Friday, October 28, 2011

Mother Miriam Daughters of Mary Mother of Israel s Hope

I really enjoyed this! I watched twice on one night with Mom, who also really enjoyed hearing her. Mom marveled that Mother Miriam is Jewish. She just loved, and was attentive through most of both times she had it on. She commented after the first -- "I am just so happy to see so much CATHOLIC stuff on TV nowadays!"... EWTN has been on our cable for many years, but Mom thinks it is 'new' (her dementia). She keps EWTN on most times. Always did, and most often watched CSpan, Fox News or EWTN, with a few excursions to her soaps and game shows.

For any who missed it, Mother Miriam's interview with Fr Mitch Pacwa is now on youtube (and I am so glad that they are putting them there, now, because I hated trying to find programs on THEIR OWN website)....



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