Saturday, May 06, 2006

Four Chinese Bishops Excommunicated

Pope Excommunicates Four Chinese Bishops

The Vatican on Thursday excommunicated two bishops ordained by China’s state-controlled church without the pope’s consent, escalating tensions as the two sides explore preliminary moves toward improving ties.

The Vatican also excommunicated the two bishops who ordained them, saying church law mandates excommunication for bishops involved in ordinations without Vatican approval. MSNBC

Ray from MN posted this news. It was completely new to me! I had not as yet heard this anyplace else, but also have not been able to spend as much time reviewing all of my news sources online the past couple of weeks. This is one story that I hope will have some follow-up.

He also has an earlier link to two pieces by Fr Zuhlsdorf on the topic that can be found in hyperlinks here.

And I wonder if we may hear more of this in the future for other problems worldwide...?


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