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Holy Week Meme

Having been tagged by Catholic Fire, I'll answer the questions from Holy Week Meme.

1. What do you do with your new blessed palm(s) from Palm Sunday?

If there are any nice full ones, I weave then and usually put them by the crucifixes. However, the past ten to fifteen years, they are usually only a strand or two, and it is very difficult to do the four fold weave that I was taught by my mother, when they are narrow, and only one or two strands....

2. What do you do with your old one from last year?

If they are still nice looking, they stay where they are. If not, I return them to the Church to be burned for Ash Wednesday.

3. What do you do during Holy Week in preparation for Good Friday?

I really can't do much this year. I used to NEVER miss any of Holy Week, but have not been able to get off of work much for awhile now. So instead, I am able to think about what He has done for me, for us, for everyone, and pray.

4. How do you commemorate Christ's Passion on Good Friday?

I also have the original The Passion of the Christ that I can watch. I will be working, so cannot get to Church. (And I have no choice, I am alone, so am sole support here).

5. When do you color Easter eggs?

I haven't for several years either, and the Easter Bunny doesn't seem to come here anymore, since the kids got older....

6. When do you buy Easter candy?

I buy some when I see it, if it is a kind I like... but not much. I also buy more after Easter.

7. What is the first thing you plan to do Easter morning?

Have not thought of anything special.... other than get to Mass later in the morning. I am not even sure who would be available to celebrate with, and who will be working or with the 'other side' of their family (as in their in-laws...) lol

One of the drawbacks to grown kids who are married, engaged...

State asked to investigate Schindlers

State asked to investigate Schindlers

By GRAHAM BRINK, Times Staff Writer

Published April 6, 2006

A lawyer involved in the Terri Schiavo saga has asked the state to investigate whether two foundations set up by Schiavo's parents and siblings unlawfully used charitable contributions for lobbying activity. California lawyer Jon Eisenberg filed a complaint with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services last week and sent a letter to the Internal Revenue Service. Eisenberg alleged that Terri Schiavo's family has used the Terri Schindler Schiavo Foundation Inc. to collect tax-exempt donations that were then funneled to the Terri Schindler Schiavo Foundation Center for Health Care Ethics, a lobbying group. Laws prevent charities from funneling their tax-exempt contributions to lobbying groups. "A charity can set up a lobbying arm, but it must keep the two organizations strictly separated financially," said Eisenberg, who helped represent Michael Schiavo in his efforts to have Terri's feeding tube removed. "In this case, I don't think they are doing that." Samantha Chechele, an attorney for the two foundations, said Wednesday that Eisenberg's allegations are without merit. The money collected by the nonprofit foundation has remained in its bank account or has been used for legitimate purposes. Chechele also emphasized that anyone who gave money to the lobbying organization was told clearly that the contributions were not tax-exempt. She denied any funds have been commingled. "I've been over the books myself with a fine-tooth comb, and I know the funds are being kept separate," Chechele said. The two foundations were set up by Schiavo's parents, Bob and Mary Schindler, and her brother and sister. They fought against Michael Schiavo for years to keep Terri alive. Several doctors stated, and courts ultimately agreed, that Terri was in a persistent vegetative state. She died March 31, 2005, 13 days after her feeding tube was removed. Terence McElroy, a spokesman for the Agriculture and Consumer Services Department, said the foundations will receive a letter asking for a response to the complaint, a standard procedure. The department also has assigned an investigator to ensure the inquiry proceeds without problems, McElroy said. "We made the decision because of the visibility of the case," he said.[Last modified April 6, 2006, 01:58:09]

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Cheryl Ford, RN ( is not affiliated with any other group and works to protect the rights of the disabled community

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Screwtape Weighs In

The Provincial Emails has a must read on the Da Vinci Code and others!

Screwtape is baaaccckkk! With another letter! He just NEVER quits!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Walid Invited to Speak by The Orthodox Union

An email from


Walid Shoebat has been invited to speak by The Orthodox Union, a leading governing body of orthodox Jewish synagogues in the USA.

The event will be held at Lincoln Square Synagogue on May 1 at 8pm, it’s located on 200 Amsterdam Ave on the Upper West Side.

Tickets can be purchased from Walid Shoebat Foundation by emailing us requests at

Only 500 seats available. Price to be determined but we believe it will be no more than $20.00 in advance and $30 at door. Refreshments will be served.

JPII, We Miss You...

With so many family things going on this weekend, and FULL TIME, forty hours of work (I really prefer 32 hours... ) and Day Shift (argh, NOT an early morning person... work the second and third shifts usually...) I have not had much time this past several days to write.

I missed blogging on anniversary of JPII's death as a result. But Our Word and Welcome To It has a good one...

Fr Pavone joined the bloggers

thanks, Catholic Fire!

Fr Frank Pavone of Priests For Life has joined us in the blogosphere here.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Looking Back Regarding Terri. Found... The Anchoress

I had an email from a friend on the topic, and I was looking for JPII's words about removing food and water from people that he had issued. Instead, I found this from The Anchoress, whose blog I really wish I would remember to read more often. As I read that one, I found this right under it.

Very well written on their own, but her links make it even better.

From Gateway Pundit, who has the Michelle Malkin article referred to at the Anchoress. Michelle took the time to go through the autopsy report, and she did a good job, pointing out many things that I also had in some groups back then. It is good to read again, and remind ourselves of the differences that we hear in MSM. Michelle also has other links to follow that are equally good.

Another good article by Emcee can be found here. One of the commenters, Ron L shares very personal information with the blog readers about his son, who had had a hemispherectomy. That surgery always amazed me!

There are others that are equally worth reading and mentioning that are linked in each of the above. But you can read them as easily as I can redo their good work.

God bless!

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The Death of Terri Schiavo by Fr Rob

Fr Rob has written several EXCELLENT articles about Terri Schindler Schiavo over the time he has known the family. He has another, a long two part article on his website now that has not appeared online previously. He begins.....

One Year Ago Today...

Terri Schiavo, an innocent woman, died as a result of a judge's order permitting her husband to starve and dehydrate her to death.

In commemoration of her death, I am running on my blog today my Catholic World Report article from May 2005, titled "The Death of Terri Schiavo. This is the first time this article has appeared online. I hope, in reading it, that you will be reminded of how such a grave injustice was done, and the half-truths, deceptions, and outright lies that accompnied and justified it.

The Death of Terri Schiavo - Part One

The Death of Terri Schiavo - Part Two

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