Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Wedding......

While the Bride and her Attendents Got Ready, the Photographers (they work in pairs) got an opportunity to take some pictures. Katie, below, and then with my granddaughter, aged 5 who DID truly go down the aisle BOTH WAYS, and stayed quietly at her mother's side for the entire Mass. Her brother escorted her down the aisle...and... she did NOT just look down at her basket and flowers...she did smile as she walked beside him.

Awhile back, Kev gave me permission to print his poem and his comments about the death of his grandfather, Gordon. As Gordon's second wife was going through his things, she chose some to give to my oldest daughter, who told Kev that she had a surprise for him on his wedding day (she also had one for Katie... a white ribbon with a blue dove that was attached to HER wedding bouquet--something borrowed, something blue..). Shortly before the ceremony was to begin, she took him to a side vestibule, and gave Kev his Grandfather's cuff links. I gave them time alone together before I went to take pictures...because my son was crying, as was my daughter as they hugged.

Kevin told her that this gift was the best one he had been given.....

While the 'girls' were getting ready, the 'guys were also having a picture session. And yes, that is a HUMVEE, rented to be the Wedding Transportation.... Below are Groomsman, good friend, Brother of the bride, my grandson, Father of the Bride, her littlest brother, another groomsman. In the background, Best Man, and in the Driver's Door, my son, the Groom.

Saying their wedding vows, and exchanging their rings... with the Bridesmaids watching...and below, lighting their Unity Candle (allowed in this parish.)

Update June 27, 2006 The Wedding

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