Saturday, May 20, 2006

More Wedding Photos

More Wedding Photos

My second daughter and her family (the four year old 'Dancer' and the curly haired one year old boy) are included in this album.

The box containing the Rosaries and the Door Knocker that my 'buddy and I' gave to them after the Deacon blessed them, and then prayed for Kev and Katie are shown there, which was done right after they signed their Wedding License, as seen in picture number 101. Kev is also seen showing them to his Dad the next day.

The flowers in the vase were the table centerpieces, with a mirror and three vigil candles on each table. Katie likes Gerber Daisies... the quilt that they are holding up was made by Grandma Karen (Gordon's wife) and they accepted married responsibility almost immediately by foregoing their planned outdoor park photos and went instead to the hospital to visit Kevin's only living Grandmother, my Mom. They took their photographer with them, to be included in their wedding album.... The photographer will edit the picture and put a different background in ...

Some are out of order, as I have not 'edited' yet... enjoy!

God bless~~

Update June 27, 2006 The Wedding

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