Saturday, January 01, 2011

New Years Eve Bombing of Coptic Church in Egypt

Apparently the latest way to murder Catholics is to get them while they are in Mass.... yet we, here in the US and other places, still insist on the political correctness in relation to Islam. So what happens when the 'peaceful' Muslims are told by these 'fundamentalists' that THEY, too must begin to live the 'religion' as it is supposed to be lived.... or be considered as infidels??( Read what that means from their own 'book' )... they will have to choose between death as infidels, or life as those who are responsible for these mass murders -- and attacks on USS Cole, etc -- proclaim to be 'true'.

God help us!

Worshippers leaving a Coptic Christian Church in Alexandria, Egypt after a New Years Eve Mass became the victims of a car bomb that detonated in front of the building. The explosion, during the first hour of the New Year, left 21 dead, 79 injured and questions about possible involvement of al-Qaida.

All but eight of the injured and all the fatalities were Christians from Saints Church, located on the eastern side of the coastal city.

New Years Eve Bombing of Coptic Church in Egypt Leaves 21 Dead - International - Catholic Online