Friday, November 24, 2006

Walid Shoebat in Salt Lake City this week end

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Walid will speak on Saturday evening Nov 25 at 7 pm MST at Layton Assembly of G-d Church which is near Salt Lake City UTAH.

He will also speak there all day Sunday - morning, afternoon and evening. (Nov 26)

We are putting together two new dvd products, the first which will be available in about 6 weeks is Walid's amazing address at John Hagee's Cornerstone church four weeks ago.  This will be available in a two dvd pack which will include his key note speech to Bridges for Peace June 2004 which those who own it currently is called "To Redemption, a testimony of Faith"  The price of the new double DVD pack will be $24.95 plus $2.95 shipping.

In early 2007 we will also have a 3 - 4 DVD pack which will include Walid's church seminars and bible teaching. It should be about 4 hours long and sell for $49.95. We recommend all Churches interested in knowing what the Bible says concerning these times. This would be great for churches to run in their bible study lessons or a two - four evening series at your church.

Please email us at if you wish to order a copy before release.  We are offering a 20% discount on these two products if purchased prior to release. (20% on either or both) .


Keith Davies


Thursday, November 23, 2006

Mom, A Turkey, and Gratitude for Walmart

Ya know, with all the talk about Walmart lately, I have to tell you all that I am VERY grateful for them today.

I walked out into my kitchen earlier today, and realized that the turkey that my son and I bought yesterday was still sitting where we had put it when we got home, and it is not to be cooked until tomorrow. It was a cool room temperature already, and probably had been for most of the day! While I think that it would probably still be ok, I do not want to take the chance of making my entire family ill tomorrow. (This was over 24 hours out at room temp.)

I have called several places, and all are closed.... but both Walmarts in our area are open 24 hours.

I told the women who answered the phone that though this is not fun for them, I am thankful!

I know what it is like to have to work holidays. So I won't get into a discussion about that aspect of this. I worked nearly every Thanksgiving Day for the past twenty years, because my kids were often with their Dad's family. I usually worked the night shift, and went to any family events tired. I have also worked 'every other' one over the years for the entire time I have worked in health care, including after graduating from Dental Hygiene school.

So I know that many are not happy about being 'forced' to work today...but I am VERY thankful, VERY grateful for Walmart today. If not for them, we would be turkeyless tomorrow because of my own stupidity and carelessness.

I am going to Walmart in a few minutes, then to my Mom's for awhile. I have to remind her that we are coming tomorrow for that turkey dinner. And I will share with her that her daughter is also forgetful.

Oh, the joys of growing old.... what a 'turkey' ...

God bless.

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Failure to euthanize could become criminal in Britain

Your friend WI Catholic thought you would be interested in the following news story, which originally appeared on the Catholic World News site ( You'll find more information about Catholic World News at the bottom of this message.

MESSAGE: So you are a nurse who feels that to starve/dehydrate someone to death (by not being able to offer any liquids/foods by mouth) is wrong, is murder, is unethical... not only can you be fired/lose your license, but now also be charged with criminal activities?

Natural death involves offering the person what that person can take, in small amounts, until that person's body can no longer assimilate it. Ice chips, pureed foods, thickened liquids, etc. Tube feeding, perhaps. But NEVER ceasing all liquids/foods while the person's body can still utilize it!!

I guess I would be in jail/prison.

My mother will not be starved/dehydrated to death by anyone. Ever.

And it is why I will have a Will to LIVE, not a 'living will'!

God bless.

ARTICLE TITLE: Failure to euthanize could become criminal in Britain

ARTICLE: Nov. 22 ( - Lord Falconer, the Lord Chancellor of England, has warned doctors that they may face prison sentences if they refuse to starve and dehydrate patients to death. Criminal charges of assault could be laid against doctors or nurses who refuse to allow patients to die, even by removal of food and hydration tube.

The Labor government this week unveiled its new guidelines for doctors to follow the Mental Capacity Act that is to come into effect next spring. The guidelines instruct doctors that a patient's 'advanced decision'-- what is often called a "iving will"-- that includes a request for cessation of medical treatment must be followed even if it means the patient will die. To fail to do so-- in other words, to take action to keep a patient alive-- could result in criminal charges or heavy fines.

The government's guidelines instruct doctors, "If you are satisfied that an advance decision exists which is valid and applicable, then not to abide by it could lead to a legal claim for damages or a criminal prosecution for assault."

British courts, in conjunction with jurisdictions around the world, have determined that it is sometimes in the patient's best interest to be dehydrated to death by removal of feeding and hydration tubes. In many parts of the world, providing food and hydration is considered "medical treatment" and as such can be, and frequently is, withheld on the grounds that it constitutes "extraordinary treatment."


This news story originally appeared on the Catholic World News site.

Catholic World News, the pioneer in online Catholic news services, offers daily headline stories, analysis, and discussion of world events from the perspective of loyal but independent Catholic journalists.

To learn more about Catholic World News, or to become a premium subscriber and receive headline news coverage every weekday, please visit [].

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The Nativity Story

I have 'caught' bits and pieces of an ad that has been running, but did not catch enough of it to know that it is an actual movie coming out, until tonight.

I have watched the trailers, downloaded the pictures, and and now plan on going to see it when it is released, Dec 1, 2006. Not necessarily that very day, but soon after, I assure you.

This movie has the most authentic looking people I have seen in a movie about the birth of Christ in many years. Directed by Catherine Hardwicke, it looks to be as good as the other movies I have gone to see in the recent years: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The Passion of the Christ, and Narnia. I also cannot wait to add it to my slowly growing collection of worthwhile films.

This one is The Nativity Story.

One Family. One Journey.
One Child, who would change the world.

God bless!

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Happy Thanksgiving Day! An Attitude of Gratitude

Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving Day to everyone!

Today is a day that we really do need to think about all the different things that we have to be grateful for. That is something that we all may need to work on more often, but at least once a year, there is a special day to set aside to call to mind the many blessings we have in our lives.

My family is going to spend tomorrow together at my mother's, making OUR turkey and all its trimmings for her, with her. It is the result of my son's asking me what I am doing on Friday, my day to spend with Mom after I get home from work. And Mom, when we asked her if it was OK, was tickled pink. She asked what she needed to do. I told her 'Be there!" She asked me what she needed to make. I told her nothing, but if you want to help by peeling potatoes or something, you are welcome to it. She laughed. Then forgot what we were going to do. I asked her to write it down in her notebook, so she would remember.....

Blessings are not all just 'good things, happy things'. Today, we forget that sometimes blessings also come as a result of pain, suffering, hard times. We run from them most often.

There is an old saying in many of our homes when things are not going well. "Offer it up". Uniting it with Christ's sufferings, rather than moan and groan about it does not lessen the hard times, but helps us to look beyond the mere present. 'Redemptive suffering' is a term that we use. It is a way to help bring some good out of our own sufferings, not to add to what Jesus Christ did. Nothing can compare to that love He had for us, nor to the suffering He went through to redeem us.

I am thankful and grateful for my three children, now adults, and their spouses, as well as their children.

Thankful that my Mom is still with us.

Thankful that I am relatively healthy. That I have had the opportunity to continue my education, and have two professions that enable me to earn a living AND serve others.

Thankful for the friends that have entered my life, some for a long time--some for a very short time. Some are true friends, some just acquaintances, and some are 'cyber-friends' who have come to mean very much to me.

I am grateful for even the hard times in our life, as it taught me how to set boundaries, how to love the sinner while separating that person from the sin. I have work to do in that area, for certain.

There is much more, but some are very private, some very minimally interesting, some just plain silly.

(Wondering, though, what you may be doing for Thanksgiving Day!)

AA/Alanon calls it 'An Attitude of Gratitude', 'One Day at a Time'....

God bless!

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Sunday, November 19, 2006

"I am a stander" Google search ...and a 'Dash'

God is so good. Tonight I was looking at the site that shows how people come to my blog. One of them was googling for "I am a stander", two results of five are speaking of their stand for their marriage.

God is good. There are MANY of us out there. Since I already know what I have to say on the topic, I went to the other site, and spent some time looking around. He gets it. And the page that convinced me is his reply to someone who had written to him.

The issue here is not whether my sweet Kenisha returns or not...the issue is OBEDIENCE to God.

He gets it. We are not martyrs. We are standing in the gap. We are obedient servants.

Tim, you have been added to my prayers. You are truly a brother in Christ. God bless you, God bless Kenisha, and your children.

God bless!

OH... I also just found another page on Tim's site where he points to this message. I am filling in that "dash" now, and also hope to hear 'Well done, good and faithful servant' someday.

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