Friday, May 26, 2006

The Fumes are Just TOOO Much!!! STOP!!!

I am really trying very hard to educate people, and to get them to stop polluting the air around me!! Everywhere I go, I get hit with the odor and the fumes, and it is making me wheeze and sneeze.

And I am not the only one.

The health dangers are real, but people just don't want to admit it. They talk about their rights, instead of recognizing mine, and others'.

And now, many of us want you to be aware of what it is that you are doing to our health.

It is everywhere! In my clothes, my hair... and there is no escaping it unless in a free zone ... there are even some dental offices guilty of this pollution, if you can believe that!

So many people don't care, and are very heavy heavy users.

I cannot enter any store in the Malls without being confronted by the odor at most entrances.

I often cannot sit in Church without the multi-mixed odors from those users around me, and it often interferes with my ability to worship. As I begin to cough, those around me stare, and visibly move away--and treat me (and others in the same boat) like one would a leper. As we sit and stand, the odor keeps hitting me from behind and from in front... not usually from the side, because I am often with family members.

As I go to receive the Eucharist, often under both species, those near me are probably 'scandalized' that I would dare to do so, thinking that I am spreading 'germs' to them... when all along, it is their habit, their odor, their pollution of shared air space that is causing my coughing, my wheezing, my very real distress.

Out of self defense, I have often placed my inhaler on the seat behind me, as clear evidence that this cough is NOT contagious. I wonder how many even pay attention to my discomfort, as most are totally oblivious to what is causing it.

Should I tell them?

Do you know how offended they are when you ask them to stand further away from you because your lungs just cannot handle the fumes? Do you know how often this same thing happens when I am at a corner bus stop waiting with the users? Or a captive in an enclosed office space? Or on public transportation?

Our society is plagued by these people, and they seem to be everywhere I turn. It gets worse all the time, not better.

I have had to cough my way through meals in restaurants, where you would think that they could be seated in an area set aside with good ventilation, and other users!

I am trapped in others' cars when I am a passenger. Since it is THEIR car, they can do as they please, and all I can do is to roll down a window and hang on...

Some in California have been fighting to get this stopped, and are ridiculed for it. But they are, in some ways, my heroes. They have brought this to the public's attention, and maybe someday, I can go anywhere without being inundated, choked, and overwhelmed by the MYRIAD forms that are out there!!

I was on a quiet beach one day... and even there someone came along with their supply, which had a very heavy scent that told me that she was also a user....a very heavy user, at that. Worse, she began sharing it with the others in her group, next to me. I had to move away.

I have been in public restrooms many times while some women were using, filling the place with a 'cloud', a 'fog' that made breathing nearly impossible.

I can't think of anyplace where I am safe... even in grocery stores! It is EVERYWHERE!!

Some of the latest kinds are worse than those of the past. The money that the manufacturers make is phenomenal. Even the less expensive versions bring in a profit.

Movie stars and other famous persons are used to make commercials and 'sell' this to our kids. They all seem to have their favorite brand, male or female....

I just cannot take it any longer. I am joining the fight to make this illegal, so that I can be safe in restaurants, Church, stores and Malls, public transportation, the work place...and out in the open.

SO, I am beginning a petition to get this on the ballots nationwide, to get a law passed across the nation that puts an end to this once and for all. Why bother going city to city, State to State? That takes too long! It has to be banned for everyone's sake, as soon as possible!

I hope that all of my readers help me to spread the word, and close down the manufacturers, outlaw the use everywhere but in the privacy of the users home and car...with all windows closed! (Before entering the public sector after use, users will also have to shower, though, including washing hair.... with that added element that so far none have included in their efforts! .)

For I am not speaking of cigarettes, cigars, nor of pipes.

I am speaking of your fabric softeners, your laundry soaps, your dish soaps, your hair sprays, your deodorants and antiperspirants, your perfumes and colognes, your candles, your cleaners, your air fresheners, and the latest craze that is even wending its way into dental offices...aromatherapy!!!!!

America's addiction.......

I don't want to have to use my inhaler when you are from now on, you use fragrance-free, no scent deodorants, etc... or stay home or in your car... with the windows closed.

God bless

PS... oh... I am infringing on your rights to use a LEGAL PRODUCT? Exactly my point... EXACTLY my point.


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