Saturday, April 29, 2006

Latest Update on Deanna

Some of you may remember the need for prayers for Deanna and her baby from last Feb/Mar ... Should have posted the last ( a bit before this one) update, but did not get a chance to do so, and then Marti sent this one out. So will post THIS one in its entirety, as it is directly from Deanna's husband.

Please keep them in prayer.

God bless!

The following is an e-mail from my son, Stephen---if you all could
continue your prayers for them, we would greatly appreciate it!-----
Thanks and God bless--Marti

> Subject: Please add to prayer list
> Hey guys,
> Can you please add the following to your prayer lists (at church,
> small group, etc).
> Deanna has to get more tests done. She will be getting
> an EEG to check the functioning of her brain and get
> another MRI in a couple of weeks to check on the blood
> clots in her head. She is still having severe headaches
> and no one knows why.
> We also just found out that
> she will have to go on long term disability which means
> we lose our insurance and have to pay for COBRA,
> which will be around $1300-1500 per month. She
> also only gets 60% of her pay. We just bought a new
> house and based everything on Deanna's salary. Also, we found out that
> Deanna can/will lose her job. This
> is VERY stressful right now and we really need God's
> guidance on what we need to do. We don't know what
> God has planned for us and why we are going through
> all of this but we are trusting in him to take care of us
> and our needs as a family. Please pray for Deanna's
> health and for us (me) to trust concerning our finances.
> By the way, baby Matthew is doing great. His
> lungs have really recovered and he loves to show us
> how they work every morning at 2am and 5am ;-P
> Thanks for your prayers and all the love you guys have
> shown us. We miss you all!!
> Steve R


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