Saturday, May 06, 2006

"Right Turns" Review by tMichaelB

Ray from MN also sent me to tMichaelB's blog for his review of Michael Medved's book, Right Turns.

I have liked Michael Medved for a very long time, having heard him speak of his Faith, his life and other topics on various TV programs over the years.

I really liked this part of what Tom wrote at his blog. Knowing the damage and hurt that comes when a father does not take his family role, consider this just a small challenge from this WI Catholic mother to follow in the footsteps of St Joseph the Worker, Spouse of Mary, who never failed to be a real Father to Jesus. It is a need of every child.

God bless!!

Medved’s story impacted me because I know how powerful a father’s reaction can be to a young man’s dreams about marriage. When I was engaged to Susan, I told my parents we planned to travel together to Hawaii, where I happened to be traveling on business. I did not expect my parents to care. My parents graciously did not make a scene upon my announcement, as there were other family members present. But the next day I got a phone call from my dad. He expressed his displeasure with me. He urged me not to travel with Susan. He said it would be bad for Susan and for me. And he said it would set a bad example for my siblings. I was shocked. But in the end, I agreed. I couldn’t disappoint my dad.

That was a turning point in my life. My dad took a stand when it would have been so easy to look the other way. I was, after all, an adult. But Dad made his point, and it impressed me. Medved’s father also took a stand. And it made a lasting impression on him. My story, which I describe in my memoir, “Emerging Son,” and Medved’s story, described in “Right Turns,” shows the impact a father can have on a son –- especially when the son is a young man. A father’s responsibilities don’t stop when his children become 18. Medved’s father apparently understood that, and so did my dad. In my own case, I am very glad that he did; in the case of Michael Medved, a father’s loyalty to his faith shaped the life of a young man who went on to a very interesting, influential life described in this thoroughly enjoyable book.

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