Sunday, January 29, 2012

Wisconsin School Punishes Christian Kid for Being a… Christian Kid

From the article:

Superintendent Todd Carlson of Shawano High School in Shawano, Wisconsin, is sorry a student observed his First Amendment rights and had his article published in the school newspaper that denounces homosexuals adopting children. And so Superintendent Carlson is making amends by punishing this Christian kid for being so darn Christian. Superintendent Carlson has also decided in his infinite wisdom to censure this article by having it sent down the memory hole so that no one else will be confronted with this evil Christian's views

That'll show that darn Christian kid, won't it?

What goes on today in many (most? all?) public schools is not education, but indoctrination. I see it in some of the classes that my grandkids are taking. LOTS of 'green' is being incorporated into the curriculum. Oh, I am not against wise use of resources, for we are supposed to take care of the earth. But not worship any part of it. 

This incident has been brewing for a long time, everywhere. Certain segments of our citizens are being allowed to have free reign in what is 'taught', while others are silenced. Prayer in school? No, unless, of course, you wish to teach about Islam. Then you can not only have a class on it, but you can have the students actually choose new names, etc. This has grown to having foot baths for Muslim students and special areas for prayer, yet you cannot mention Jesus, say prayers to begin the day,  wear shirts with Christian messages, draw Nativity scenes, sing Christian Christmas carols for.. CHRISTMAS!!

Sex education is being required in the youngest grades, and some courses are now beginning which parents cannot even opt out their own children! These are including classes on same sex attraction, transgender, bisexuality, etc. Condom use has been promoted already for years. Some schools have also usurped parental rights by helping young girls obtain artificial contraception, or worse, assisting teens to have abortions without parental knowledge. Some have had to cross state lines in order to avoid parental notification laws. As a result, specific laws outlawing this have been introduced and/or passed (see Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v Hartford at the last hyperlink. 

And now this. Read the rest of the article here.

Lord, save us from ourselves.


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