Friday, July 07, 2006

Hard to Read, but Important

Catholic Fire (for the rest of this:)

Operation Rescue Demands
Emergency Inspections of All Kansas Abortion Mills

OR invites Gov. Sebelius to tour the Central Women’s Services building
to view filthy, unsafe conditions for herself.

And the rest of this one:


By Judie Brown

A tragedy has unfolded in Pekin, Illinois, where a 3-year old girl was suffocated by a woman who put a plastic trash bag over the child's head. Dr. Karen McCarron, a certified pathologist, now sits in jail, facing charges of first-degree murder. That a respected medical professional is charged with such a crime is shocking enough; but you also need to know that the victim is her own daughter, and McCarron has confessed to the killing. It sounds surreal, but the numbing fact is that an innocent child's life has been brought to an end at the hands of the woman who bore her.


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