Wednesday, March 29, 2006

From Cheryl Ford, RN of Fight4Terri More Updates

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• Michael Says He Almost Gave Up His Efforts to Euthanize Terri Schiavo
As Terri Schiavo Remembered, Pro-Life Group Urges Protective Measures
Michael Says He Almost Gave Up His Efforts to Euthanize Terri Schiavo
Clearwater, FL ( -- In his new book "Terri: The Truth," which he has admitted was written to "settle a score" with Terri Schiavo's family, Michael Schiavo explains he almost gave up on his years-long battle to euthanize her. Michael wrote that Jodi Centonze, the woman he lived with for several years while married to Terri, urged him to "walk away" from the battle with Terri's family the day before Terri's feeding tube was removed for the last time. He wrote that he decided to give up on his efforts to take Terri's life so he could move on with his own. However, his attorney, assisted suicide advocate George Felos, talked him out of it. When he called Felos to tell him the news that he was quitting the legal battle, Felos told him euthanasia proponents were counting on Michael to win. "(Felos) reminded me that we had to realize that it wasn't just about Terri anymore," Michael wrote. "It was about the rest of the people who didn't want the government telling us how we could die and when we were allowed to decide that we didn't want further medical treatment. And it was about who has the right to make decisions between a husband and wife," he said. The Schindler family and pro-life groups frequently suspected Felos, a longtime euthanasia advocate who is still promoting the grisly practice at conferences and conventions, was a driving force behind Schiavo's efforts to kill Terri. Read the complete story.

As Terri Schiavo Remembered, Pro-Life Group Urges Protective Measures
Washington, DC ( -- As millions of Americans mourn Terri Schiavo's euthanasia death on its one-year anniversary Friday, a pro-life is urging people to complete a pro-life version of an advanced directive in order to prevent becoming the next person sentenced to death by the courts or family members. "Terri's death was a gross injustice that marked a sad day in our history when our society allowed Terri, a woman with a severe disability, to be discarded in such a cruel and inhumane manner," says Burke Balch, the director of medical ethics for the National Right to Life Committee. Balch said his group wants Americans to do two things to make a difference: complete a Will to Live form from NRLC and contact your state legislators and urge laws to protect disabled people. The Will to Live form allows patients to clearly express the kinds of treatment they want should they be unable to make their own health care decisions down the road. Balch says the form is vitally important because an NRLC study shows the laws of all but ten states may allow doctors and hospitals to disregard advance directives when the directives call for treatment, food, or fluids. The form is designed to make it clear that a patient wants food and fluids continued. Following Terri Schiavo's death, many groups and the media have focused on urging Americans to complete living will forms. However, NRLC reports that, increasingly, health care providers who consider a patient's "quality of life" too low are defying these directives in order to deny treatment against patient and family wishes. Read the complete story.

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