the links, in the Call to Action and become a part of the process and let’s work TOGETHER to TAKE THIS COUNTRY BACK and to promote the Allen West brand of conservatism we have all come to respect.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's the Army's 235th Years Birthday Video!

Happy Birthday, Army!

Your A Grand Old Flag~A Tribute to Old Glory

I love our Flag! I love our Nation! Happy Flag Day!

God bless America!

Brain injuries more common than you think

Brain injuries more common than you think

Published Monday, June 13, 2011 10:41 PM

By Joanie Morris - For the Salisbury Post

HUNTERSVILLE — Nestled down a road that seems dedicated to farms — Black Farms Road is lined with farms and trees — is Hinds’ Feet Farm, a small therapeutic farm designed to help sufferers of traumatic brain injuries.

There, adults who have suffered brain injuries — due to both external trauma and acquired brain injuries due to internal, medical issues such as stroke, tumors or encephalitis — gather to spend their days in various life skills therapies. There they have an oasis, a haven.

There is where Donald Johnson spends much of his week.

From Faith, Donald suffered a traumatic brain injury in February 2008. A combination of life events, drugs and alcohol led him to try to kill himself by hanging.

“My life before my brain injury was very hectic,” said Donald, sitting on a porch at Hinds’ Feet Farm. “I had a very severe form of depression and I hadn’t been diagnosed yet. One thing led to another.”

At the time, Donald was going to school at Catawba College and working part time at Dominos Pizza. The South Rowan High School graduate has what is termed anoxia — the deprivation of oxygen to the brain causing traumatic brain injury.

“I had to learn to walk again,” said Donald. “I had to learn how to hold a fork and knife again. I knew how to write, but I had to learn the motor skills.”

Donald doesn’t want anyone to go through what he has gone through as a result of his depression and subsequent brain injury. He spent a month in the hospital, part of which was spent in a coma caused by the attempted suicide.

He’s decided to share his story to bring awareness of brain injuries, what many people call the silent epidemic.

Read the rest at this link:
Health and Medical News and Information from Rowan Regional Medical Center and the Salisbury Post