Thursday, June 29, 2006

Updated again on Gretawire About Baby Peter

From Gretawire, another update on Baby Peter:

Now for some e-mails — the first one that people have been asking for:

E-mail No. 1 — You will recognize this next e-mailer — my colleague Catherine Herridge:


Hope you are well.

After a rough couple of days, Peter has astounded us with some big steps forward. On Monday night they had to put the breathing tube back in after he had some lung collapse, but he has stunned all the doctors. The tube is back out now and he is breathing well on his own.
The lung collapse sounds dramatic, but it is very common in babies who've had liver transplants. His new liver is only 9 ounces, but it is big for him. This literally gives him less space to expand his lungs. The problem is only temporary, he will quickly grow into his new organ. They same way a kid would grow into a new pair of shoes.

The preliminary results from the liver biopsy do not appear to show any signs of serious rejection. The liver appears to be working well and the fluctuation in the liver function tests are probably due to stress and perhaps an infection. We will know more later today.

I have been having a few aches and pains after my surgery. I went to the transplant clinic today and they told me it was all very normal. After they take out a piece of your liver, everything kind of moves around inside to fill the space. So as the liver grows back it literally pushes your stomach back into its normal position. Also your ribs move! (That was even a little too much information for me!)

While I was at the clinic, I was introduced to a woman who was donating part of her liver. It was amazing to meet her because it was like our situation but in reverse. She was giving the liver to her mother who has been really ill. Greta, I am constantly amazed at the depth of humanity — just how much people are willing to subject themselves to in an effort to help.
We all miss you here in Pittsburgh. Will hug baby Peter for you!

Catherine, JD and Jamie


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