Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Addiction Series Reposted at Dr Bob's

Jan 31, 2008...a visitor to my blog went to Dr Bob's site, and I tried the link as well, and found that he has moved them. The list is on this page now, and each has a short blurb. Click on the title on his page, and you will be taken to the current location. God bless!

The Doc Is In, and Dr Bob is reposting his series on Addiction. Excellent articles. He currently has two of them reposted. (originally posted Mar 25, 2006 at 12:59 pm. Being brought up to top to add the others).

Addiction & Judgement

The Downward Spiral


There Is a Solution

The Revenge of the Fifth

While I was at his blog, I noticed this quotation at the top for the There is a Solution article (this quote changes, so it just happened to be there...):

That is why the rich young man was so loath to follow Jesus, for the cost of his following was the death of his will. In fact, every command of Jesus is a call to die, with all our affections and lusts. But we do not want to die, and therefore Jesus Christ and His call are necessarily our death and our life.
--Dietrich Bonhoeffer--

This struck me in a way that it may NOT hit others. For just before the diagnosis was made in our family, the afflicted loved one said "If I give my life to Him and go back to Church like you want me to, it means that I have to give up drinking and smoking and everything." I was surprised, and told him you don't have to give up ANYTHING ... that He works in your life to help in any way that we need to change, but that He takes us right where we are...

At the time, it did not hit me that he KNEW he had a problem. Because I was still in denial myself, it never dawned on me what he was really saying... "I CAN'T give it up..." That realization on my part came much later, in my own recovery as a family member, in Alanon.

This quotation really brings that home.

Another that popped up sort of shows the result of the choices of the rich man...and anyone who chooses to put off that response to Him, or decides against 'Come Follow Me'.

There will be two kinds of people in the end:
Those who will say to God, "Thy will be done",
and those to whom God will say, "Thy will be done".
--C.S. Lewis--

God bless!


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