Thursday, July 13, 2006

Something is Wrong

I do NOT understand this US sometimes.

A 13 yr old can be taken by someone NOT her parents to an abortion center for an abortion, without her parent's consent or knowledge in spite of the fact that she has to have their consent to take a tylenol in school for a headache, and in spite of the fact that this is obviously a case of child molestation by SOMEONE, it does not get reported to the police by anyone.

And there are many other cases just like that, with younger, and older minors, all over the US.

A friend of mine had a daughter involved in drugs, and FINALLY got her into a treatment center. They were told in front of her that she could sign herself out, in spite of the fact that in order to have her ears pierced, she had to have their permission, AND in spite of the fact that they the Parents were paying for her treatment! Why? Because she was over 14. So they had to put up with two more years of hell, being blamed for being 'too religious', etc... when that was a smoke screen that the daughter put up to avoid admitting she was using Crack since she was 12!!

In another state (Texas) , a 13 yr old was determined to be mature enough to refuse chemo and go with alternative medicine.

The Court system rules that a woman who is NOT DYING, but IS disabled can be put to death by starvation/dehydration, simply because she did not have their version of quality of life, and husband wanted her dead. Terri Schindler Schiavo did not match what they thought a person worth helping should be, so they killed her.

Ok, so now we have a young man who says he has already been through one round of chemo, and cannot live through another, so finds his own form of treatment that HE has chosen...and the gov't steps in, threatens his parents with taking him away from them, and tries to get a court order to FORCE the chemo on him??

If a 14 yr old is old enough to check herself out of a treatment center for drug and alcohol addiction, and a 12-17 yr old (and probably younger if needed) can 'choose' abortion and not notify parents, then why can THIS YOUNG MAN NOT REFUSE CHEMO and get an alternative treatment.

I am not into a lot of alternative treatments, personally, thinking that many are quackery, but what makes his decision any less valid than the examples I have cited??? Especially when many studies show that diet DOES make a difference in health?

And why do they insist he not have the treatment HE wants, when they were so vehement about removing a TUBE that only provided food and water to a disabled woman who was not dying in another state not too far away?

I don't get it. Not a bit.

There is something very wrong with this system.

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