Saturday, July 01, 2006

A Terrorist Who Turned To Love--Walid Shoebat

In a Front Page interview with Walid Shoebat that I had not yet seen...just a bit here, to show you why his message is so important for everyone to hear. But don't stop with this small bit, go read the rest of the article, and then listen to him and the other ex-terrorists online here.

FP: Tell us a bit about the violent culture you come from.

Shoebat: This question requires an entire book to respond to fully, but simply put, one must never forget Nazi Germany. Nazism was the process of robbing the religious institutions, arts, media, and the social fabric of the German society. Likewise, in the Middle East, one can find the same elements as Nazi Germany, with a crucial difference:

1 - This form has a religious twist to it – Islamic fundamentalism.

2 - This goes beyond one country as Germany. Islamic fundamentalism is attempting to spread itself throughout 55 Muslim states.

But like Nazism and Communism, it has no respect for national borders and the end justifies the means.

Now, what type of a child can a system like this produce?

So I was taught day-in-and-day-out: Jew-Hatred. In the mosque, songs, social life.

Hatred develops like drug addiction, from stone throwing to Molotov cocktails to ending up planting a bomb.

FP: Why is it so vital for Palestinians to hate Jews?

Shoebat: Once the disease has been identified in my lines above (Islamo-Nazism), it would be easy to respond to your question with a question - why do Muslim fanatics behead Americans on TV?

Well... they hate Americans, but is it only Americans? Koreans die as well as even other Muslims.

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