Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Allen West Nation - 3...2...1...LAUNCH!!!

If you are interested in Allen West for President 2012, then you are needed. Please join Allen West Nation, find your State Group, and join it, then go to the new action group sites to find out what you can do, where you can fit in. Writing letters, getting petitions out and signed, as well as actually volunteering for duty ....

=D COME JOIN Allen West Nation!

Allen West Nation - 3...2...1...LAUNCH!!!

It’s the Allen West Project!!!

This is OUR chance to make a HUGE difference…ALL of us! Allen West Nation is excited to introduce the Allen West Project and we need your help!

AWN is looking for VOLUNTEERS…not just a handful but LOTS of volunteers. We need between 100 and 200 ready, willing, talented and able volunteers for an enormous outreach to Congressman West and we need them FAST!!!

This team of volunteers needs to be committed and talented and the team will pursue every conservative internet site and blog we can. Once these volunteers are identified and up to speed AWN will unleash them with a FURY!!!


Why…JULY 4TH…can you think of a better day to start taking our country back???

On July 4 we start seeking national attention, controversial sites, and going viral.

This is going to be the SUMMER OF RECLAMATION for this GREAT nation and YOU…our VOLUNTEER TEAM…will be leading the way!!!

Now…lest you think this directive will only last the summer…THINK AGAIN…because July and August are only the start of what we KNOW will be something HUGE!!!

Phase 2 will start on September 1st and the impact will be felt throughout the country.

AWN Members have been itching to get busy and NOW WE CAN as we move forward with PURPOSE, and our mission becomes clear.

AWN is teaming up with many solid Allen West support sites in this action and together, with staggering numbers…we can and WILL make a difference.

A BIG difference.

Congressman West says it takes 5 miles to turn an aircraft carrier around...Let's show him we can do it in 3!!!

PLEASE follow the links, in the Call to Action and become a part of the process and let’s work TOGETHER to TAKE THIS COUNTRY BACK and to promote the Allen West brand of conservatism we have all come to respect.


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