Saturday, July 01, 2006

John Kasich to interview Walid Shoebat tonight

Walid Shoebat Foundation has sent out this email today:


Walid will be interviewed by phone on John Kasich Heartland at around 8 pm EST tonight July 1st Fox News Channel

The subject matter will be "home grown terrorism in USA" and the footage that was shown at the Three Ex Terrorist event will be be shown during Walid's interview tonight.

Walid is also currently tentatively scheduled to be interviewed on CNN on July 7th. We will advise exact time when confirmed. If it is confirmed it will be the first interview for Walid on CNN.

We also have scheduled a major lecture with "Two Ex terrorists and Former Nazi," a new program which will be held at a Major Ivy League campus at the beginning of October. I cannot announce which university at this moment for security reasons but will advise about one month from event.

The idea of this lecture is to explain the link with Islamic terror and Nazi ideology. When a former Nazi and former Islamic terrorists give their personal testimony one notices how similar they are and explains to Students and the American people the dangers we face today.

The Truth is now getting out and our leaders need to impose the necessary policies to deal with the evil we all face.


Keith Davies

Walid Shoebat Foundation


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