Sunday, April 02, 2006

Looking Back Regarding Terri. Found... The Anchoress

I had an email from a friend on the topic, and I was looking for JPII's words about removing food and water from people that he had issued. Instead, I found this from The Anchoress, whose blog I really wish I would remember to read more often. As I read that one, I found this right under it.

Very well written on their own, but her links make it even better.

From Gateway Pundit, who has the Michelle Malkin article referred to at the Anchoress. Michelle took the time to go through the autopsy report, and she did a good job, pointing out many things that I also had in some groups back then. It is good to read again, and remind ourselves of the differences that we hear in MSM. Michelle also has other links to follow that are equally good.

Another good article by Emcee can be found here. One of the commenters, Ron L shares very personal information with the blog readers about his son, who had had a hemispherectomy. That surgery always amazed me!

There are others that are equally worth reading and mentioning that are linked in each of the above. But you can read them as easily as I can redo their good work.

God bless!

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