Thursday, November 11, 2004


Today has been Veteran's Day. My father did not live to see
the beginning of the WWII Memorial but then, many men and
women my age did not live to see the Vietnam War Memorial, either.
And there are many nurses of all wars who did not live to see
the Commemoration of Women in the Military.
Same with the Korean War Memorial.

But today, we remember them all.

I remember Lynne, a Vietnam nurse I worked with who helped to
get the nurses remembered at the Memorial in DC.
Post-traumatic stress affects the women, the nurses also.
Nothing made me more proud to finally see that monument!

These people are and were REAL heroes, and did not boast or
brag about their accomplishments, and earned every award
given to them, without question.

Another who HONESTLY won the Purple Heart (with three
SERIOUS injuries in one day that did HONESTLY send him Home)
is the 'Grunt Padre', Fr Vincent Capodanno. You can also find his
Medal of Honor Citation online. This man served more than a simple
four months, and he DID earn his medals, just as Audie Murphy had
done in WWII. And there were many more like them in our war history,
that did not 'earn medals' with minor injuries.... ahem, forgive me,
but I believe the Swift Boat Vets .

God bless all who served in the US Military, regardless of which branch,
including my Dad in the Army and uncles in WWII, my brothers
Dave and Bob in the Air Force and Army, my sister MB in the Army,
my nephew in the Navy currently, my godson John Preston M_____
who served in the Coast Guard after C G Academy, my young female patient
who went to the Naval Academy from Fond du Lac WI and the Marine
recruiter (also my patient), my friend's husband and a female friend (Grace)
in the Navy, and many in the National Guard back then AND today.
My friend Kathleen whose father lost a leg in Pearl Harbor, and my
former boss, and patient while working as a nurse, Willie from Hollandtown,
and all of my classmates, male and female who served our country.

May those who are no longer with us rest in Peace, and those who are
actively serving know that we pray for them and hope that they are safe.
For those who served in any war who are no longer active in the military...
I wish you Numbers 6:24-26 today and everyday,
and say thank you.

God give you His peace.

Numbers 6:24-26
The LORD bless you and keep you:
The LORD make his face to shine upon you, and be gracious to you:
The LORD lift up his countenance upon you, and give you peace.

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Sunday, November 07, 2004

Christopher Robin, Sr Where Are You??

No story haunts me in my internet reading and surfing more than his...

I have tried to find out the rest of the story, but it seems to end with
his open letter to his son on his son's birthday.

Has this man, who had been jailed 'in the interest of the child'
(see the bottom of the linked page in the title...)
ever gotten to see his son again?

Gay Marriage isn't the ONLY danger to our Sacrament!!

Forced divorce also known as 'no fault' divorce began the same year
as did Roe V Wade... 1973, Aug. And it has grown to the point where
there is no marriage safe now, in the country OR in the Church. As a
respondent in a divorce hearing, there are no real rights other than
to simply 'accept'what is happening and let the Judge and lawyers
destroy a valid marriage, THEN WATCH again as our Tribunals do it also,
with 'grounds' that make it possible to find nearly every marriage 'null'....
yet the Holy Father does not approve of this and has spoken out
many times about it.

Judy Parejko's "Stolen Vows" will open your eyes to the facts that
there is little help out there to SAVE a marriage! She learned it from
the inside as a former court appointed 'mediator' who learned that she
was to expedite cases for the system, convincing the respondents that
did NOT want a divorce to accept it and make arrangements for
custody/finances and 'get on with your lives'....

And as for our Sacrament? Changes in grounds the Tribunal now uses
have made it very easy to 'get an annulment' that COULD potentially
be overturned if appealed to the Roman Rota. The Holy Father has spoken
against this rampant abuse here in the US for many years.

And have you ever been told that 'internal forum'... ie, your conscience...
can tell you whether or not you are able to skip the Tribunals completely
and still marry again, AND go to Communion?

Not true.

Our Sacrament, and our Marriages are in danger, and have been for a long time.

Websites of interest... see the links at each of these for more. ...
Groups like Covenant Keepers and many others have been fighting
forced *irreconciliable differences* unilateral divorce for many years.
And there ARE and WILL be many more, as more of us who have
faced forced unilateral divorce begin to let our voices be heard.

No, it isn't just 'gay marriage' that has endangered our families.

God HATES Divorce, and what it does to the wife(husband) of your
youth.. Malachi 2:13-16. It isn't just a statement; He means it.

Jesus said it four times... red Letter editions of Matt 5:31-32,
Matt 19:3-9, Mark 10:2-9, and Luke 16:18 covers every single person
involved in any divorce and subsequent marriage. He does not just
speak to say nice things to quote.

Jesus MEANS what He says.

I Cor 7:10-15 doesn't say get a divorce anywhere in that section...
but it DOES say to remain single or be reconciled. Interesting how
people take SOME things literal, and excuse others, isn't it? And how
many JUSTIFY abandoning their spouses and children? Some even say
God told them that they could.....

though HE tells us He never changes..........

God bless you!

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Time to Give Back Once Again

Occasionally, someone enters your life for a time, and makes a
passing comment that just takes on a life of its own.
That happens a lot, if one really listens, but most of us just don't
have the time, or the 'want to'. It happened to me a few years ago,
when an online friend mentioned getting a two bedroom apartment
in a Third World country, and I teasingly said.... hey, we can visit you!
She made that off-hand comment that niggled...
"yes, but when YOU come, bring your dental instruments...there are
orphanages here that you can do some work at. "

Yeah, right... any idea what it would take to do any kind of work
like that? Well, when HE wants it done, it gets done. "All things are possible",
including meeting and working with the kids in the Dominican Republic.
It has been several years now since the first time I went and met a man
who has portable equipment to use, and the skill to fix the teeth that need
to be fixed, and extract those that cannot be, while I did sealants, fluoride
and with my miniscule knowledge of Spanish, teach the girls of two
orphanages to brush two times a day for two minutes.

I love it, and I am here again.

What is He calling YOU to do today? Does not have to be anything big....
sometimes, it is simply smiling at another human being.
But YOU may have talent that is needed right down the street from
where you live...what are you waiting for, an Invitation? Go, He said....Go.
What you do for the LEAST of these, you do for Me.... so... if you are waiting
for an it is...



God Bless!