Saturday, February 11, 2006

More on Commercials I Dislike

I cannot WAIT for Feb 15th to be here. I am soooo tired of the Vermont Teddy Bear commercial that depicts a bunch of gaspy high pitched females acting like... they belong in a hospital being treated for respiratory distress. I want to hand them a Hand Held NEBULIZER to get over it!

I have been with MANY female friends who have gotten terrific gifts in my time, and NEVER heard anything like those women. It drives me to distraction every time that thing comes on!

And if it has been on ONCE today on the Channels I have had on, it has been on at least twice an hour. And it has been on for at least a week or more.

And it is driving me insane. I hit the MUTE button every time now.

Don't get me wrong. The Teddy Bears are cute. But this commercial played last year, and I hated it then, too. And if I ever GOT one of these Teddy Bears, all I would think of is the COMMERCIAL.

Vermont Teddy Bear--get real.

Even the pajamagram commercials are better than this one!

Only four more days and FREEDOM!

Friday, February 10, 2006

Case against Jesus’ existence dismissed

Having heard that the case was dismissed, and that the Judge had also said that there was sufficient cause for a defamation suit against the man who sued the Catholic priest... I searched and finally found the story!

The existence of Jesus case was thrown out of court:

Cascioli, a former schoolmate of Righi’s, said he had not expected the case to succeed in overwhelmingly Roman Catholic Italy.

“This is not surprising but it doesn’t mean it all ends here,” he said, adding that he’s considering taking the case to the European Court of Human Rights.

“This is an important case and it deserves to go ahead,” he said.

Slander investigation recommended
Judge Gaetano Mautone said in his decision that prosecutors should investigate Cascioli for possible slander.

On the news, though, it was said that Cascioli WAS going to appeal it to the European Court of Human Rights. As much as Christianity is dwindling in the European countries, it would not surprise me to hear that they do accept the case, and once again, Fr. Righi is called on to testify for the Lord of Lords, King of Kings.

This is the first time that I had read that Cascioli was a CLASSMATE of Fr Righi's, however!!

Makes one wonder what kind of relationship they had in the past while going to school together, doesn't it?

God bless!

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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Walid Shoebat, Ibrahim Abdullah, and Zachariah Anani

I missed this interview with Walid Shoebat, Ibrahim Abdullah, and Zachariah Anani. But I strongly urge YOU to hear it!
And there are other interviews at Walid's website here and here.

From Smooth Stone, with thanks! Sorry, I just copied what you had.

From Naomi Ragen

An eye-opening 16 min. interview - three reformed terrorists in a remarkable interview

Dear Friends,

Please watch this remarkable video of three reformed terrorists who are not afraid to say the truth.

If you want to understand the world you are living in, don't listen to the New York Times. Listen to these three men. It is startling, illuminating and a real wake-up call. They were interviewed on American television.

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Muslim Extremists Murder Philippine Christians

Code: ZE06020507

Date: 2006-02-05

Muslim Extremists Murder Philippine Christians

JOLO, Philippines, FEB. 5, 2006 ( Muslim extremists killed six Christians in cold blood six of the small town of Patikul on Sulu Island, in the Sulu Archipelago of the Philippines.

The attackers, suspected Abu Sayyaf guerrillas, a fundamentalist group close to al-Qaida, went door-to-door on Friday asking if the occupants of the house were Muslims or Christians, reported AsiaNews.

If the residents responded that they were Christian, the guerrillas opened fire, according to AsiaNews.

Brigadier General Alexander Aleo, a spokesman for the Philippine military, confirmed the information, stating that among the dead was a 9-month-old girl.

The island's military chief added that in the attack five people were seriously wounded, among them a 3-year-old boy.

Abu Sayyaf, formed in 1991, is the most feared guerrilla group of those operating in the southern Philippines.

Thanks for the link, Conde....

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Changes at Notre Dame... some are not happy...

Recent news about Notre Dame's new President, Fr John I. Jenkins, has been on the news all day today. Some students AND faculty are not happy with his changes.

Some students don't want to give up things that he has said are not in line with Catholic teachings, and won't continue. A taste of some of the viewpoints can be found in letters to the editor that begin here. The second hyperlink there takes you to a letter by a Libertarian. His first hyperlink takes you to a page of other letters, one of which is by his student.

I think that he needs to speak to Fr Michael Scanlon of the Franciscan University of Steubenville. He will get all the support he needs from Fr Scanlon, I am sure!

Long ago, when Fr Scanlon first began leading the University, he also faced the 'petitions' of the Students. They wanted Coed Dorms, etc. Had an entire list of things that they sort of were demanding. Fr Scanlon took them, and told everyone he would pray about them.

As I remember the story, he came back with things like... not only will I not say Mass isn't mandatory, I am going to put the Blessed Sacrament into each dorm. Not only are we not going coed...

Fr Scanlon did not give in on any of the demands made...

The changes in that University were dramatic.

The school has grown. The quality of students that attend is fantastic. The Eucharistic Adoration goes on constantly. And when we stopped one Friday night on a trip to Virginia, the Church was CROWDED with students at an evening Mass (at a time when most students would have been going out already in our local college towns!!!). I was impressed. My kids were surprised, as were my sister's kids. We had wanted to peek in the Church, but could not do so because we could not get in! There were too many IN the Church already!

Yes, perhaps the new Notre Dame president should talk to Fr Michael Scanlon.... or maybe he has already heard the same story that I heard long ago.....

When even the National Catholic Reporter has to write a fairly decent article about it.... even mentioning that it may be 'too Catholic'....

Fr Scanlon did something right.

Fr Jenkins... don't give up! Don't give in! God bless!

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Another on Hitler's Mufti

Hitler's Mufti is the topic of another good post (I have written about him here, here, and here, as well as interspersed in a few other areas on this blog.) Conde has many links on his post, and I have not yet had a chance to check to see if any are new to me.

But it is good to see others trying to let people know about him, his relationship to Arafat, etc.

We NEED to wake up!

God bless!

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Wedding Again, Mother of the Groom, continued....

So now we get to the centerpieces....

Quite awhile ago, my son, his fiancee, her Mom and I went to one of those huge wedding fairs where you get to taste cakes, see photographer ideas, floral ideas, etc. And of course, sign up for things that eventually mean a lot of junk, possible prizes.

At one of the floral exhibits, we saw an arrangement that had three different sized plain glass vases, with pearl kinds of stones, a rose, water, and a floating candle. Our bride to be liked it, and I thought... hmmm, a nice gift for some of those in the wedding...

(And I also had liked it, so thought it would be pretty). Told her that I would pay for the centerpieces, in addition to the other money I had already committed to.

But also told her that we had to wait til TAXES came back. They did.

So, I gave them the promised money, which we promptly put on the photographer, and then we went shopping.

Katie has changed her ideas a little, so now we needed to find a minimum of 66 votive candle holders (matching), that were not TOO expensive. I suggested she get 6 dozen, in case some break in transit. We found the votive candles... but the Dollar Store had NO way to order the holders that she had liked, and all of the stores in the State of Wisconsin did not have even the 66! (And who wants to drive to all those places????)

So we hit Ben Franklin store, and found a much more simple holder.

They had 21 in the store (only needed another 51.... ) and the woman who helped us was VERY nice. She went to check with the manager, who said yes, he would order the 51, and yes, they would be in by April....and yes, we could pay for them all today.

That way, when they call in four to six weeks to say that they are IN... Katie or Kev or both can just take the receipt and go to pick them up (and I don't have to get more money to them ...or go along... grin).

But, the CHECK-out woman was simply overwhelmed by this...first, that we had so many glass pieces to wrap in bubble wrap, and second, she could not figure out how to ring up something that we were not taking with us...

She was so shook about it that she could not even write on the receipt a simple "We owe 51 votive candle holders to... our name". (And she circled the wrong part of the receipt, etc etc etc... shaking, misspelling, etc. Poor woman....

I wanted them to KNOW that these were going to be picked up if they ordered them, as well as not wanting to make another trip there to get them. I figured OUR committment of paying for them would make THEIR committment of ordering them much more definite.

We left there, and went to Marshall Fields where Katie and her Mom had previously found shoes that were PERFECT, and that matched her dress PERFECTLY... but she had also had to wait for tax return before getting them.

They went in, picked them up, and returned to the car.

She was giddy with excitement, wanting to show me immediately.

My son? HE was sort of in shock that he had just paid (he knows to the penny, I can't remember exactly...) nearly fifty bucks on a pair of shoes ...that you wear one day.... (!!!!)

****Note to my son... this is NOT too much for a pair of dress shoes for a woman at all... in fact, dress shoes for a GUY can cost that much, also... and so can many 'tennies' or whatever they are called today... Nikes, etc....Not everyone gets shoes at tent sales or Walmart or...

So we took our 21 glass votive holders, and the 96 votive candles (got 96 of them, just in case some burn really fast...) her shoes, (and Kevin's wedding ring!) and dropped them off at her Mom's home. I got to meet her Dad, and one of her brothers. Even got to take home a bowl of her Mom's bean soup.... grin.

And then, to end the evening, I took them out to eat.

When I suggested this, I wanted a MEAL, a good steak or something. (One does not get a chance to go to some of these places a lot when alone, ya know???) So I asked them where to? ... PERKINS...... (they both worked there when they met....)

I guess I did not look too excited...

We ended up going to a great steak place where you cook your own. Kev did a good job making the steaks, and it was a good finish for the day. Kate was tired, I was exhausted, and Kev got to take both of us home....

Now, we have to find 22 mirror trays (12x12") and 22 sets of the vases. We found the stones to put in them, but Katie has decided that she wants Gerber Daisies, not roses, and not IN the water with a floating candle... should be pretty if we can find those two parts yet, in sufficient numbers. The Gerber Daisies... well, this is Katie's and Kevin's Wedding, ya know?

And so far, they are really doing a good job planning it. Her Mom is having a lot of fun...her Dad just says ... tell me what to do, and I'll be there.

They claim he will be "the puddle at the end of the aisle" on Wedding Day, though HE denies it....

Yeah, righhhhht....

I think I will also be buying extra Kleenex for his side of Church...

God bless!

Update June 27, 2006 The Wedding

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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Meet Pavel Chichikof

To learn more about Pavel Chichikof, and perhaps find yourself wanting to hear him at the CIC later this month, I can direct you to a few places to read or listen. I have had the recent privilege of 'meeting him' online, and wish I lived in the DC area so that I could attend.

He was on The Journey Home program with Marcus Grodi a few years ago. Go here, and scroll down to program number 236 . The Journey Home is an EWTN program consisting of interviews with those who have entered or returned to the Catholic Church, which gives them a chance to tell others how God worked in their lives on their way to conversion.

He has articles on Catholic Exchange, with the latest one entitled The Answer. It is a true story, based in Russia in the early 90's when the Soviet Union was collapsing.

Pavel is both a writer of poetry and a photographer. Some of his poems can be found on a website that is updated weekly. His poem, "Grief" really brought back many memories of some of my patients over the years...

His latest book, Mysteries and Stations in the Manner of Ignatius can be found here, but will also soon be available from AHC's bookstore .

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Richard Greene & Pavel Chichikov the Catholic Information Center

At the Catholic Information Center
1501 K Street NW
Washington DC
Date/Time: Feb. 21, 6:00 PM
Admission free

Apparitions: Canadian and American Catholic Poetry

Presented by Richard Greene & Pavel Chichikov

Authors Richard Greene and Pavel Chichikov read from their
respective books: Crossing the Straits and Mysteries and Stations
in the Manner of Ignatius.

Richard Greene, a Catholic poet, biographer, and critic holds a
Doctorate in Philosophy from Oxford University. His first
collection of poems, Republic of Solitude, was published in 1994.
Another collection, Crossing the Straits, was published last
year. His work has appeared in literary journals in Canada, the
United States, and Europe. His reviews of contemporary poetry
have appeared in many publications, especially Books in Canada,
to which he is a contributing editor. He is currently writing
fiction. He has published three scholarly works and has been
commissioned by Time Warner to write a biography of the British
poet Edith Sitwell. He is also working on another volume: Graham
Greene: A Life in Letters.

Pavel Chichikov is a Washington, DC-based poet and photographer.
He has written for both the secular and the Catholic press on
issues as diverse as Russian nuclear weapons systems, Olympic
athletes, and miracles. Mysteries and Stations in the Manner of
Ignatius is his third book of poems. He is also poetry editor of
the popular web site Catholic Exchange.

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Haleigh has Defenders from Disablity Rights Groups

Such a cutie!

Who would not be proud to have her for a daughter?

But Haleigh's life has not been easy, and apparently, she was not rescued by those who should have helped her...and then sought to have her life ended after she ended up in the hospital as a result of abuse at the hands of someone who needed to be stopped long ago. Allegedly, her step-father caused severe head injuries to this beautiful little girl...

But Haleigh fought on. In spite of a court order, an appeal delayed events enough that Haleigh was breathing on her own after the ventilator was removed, and continued to grow more responsive. She was recently moved to a Rehab Center....and now some want to have this investigated.

Diane Coleman, president of Not Dead Yet, said the girl would be dead by now if not for the appeal of the court's decision. State officials have also agreed to hold off on ending Poutre's life while they figure out what happened and Gov. Mitt Romney also wants an investigation.

Coleman's group wants to know why doctors at Baystate Medical could be so wrong in their "arrogant and hasty diagnosis" that Haleigh had "no chance of recovering cognitive or sensate functioning," and that she "cannot hear, feel, or respond."

"These doctors must answer to charges of incompetence and negligence," she said and wants to know whether they have withdrawn life support in similar circumstances in the past for other patients.

Coleman also questioned medical tests designed to determine responsiveness.

And it SHOULD be investigated! What IS this rush to kill off the disabled all about??? MONEY?

Fight ON, Haleigh! Fight on!

And awhile back, just to remind everyone that these are PEOPLE, not 'non-productive eaters' or 'shells'....

Rome, Italy ( -- A man who had been placed in a coma for two years as a result of an automobile accident recently awoke and told doctors and his family that he heard and understood everything going on around him during the time. Read THIS one!!!!!!!!!! (Thanks to Extreme Truths )

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Monday, February 06, 2006

I Admit... I Am Suspicious...

Just not trusting why 'all of a sudden' we must have all the violence over the cartoons, in so many different places. Sorry, but the more I hear, the more I tend to think that this is staged violence, planned.

And now, we have lost a priest in what may also be related, in Turkey.

PLUS, we have the USS Cole plotter escaped with 22 others from a prison .. with all the dirt removed for a tunnel from a mosque to the prison and no one noticed?? And as difficult as it is for secrets to be kept, with all the people involved, and all that digging, NO ONE NOTICED?

Why do I not believe that???

Women Set Walmart Pharmacies Up....then Sue 'Em.

Personally, I cannot imagine a professional Pharmacist embarrassing women the way that some have said they do about this medication. But I am offended that a few people think that everyone MUST submit to their standard and to THEIR 'conscience', rather than allowing the individual to be able to abide by their own beliefs regarding this and other issues.

I could not fill a prescription for this if I were a pharmacist anymore than I could assist at an abortion or an 'assisted suicide' or even carrying out the death penalty. I could not participate in starving/dehydrating a person to death, either.

I think that these women have forgotten the basic lesson that I was taught in eighth grade Civics Class... My rights END where someone else's BEGIN! I am tired of the imposition of other's rights on me at the loss of my own rights!!

And this planned attack really, really irritates me!!

The plaintiffs are Katrina McCarty, 29, of Somerville, Julia Battel, 37, of Boston, and Dr. Rebekah Gee, 30, of Boston. All three were turned away when they tried to buy emergency contraception pills at area Wal-Marts.

The women said they knew they would be refused when they went to the Wal-Marts in Quincy and Lynn and that the action was planned with the abortion rights groups and lawyers.

After being refused, McCarty and Battel went to other pharmacies and got their prescriptions filled. CVS, the state's largest pharmacy chain, stocks the pill at all of its pharmacy locations, as do the state's other major pharmacy chains.

"I did this on behalf of my patients," said Gee, who is completing her residency at Brigham and Women's/Massachusetts General Hospitals in Obstetrics and Gynecology. "Women shouldn't be refused needed medication."

The lawsuit also seeks $25 in damages for each of the three women filing the lawsuit, plus attorneys' fees, which is all they are entitled to under the state's consumer protection law. Perkins has asked Wal-Mart to settle the matter within 30 days.

Not sure that this will work, but the poll (about 50-50 when I was there) is from here :


Should Wal-Mart be required to stock the "morning after pill"?

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Caution, Deemed 'Too Graphic' to be Printed...??

I have heard some really silly excuses by newspapers and others in MSM that are given for not allowing Prolife messages in their papers, but this one beats the cake!


Catholic Fire had this posted:

On the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, a local newspaper refused to run any of the three following ads to be paid for by Will County Right to Life in Illinois. The newspaper's ad department stated they were too "graphic." Since when are ultrasounds "graphic"? In fact, these ultrasound photos are beautiful. Parents proudly display them on their refrigerators, for goodness sakes.
What's wrong with these pictures? Why is the mainstream media censoring the truth about preborn babies?

Jill Stanek and Pro-life Blogs.

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What Goes Around... Comes Around

Thanks to a friend, Sarah, for the tip to the following story! A really good human interest story that can show God's plan for each person. Think what may have happened had the nurse NOT been there seven years ago... and follow that with the fact that he seems to have been the only person in the place who knew what to do, many years later!

Also proves a GOOD reason that everyone needs to know CPR and the Heimlich Manuever! It really is not hard to learn, and you never know when you may need it. You can find out where to take courses from the American Heart Association or the American Red Cross .

God bless!

Teen saves life of woman who saved him
N.Y. teen performs Heimlich on nurse who gave him CPR years earlier

NBC News
Updated: 4:35 p.m. ET Feb. 5, 2006

Call it a simple twist of fate — times two: A teenager in western New York state has saved the life of the same woman who years ago saved his life.

Seven years ago, Kevin Stephan of Lancaster, N.Y., was a bat boy for his younger brother’s Little League baseball team. A player who was warming up accidentally hit him in the chest with a bat. Kevin’s heart stopped beating.

“All I remember is that I dropped the bat off, and all of a sudden just got hit in the chest with something, and I turned around and passed out,” Stephan said.

Fortunately, a nurse whose son played on that team was able to revive him and save his life.

“I started CPR on him and he came back,” Penny Brown said.

Stephan’s mother said he was extremely fortunate. Brown was supposed to be at work that night, but was given the day off at the last minute.

Now comes the really interesting part.

Last week that same nurse was eating at the Hillview Restaurant in Depew, N.Y., when she began to choke on her food. Witnesses say patrons were screaming for someone to help her.

“The food wasn’t going anywhere and I totally couldn’t breathe,” Penny said. “It was very frightening.”

Doing the Heimlich
Restaurant employees yelled for Stephan to come out and help. “They knew I was a volunteer firefighter and they called me over and I did the Heimlich, and I guess you could say I saved Mrs. Brown,” Stephan said.

At the restaurant, they realized the amazing twist of fate they had just witnessed. Seven years ago, Brown had saved Stephan's life. Now at age 17, he had returned the favor.

“It's almost unbelievable,” said Stephan, who is also an Eagle Scout.

“The fact that it has been two individuals, that you know, helped eachother out in a pretty dire situation, it's pretty extraordinary,” Brown said.

On Saturday, the two met again at the Bowmansville, N.Y., Fire Hall where Stephan is a junior firefighter. He presented her with a bouquet of flowers, and his parents were also there to greet Brown.

Points to value of knowing CPR
Officials with the American Red Cross in Buffalo said this story highlights the importance of receiving training in first aid and CPR.

Judith Rucki from the Red Cross’ Buffalo office said, “We always ask people, if someone in the cubicle next to you went into cardiac arrest, do you know what to do?”

The man who trained Stephan at the fire hall, Dan Curtis, said he was trained by the American Red Cross.

“He called to thank me for teaching him what I taught him in order to be able to do what he did at the restaurant,” Curtis said. “It was just incredible. And as an instructor, you can't get a better compliment than that — when somebody in the civilian world takes what they learn in a four-hour CPR class and actually uses it to save someone's life.”

The Red Cross is planning an award presentation for Stephan, and so are the Boy Scouts.

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Pro-life Search Engine

Via Catholic Fire who saw it on SFO Mom and in National Catholic Register:

Pro-life Search Engine

The next time you do a search on the Internet, why not use a search engine that donates its revenue to prolife causes? You can do this by searching through charities receiving donations through this site include Priests for Life, Project Rachel and American Life League, among other worthy groups. It's powered by Google, so the searches are effective, AND it's equipped with the Safe Search filter, so it's family friendly.

Whenever you click on a sponsored link, the search engine receives over 50% of the ad revenue paid to Google. Since October 7, when the site was launched, over $8800 has been donated to prolife charities. Every little bit helps! They also have a regularly-updated Featured Article. The current topic is encouraging family prayer.

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Sunday, February 05, 2006

So now, Who Refuses to Reconcile the Palestinian Problem?

There are enough people blogging about the cartoon war that now has the Danish embassy in flames, so I will just direct you to Mystery Achiever, who can send you to other blogs about it.

I personally think of the many recent defamations of Christian symbols here in the West (The Crucifix in urine, for example) and wonder how the world would have reacted if Christians had reacted this way to having Jesus Christ, Son of God mocked in such a manner (and His Mother, as well in other instances!).

But the one article that I really want to bring to your attention is one that Someguy has put here, with his comments. That article is written by David Meir-Levi (that link will take you to his other columns) of Front Page Magazine, published on Feb 3, 2006, and he asks the question:

Who Is Really Oppressing the Palestinians?

He gives a very thorough history of the area, peoples, events of the area around Israel beginning 170 years ago with the Ottoman Empire, moving to the time of the Grand Mufti, through the reign of Arafat, and on to the present. He details 15 separate refusal of the Palestinian leadership to accept agreements reached for a homeland.

It is an excellent article, though long, but well worth reading.

People need to know these facts, not often (as in never) reported in today's main stream media.

Often, when people think of Arafat, they think of Oslo.
They see the handshake.
They think Peace...

They remember the Nobel Peace Prize of 1994.

But how many know the rest of the story, with the significance of the Hamas victory in the elections??

The Oslo Accords of 1993 created what would turn out to be the last best offer of statehood and peaceful co-existence alongside of Israel. As with every other opportunity since 1937, Israel accepted the agreements, recognized and supported the concept of Palestinian statehood, and fulfilled its obligation under the Oslo Accords to create and arm a Palestinian Authority. But before the ink was dry, Arafat was betraying the agreement he had just signed to renounce violence. To be sure, he spoke words of peace in English to the West. But in Arabic he began preaching Jihad and rejecting every one of his Oslo commitments. By early 1994 he had joined with the Islamic terrorist group Hamas in beginning a “low intensity” terror war operating in Israel and in Lebanon.

When in June of 2000 at Camp David Arafat rejected what Saudi prince Bandar bin-Sultan described as the best offer the Palestinian people could possibly hope for, he threw away what proved to be his people’s last chance at a negotiated settlement that would have led to statehood and to peace. His reply to Barak’s offer of a Palestinian state on 97% of the land they had demanded, was to launch a Second Intifada. This terrorist war driven by suicide bomb attacks against Israeli civilians began in September 2000, and has led to the empowerment of Hamas and other terrorist organizations.

I recommend taking the time to read the entire article, including the Appendix, where he lists all 15 attempts, and the Palestinian response to the peace process.

God bless!

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