Sunday, May 14, 2006

To Dance With My Son At His Wedding, continued

My son has made his decision.

A couple of weeks ago, I met his future Mother in Law to find something special for the two children now adults beginning their lives together. She'd had an idea, and it is a very nice one, especially for the timing of the wedding, and the fact that this is a Catholic marriage.

While shopping, we each found something that we will give to them either at the rehearsal, or at the wedding. We have opted for the night of the rehearsal. We will ask to have them blessed, if we can find the priest (the Deacon will perform the ceremony, and will be at the rehearsal... PROMPTLY at four thirty, my son has informed me ... not L.... family four thirty, the REAL four thirty, ON TIME, he informs me, as the Deacon is PROMPT, Mom ... think he is trying to tell me not to be late??)

We have had several to listen to, and think about over the past months, including one suggested by BG of Contratimes, which I really liked, by the way!

Have you ever considered "You Raise Me Up" by Josh Groban, or by Celtic Woman? The Celtic Woman version is stunning; but Groban's tenor may be more appropriate for this very important moment in your son's wedding. It is a lovely, touching and poignant song: As a man who knows quite a lot about weddings, I will say that it works perfectly for the mother/son dance (the Celtic Woman version is perfect for the Father/Daughter dance).

The Groban lyrics are here, but it is much better to listen to it.

I promise that if your relationship with your son is at all like the sentiments touched on in "You Raise Me Up," there will not be a dry eye in the house.

So, after my son had made the final arrangements with the person doing music at the reception, I asked him what he had decided on for 'OUR' dance....

He began to tell me that he had spoken to my 'buddy' about it. That 'my buddy' thinks it is a very good song, a good idea, and that I will like it.


"Yes, your Buddy."

"My Buddy... who is my 'buddy'?"

"You know, your buddy."

I tried to figure out who this 'buddy' could be... buzzing through my head rapidly for any one he could be thinking of, while HE sat there just grinning at me.

"My buddy??? "

"Yeah, your buddy. The one that you have a secret with. The one that you went shopping with and won't tell me what you got for me with..."


"Yeah. When you tell me what you got for me, I'll tell you what I picked to dance to"....

Errr, nope, no can do.

SO... here I sit, trying to figure out what he has chosen.

I did speak to my 'buddy'. She had no idea that this was a 'secret' until I told her the 'BUDDY' story. As I told her, she figured it out, and realized that she cannot tell me, either. So now my 'buddy' is trying VERY HARD not to blow the secret she has with her soon to be son-in-law. That would not be a good way to begin a new family relationship, now would it?

SO, she did give me one clue.

The song that her daughter will dance to with her father that night is one that is like her father speaking to his daughter.

The one that my son will dance to with me... is like a son speaking to his mother.

I think I may end up crying.

I will let you all know what song he chose after I get home on Sunday afternoon.

God bless!

UPDATE June 27, 2006 The Wedding



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