Friday, May 05, 2006

Let's Just Run Away

OH, and one more thing....

Why does he have to go to the Mayo Clinic for treatment? What is wrong with a LOCAL recovery program, run by his neighborhood counselors, in LOCAL AA and NA meetings with a LOCAL sponsor (one in Rhode Island and one in the DC area) who can keep him HONEST in his recovery???

Why do the rich, the 'professionals', the 'special people' feel the need to run across the country to get this help, so that they end up with NO support group when they get back home, with NO accountability to anyone?

Baloney that those programs are truly any better than ones in your own back yard.

AND, whether you are a millworker, a president of a company, a Physician, a Dentist, an Attorney, a Congressman or a Senator, a Mom, a Dad, a Grandpa/Grandma, a teenager, an elderly person... or a street bum... an addict is an addict.

Those running the treatment programs are often also recovering people who can not only help, but call participants on the 'BS' that 'excuses' themselves and tries to prove why "I am different" from any other addict that exists.

Accountability is one of the ONLY surefire ways to gain real sobriety. HONESTY is a huge factor in recovery! That, under the guidance of a Higher Power (God as we understand Him) whom a great majority of 12 Steppers choose to call Jesus Christ of Nazareth, especially those Old Timers who helped to start the original groups.

Venerable Matt Talbot, pray for him.

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