Sunday, October 30, 2011

Solanus Casey - The Healing Prophet

I the daughter of an Irish mother and a German father (American, but from this heritage). So when I say that Ven Solanus Casey has been one of my favorite people for many years, you may be able to see why... and when I say 'those Germans", you can also perhaps understand that I am being just a bit facetious. But this man was ordained 'simplex' BECAUSE the "Germans" didn't think he could handle giving sermons and hearing Confessions ... d/t his struggles with the language. LOL

Little did they know that they were doing him a favor... I pray, and desire so strongly, that this man be canonized, and very anxious that it happen soon. I'd really like it to happen during MY lifetime.

Ven Solanus Casey, man of Irish heritage, and from Wisconsin, pray for me, pray for my family, pray for my Irish mother. And I thank God before time....

There is a one hour (almost) video here, with a short biography here:

Solanus Casey - The Healing Prophet

God bless!!


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