Saturday, April 29, 2006

Getting Confused..... again.

We have two birthdays close together twice in each year.

My sister (8 years younger) and I are two days apart. Many of my family have had the dates confused over the years, and call HER on MINE... sing the song, and then she laughs and asks them if they called ME yet....

This year, the brothers got it right (the two who remembered) and some of the SISTERS got it wrong.

Keep telling them that for ours, they only need to remember that the oldest comes first... and call the oldest first... but they don't remember from year to year.

So, yesterday, in the middle of the two days, my sister called me and said she will be out of town tomorrow (the 29th, now today)... "So I decided to call you today to say wish you a happy day!" After a bit of a laugh, I 'apologized' for having missed 'hers' the day before, and gave her my "BELATED" wishes...

We do this nearly every year.... Some day, it may confuse ME, too....LOL

MINE comes FIRST... I am also the first born in the family, I am oldest... should not be hard to remember... but this does NOT work in September for the "Irish Twins" ... for those two, the youngest's is first, a day before the others'. But there is a way to remember theirs correctly, too... "Lady before Gentlemen"...

So to any sibs who may read this...

In April, call the FIRST born FIRST.

In September, it's LADY FIRST...


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