Friday, April 07, 2006

Holy Week Meme

Having been tagged by Catholic Fire, I'll answer the questions from Holy Week Meme.

1. What do you do with your new blessed palm(s) from Palm Sunday?

If there are any nice full ones, I weave then and usually put them by the crucifixes. However, the past ten to fifteen years, they are usually only a strand or two, and it is very difficult to do the four fold weave that I was taught by my mother, when they are narrow, and only one or two strands....

2. What do you do with your old one from last year?

If they are still nice looking, they stay where they are. If not, I return them to the Church to be burned for Ash Wednesday.

3. What do you do during Holy Week in preparation for Good Friday?

I really can't do much this year. I used to NEVER miss any of Holy Week, but have not been able to get off of work much for awhile now. So instead, I am able to think about what He has done for me, for us, for everyone, and pray.

4. How do you commemorate Christ's Passion on Good Friday?

I also have the original The Passion of the Christ that I can watch. I will be working, so cannot get to Church. (And I have no choice, I am alone, so am sole support here).

5. When do you color Easter eggs?

I haven't for several years either, and the Easter Bunny doesn't seem to come here anymore, since the kids got older....

6. When do you buy Easter candy?

I buy some when I see it, if it is a kind I like... but not much. I also buy more after Easter.

7. What is the first thing you plan to do Easter morning?

Have not thought of anything special.... other than get to Mass later in the morning. I am not even sure who would be available to celebrate with, and who will be working or with the 'other side' of their family (as in their in-laws...) lol

One of the drawbacks to grown kids who are married, engaged...


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