Thursday, July 06, 2006

Yitro Asheri: "God wanted my son up there"

Another young Israeli, murdered.

"He was in his last year at the Neveh Tzuf preparatory program and had extremely developed spiritually. He is a very happy, generous and gentle child," according to his mother.
***news story***

"He made you literally joyous just by being near him," a neighbor told Yitro. “The vacuum without him is so strong.”
***news story***

The Arab man driving the van was dressed like a religious Jew, but after turning onto route 465 towards N'vei Tzuf, the driver took an early turn down a side road toward Bir Zeit. Bir Zeit is home to one of the Palestinian Authority’s main universities, built with help from the Israeli government in the hope that it would breed moderation.

Immediately, Asheri was brutally murdered
, either in Bir Zeit or in nearby Bituniya. He was shot at close range, with a pillow used to muffle the sound. The terrorists buried him hastily under loose dirt and large stones.

His Dad: “We have our pain,” says Yitro, “but we know that G-d has a job for Eliyahu; that He needs him closer for something much more important. We must truly accept the bad just as we thank Him for the good.”

The family read an essay Eliyahu wrote at his funeral, which they say is a letter he left for all the Jewish people. The following is a translation:

"The prayer that you pray three times each day brings you closer to the Master of the World, connecting you each time anew. When you rise in the morning, look around and see how wonderful this world that G-d gave you is and thank Him for it.
"In conclusion, always serve G-d with joy and always know to seek Him at every time. Always strive to be free to do the will of the Blessed Creator and to perfect yourself and be true with G-d and with yourself. 'You shall be simple with HaShem your G-d,' (Deuteronomy 18:13) and they will go after you because this is the truth."
(WI Catholic strongly encourages readers to READ the rest of the essay, prayerfully.)

According to Naveh, there was never the intention to conduct negotiations for the kidnapped youth, even when he was still assumed to be alive.

***news story*** (~~
Central Command Chief Maj. Gen. Yair Naveh~~)

HT to WITH ISSUE (Go read her blog on this murder).

May God have Mercy.

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem
~~Psalm 122:6


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