Monday, July 28, 2008

Medical Care Refused... again.

This is what is coming to more of us if the gov't takes over health care. Rationed care, refusal to treat those who do not have the $$ to pay for their own care.
And of course, there is always the option to 'peacefully die with dignity' with the assistance of your friendly MD (euthanasia or assisted suicide... ).

Either way, 'non-productive eaters' who cost too much ... face the same thing that this man was told in Oregon...and recently, there was also a woman who was refused chemo (the medication manufacturer gave her one year of treatment free, possibly renewable from what I remember reading...and don't forget the young girl whose insurance refused to pay for a donor organ... until she had died.)

MORE AND MORE of us are going to be dependent on the 'mercy' of the gov't as we retire, or become disabled in the near future.... Are we heading toward the T4 Program here in the US?

I am afraid something very close to it is not too far away. Just as we now have abortion centers, we may very soon see euthanasia centers...

Long ago, when my oldest was about 15-16 yrs old, another sixteen yr old spoke about the number of abortions being performed every year, and she predicted... "Your generation has killed many of my generation. My generation will kill yours!"

I told my kids she was right. I had often told my mother her generation would die a natural death (they aren't all, however), but mine would not. It is coming.... for many people, it may already be here... remember people like Terri Schiavo, Nancy Cruzan and others who also were deemed to be "living lives not worth living".

"Non-productive eaters" isn't too very far from 'too expensive to treat if you don't have five years' kind of thinking. "Non-productive eaters" isn't too very far away from... 'no real quality of life'. "Non-productive eaters" isn't all that far from 'allowing someone to die with dignity (pc definition)' or killing them by 'keeping them comfortable' with an overdose of Morphine and Ativan given every one hour as in 'terminal sedation' that is now being pushed by many Hospice facilities across the nation.

Sounds more and more like the T4 Program of Nazi Germany. I thought we said that it would never happen again? It is starting, IMHO.


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