Saturday, April 21, 2012

For Greater Glory - Cristiada Movie Official Trailer #1 - Peter O'Toole,...

I really want to see this movie. And I think that its timing is something that we MUST think about as American Catholics... Christians...even more so now with the HHS Mandate. Religious Freedom for everyone, not just us, is at stake.

I do not accept nor believe in the 'Rapture', either. Who are we to think that we will never have to suffer for Christ, as so many other nations are doing today world-wide???? Arrogance is at the very heart of that 'doctrine'. Lord, help me, as I've seen real persecution coming for many years....

Should I be wrong about the "Rapture", I'll 'be caught up' with other believers, too. Should I be RIGHT, are you ready to suffer for Him? Lord, give us courage when we need it to stand firmly in your narrow path.

God bless!


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