Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Another discussion on Marriage, etc.

Mom had EWTN on as usual last night, and the Best of Mother Angelic Live was on. I was able to hear a lot of it, and will be listening to it again. NOT because I was so 'blessed' by it, but because I really want to hear what Msgr Leonard Pivonka, JCD said about Marriage (which was about Tribunals, also, and Nullity).

It is this program -- if the link works. It did when I tested it.

Otherwise, it is for sale in the catalog, and originally aired on

  Marriage   Original Air Date: 05/20/98 
Air Date Guest Theme
04/24/12 Msgr. Leonard Pivonka, JCD
 It is available as Item #     MA 00221 in the following formats and prices: 
Audio          $1.99
CD              $7.00
DVD           $15.00
VHS            $2.99 
And it is in the archived audio library under the Mother Angelic Live (approximately page 11) 
In spite of what Cardinal Egan saying that nothing changed with the 1983 Code of Canon Law, it becomes apparent that the current (and obviously that goes before the airing of this program in 1998) that at least in the US, it HAS changed.... and is being taught. And passed on. And I need to say over and over.. the Tribunals are not infallible, nor are the schools/individuals that have taught our Canon Lawyers.  I am very concerned about the destruction of marriages by our civil court AND by so many null verdicts d/t those very teachings....
I really have to listen to this a few more times to understand exactly what I think and feel about this. program.... 
Lord, have Mercy!! 
God bless. 



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