Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Making my rounds.....

***Dad 29 has:

Cdl Lopez-Trujillo Makes Good Waves

Cdl. Lopez-Trujillo is by no means a fellow who engages in 'diplo-speak.' He says what he thinks, clearly and usually forcefully.

So when he remarked that 'Roman Catholic scientists who conduct human-embryonic-stem-cell research could face excommunication' last week, there was the usual crab-walking and cover-ducking done by the usual suspects:

***Contratimes comes out of his summer respite to comment:

Stomping Out For Jesus

While my announcement, "A Summer's Respite", is still in effect (in a very ineffective way), I could not resist a few comments after reading a series of posts at Daily Kos regarding patriotism and church. (Go here to read about his comments regarding someone who chose to walk out of Church when asked to stand during a soloist's rendering of "God Bless the USA")

***SmoothStone writes:

Happy Birthday, America!


If we pay close attention to all the great things the USA has done, all the way down to the grassroots level, and all that we share with other nations, rather than hoard, the only logical conclusion is that there is a lot about the USA that is great and good and righteous and which deserves to be acknowledged, especially in the face of such an obvious agenda by the lefties and the libtards and the democrats to swing the pendulum in the direction of our enemies.

Yes, we are the good guys. I challenge those opposed to the USA: if we’re so oppressive why do so many people we oppress seem to rush here at first chance? It’s because they like us, get it?

Happy Birthday, America. Be strong, be brave, and be proud. May God Bless the USA.

God bless!


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