Friday, June 16, 2006

Defending Pius XII

Sr. Margherita Marchione has written another article on Pius XII, one among MANY books and articles that she has written over the years.

Brendan Roberts, from New Zealand also defends Pius XII at CatholicExchange, with the names and quotes from those who KNEW THE TRUTH about him.

And Mary Kochan begins her request for Catholics to learn to defend the Truth about him this way:

Take all the evil things that detractors and critics say about Pius XII
and the role of the Catholic Church in WWII. Add to them every complaint justified, exaggerated or fabricated that was or remains part
of the most wild-eyed fundamentalist aspect of
Protestant Reformation and Restoration polemics seasoned with
Da Vinci-style conspiracy theories and wrap them all up in a neat bundle
of resentment and disdain. What do you have?

You have what I used to think about the Catholic Church:
the Whore of Babylon, the leader of the World Empire of False Religion, voracious for power and money, corrupt in nature and the most virulent enemy of human freedom, progress and salvation on earth, hand-in-glove
with every dictator and friend of Hitler.

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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Just Among Nations

One of the historians who has a rich knowledge of Pope Pius XII's work in WWII has written more in another article, in which she shows clearly that Pius XII did much more than some who disparage his memory claim he did is Sr. Margherita Marchione. Sister has debated some of them, pointing out their errors in both speech and in print.

She had asked for help from fellow Catholics in Oct, 2004 through another article at CatholicExchange, which included open letters to the editor giving needed information to counter several of those books that were being published and widely proclaimed by the main stream media.

"An Open Letter to Catholics on Pius XII",

Dear Fellow Catholics:

Pope Pius XII has been the victim of irresponsible charges by the media and certain scholars. Although he is treated scandalously, few Catholics have come to his defense. The world should be honoring and praising Pius XII today, not maligning him.

Now, she is asking that Pius XII be recognized as "Just Among Nations", and "two testimonials are needed from people of Jewish extraction who can testify that they knew Jews (or heard about Jews) who were saved by the pope. Their testimony must be notarized."

Though there have been several who have written books that claim he did little or nothing, Sister writes:

"Blessedly, though, three Jewish historians —
from England, Israel and the USA —
have come forward to refute this distorted portrayal of world history:
Martin Gilbert, Michael Tagliacozzo, and David Dalin.

She has more to say on this topic at CatholicExchange, and ends her article with this request:

It is for these reasons — and I have barely touched on the historical documentation — that I will make my appeal to Yad Vashem to honor Pope Pius XII with the title "Just Among the Nations." I am using the vehicle of this article to publish my need for the two testimonials from people of Jewish extraction who can testify that they knew Jews (or heard about Jews) who were saved by the pope. Please mail your notarized testimonial to Sr. Margherita Marchione, 455 Western Avenue, Morristown, NJ 07960, or send it by FAX 973-539-9327. Thank you for every effort made to clear the name and honor the memory of a truly great Catholic hero of the 20th century — Pope Pius XII.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A closer canonical look at the Schiavo-Centonze marriage

This came in my email tonight.

From Edward Peters

Canon Law Blog Updated

I have expanded my earlier (23 Jan 2006) blog concerning potential canonical problems with the Schiavo-Centonze wedding and published those more developed observations in the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars Quarterly 29:2 (Summer 2006) pp. 6-8. For links to that article, and some remarks on the limited role canon lawyers can play in such cases see

Monday, June 12, 2006

What is that saying about a Little Child Shall LEAD them???

There are times, as we have often heard, that Truth comes from a child's mouth! Why is it that the simplistic way that children see things cannot always stay with us? Why do we allow our senses to be dulled to the point where we CAN'T see Truth when it appears before us, yet a CHILD can? And we don't recognize inherent lies in much of the PC rhetoric that goes around today, and for the past thirty plus years? So many of us have been 'brain-washed', or 'propagandized' that we no longer 'SEE' or 'HEAR' or 'SPEAK' Truth...

Got this from Nancy Valko, RN today. It is Nat Hentoff again... you can find a lot of his columns referred to in my archives (use the search this blog feature at the top of the page, OR the technorati search...).

This one is .... EXCELLENT.

God bless!

From Nancy Valko:

Comment: Although this column is actually about abortion, please note the
story about Derek Humphrey:
"He told me that for some years in this country, he had considerable
difficulty getting his views about assisted suicide and, as he sees it,
compassionate euthanasia, into the American press.
"But then," Mr. Humphrey told me, "a wonderful thing happened. It opened
all the doors for me." "What was that wonderful thing?" I asked.
"Roe v. Wade," he answered.
Nancy V.

The Devaluing of Human Life
By Nat Hentoff
June 12, 2006

A friend of mine told me of a recent conversation at his family's dinner
table that keeps reverberating in my mind. His wife, a physician, also
performs abortions. And their 9-year-old son -- hearing the words and
curious about its meaning -- looked up from his plate and asked, "What is an
abortion?" His mother tried carefully to describe it in simple terms.

"But," said her son, "that means killing the baby." The mother then
explained that there are certain months during which an abortion cannot be
performed, with very few exceptions. The 9-year-old shook his head. "But,"
he said, "it doesn't matter what month. It still means killing the babies."
Hearing the story, I wished it could be repeated to the justices of the
Supreme Court, in the hope that at least five of them might act on this
9-year-old's clarity of thought and vision.

The boy's spontaneous insistence on the primacy of life also reminded me
of a powerful pro-life speaker and writer who, many years ago, helped me
become a pro-lifer. He was a preacher, a black preacher. He said: "There are
those who argue that the right to privacy is of a higher order than the
right to life.

"That," he continued, "was the premise of slavery. You could not protest
the existence or treatment of slaves on the plantation because that was
private and therefore out of your right to be concerned." This passionate
reverend used to warn: "Don't let the pro-choicers convince you that a fetus
isn't a human being. That's how the whites dehumanized us... The first step
was to distort the image of us as human beings in order to justify what they
wanted to do and not even feel they'd done anything wrong."

That preacher was the Rev. Jesse Jackson. Later, he decided to run for
the presidency, and it was a credible campaign that many found inspiring in
its focus on what still had to be done on civil rights. But Mr. Jackson had
by now become "pro-choice," much to the appreciation of most of those in the
liberal base.

The last time I saw Mr. Jackson was years later, on a train from
Washington to New York. I told him of a man nominated, but not yet
confirmed, to a seat on a federal circuit court of appeals. This candidate
was a strong supporter of capital punishment which both Mr. Jackson and I
oppose, since it involves the irreversible taking of a human life by the

I asked Mr. Jackson if he would hold a press conference in Washington,
criticizing the nomination, and he said he would. The reverend was true to
his word; the press conference took place; but that nominee was confirmed to
the federal circuit court. However, I appreciated Mr. Jackson's effort.

On that train, I also told Mr. Jackson that I'd been quoting in articles
and in talks with various groups from his compelling pro-life statements. I
asked him if he'd had any second thoughts on his reversal of those views.

Usually quick to respond to any challenge that he is not consistent in
his positions, Mr. Jackson paused, and seemed somewhat disquieted at my
question. Then he said to me, "I'll get back to you on that." I still
patiently await what he has to say.

As time goes on, my deepening concern with the consequences of abortion
is that its validation by the Supreme Court, as a constitutional practice,
helps support the convictions of those who, in other controversies involving
euthanasia, assisted suicide and the "futility doctrine" by certain hospital
ethics committees, believe that there are lives not worth continuing.

Around the time of my conversation with Mr. Jackson on the train, I
attended a conference on euthanasia at Clark College in Worcester, Mass.
There, I met Derek Humphrey, the founder of the Hemlock Society, and already
known internationally as a key proponent of the "death with dignity"

He told me that for some years in this country, he had considerable
difficulty getting his views about assisted suicide and, as he sees it,
compassionate euthanasia, into the American press.

"But then," Mr. Humphrey told me, "a wonderful thing happened. It opened
all the doors for me." "What was that wonderful thing?" I asked.

"Roe v. Wade," he answered.

The devaluing of human life as the 9-year-old at the dinner table put it
more vividly did not end with making abortion legal, and therefore, to some
people, moral. The word "baby" does not appear in Roe v. Wade, let alone the
word "killing." And so, the termination of "lives not worth living" goes on.


I find Archbishop Sheen's words SO compelling here.

"Right is still right if nobody is right,
and wrong is still wrong if everybody is wrong,"
Archbishop Fulton J Sheen author of The Life of Christ



And from another......

"I will not cooperate with immoral, unjust laws corruptly and cowardly imposed on the American people for the sake of pretending to solve social and economic problems by murdering innocent children...Indeed, I will not obey unjust laws nor consent to cooperate with the murder of the sacred lives of God's precious children. I could no more adhere to the unjust laws of this land, or in any way give credence to evil enshrined in law, than deny God Himself."
~~~Joan Andrews Bell

Updates from Greta on Catherine and baby Peter

This is the email from Greta Van Susteren's blog from today, and it has good news on Mom, and tentatively good news on Baby Peter. More tonight on her program. Previously, I wrote here and here about the liver transplant that Catherine Herridge and her five month old son were going to have done, (Mother to Son donation).

This is only part of today's blog, GretaWire. There are also many emails to read, if you so desire, as well as further information about the hospital, etc at her website.

God bless!

Tonight, we'll update you on Catherine Herridge and her son Peter. Catherine is now out of the ICU... and on schedule. She is in pain but she told me it is manageable pain.

Now that Catherine is out of the ICU, I can speak to her often and keep you up to date. We are sending a producer and video crew to her today to get her on camera so that you can also hear and see her. Her voice is very strong and her spirit likewise very strong. As you might imagine, we are all inspired by this story so it is with great pleasure that we report this story to you tonight.

If we were to air an update at the moment I am writing this, it would be great news. But, as you might guess, circumstances could change quickly... Peter is not yet "out of the woods." Peter is still in his ICU and likely to be there for a few more days. He is still on a ventilator, but this is not out of the ordinary.

Catherine has now seen Peter a few times (and held his tiny hand.) She told me that he is now almost pink (he was yellow due to the bad, very bad liver.) Needless to say, she is thrilled that she could save her sick (now well?) son with a portion of her liver. It has been so difficult the last five months watching her son — he was sure to die in a very short time, but now there is lots of hope and good reason to hope. The signs are good: we all have reason to be optimistic, but cautiously so.

Catherine's husband JD and 19-month-old son Jaime are also with Catherine and Peter in Pittsburgh. From what I can piece together, Jaime has been a good sport, but this has not been easy on him. He is only 19 months old and is not in his home, but a strange environment with a sick little baby brother and a mother who is likewise hospitalized. JD, Catherine's husband, is doing a great job of juggling it all: He is taking care of 19-month-old Jaime and running between two hospitals — one with Catherine and one with Peter.