Saturday, April 29, 2006

Update on Mom

Between working the day shift, and a full forty hours at that, plus other things going on, I have not had much time to blog lately. Really felt the need to update on Deanna (see previous post) and on Mom, however.

Mom did go into the hospital as planned, and then refused a PICC line, so MD talked her into staying overnight another night. Then her MRI results were being looked at by four (yes, 4) radiologists, and a different diagnosis was being looked into ... so she has had another biopsy done under the CT Scan yesterday afternoon, and she is still there.

They are now looking into TB of the bone in the spine. Infectious Disease Specialist said it could have lain dormant for YEARS... not sure why she has never had a postive TB skin test in all the years she worked when they were required...

She will be in the hospital until AT LEAST Monday now... and still unsure about the PICC line. Or treatment if this IS TB.

She has not said 'DNR' yet. Not sure that I am ready for her to do that, either.

Was teasing her on Thursday while we waited for her to have a chest xray taken... asked her if I was one of her posterior labor kids (most of us were) ... told her that if I was, then she and I were in the hospital 57 years ago on that day, only then I was the cause of the pain in her back... it took her awhile, as I tossed out hints and then gave her a HUGE grin... then she pretended not to remember for a bit .. until I finally began singing the song .. to me... she caught it, and we laughed..

Good thing her pain is in her back, and not in her butt-ocks, huh?

So please keep Mom in continued prayers.... and my whole family.

God bless!


Blogger Catholic Fire said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

God bless you,

Sunday, April 30, 2006 at 12:55:00 AM CDT  

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