Friday, July 07, 2006

Three to Read from Dad 29

Dad 29 has this:

"WI Court Denigrates Marriage--Implications"

Wake up Wisconsin!

and this:

"GKChesterton Prophesies on Responsibility"

Written in 1914, and unchanging:

The great mark of modern social reformers is that they always desire to drive in a certain direction rather than to a certain goal. They wish to advertise their cause even more than they wish to advance it.

The other great mark of the modern social reform is that it is never defended on its merits.

Senate Democrats, anyone? posted by Dad29 @ Permalink10:08 AM

and this:

"GKChesterton Prophesies on Responsibility"

He wrote them in reverse order from above... perhaps you may want to read them in that order, also. They seem to fit together very well.


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