Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Propagandizing and Songsters...

Stingray has an EXCELLENT piece written here that he called The Democratic Party: A Culture of Treason, and another on Mary McCarthy (the senior CIA officer that was fired for alledgely leaking information.

Another that is entitled 10 Terms andPhrases to be Worried Of leads one to another good article, with a 'teaser' from the article (called 10 Terms and Phrases to be Wary Of at the other site) . And another aimed at today's propagandizing..er, political correctness and tolerance, etc can be found here.

OH, and if you want to hear Willian Shattner sing... oh, my... he has a WHOLE BUNCH of sites for you to try here!! lol He reminds us of Mama Cass, too.

There was more, but these are some of the recent good ones.

(Seems that tonight I am hung up on the word another, huh? Forgive the repetition...lol!!)

God bless!


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