Wednesday, October 12, 2011

In Egypt, a new pogrom

PRAY for the Coptic Christians, who are being murdered and persecuted simply for being Christian! They are being crushed under tanks and trucks, and murdered in the streets and homes.

Just a part of this article:

With Islamist hardliners growing increasingly influential, hate crimes against Christians routinely go unpunished. Copts, who represent a tenth of Egypt’s population, are subjected to appalling humiliations. The mob that destroyed St. George’s had first demanded that the church be stripped of its crosses and bells; after the Christians yielded to that demand, local Muslims insisted that the church dome be removed as well. For several weeks, Copts in El-Marinab were literally besieged, forbidden to leave their homes or buy food unless they agreed to mutilate their nearly century-old house of worship. On Sept. 30, Muslim thugs set fire to the church and demolished its dome, pillars, and walls. For good measure, they also burned a Coptic-owned shop and four homes.
Please read the rest here. There are links to photos which you need to use discernment regarding viewing, as they are not 'gentle', at all....

In Egypt, a new pogrom - The Boston Globe

Lord, have Mercy!


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