Thursday, July 17, 2008

Need prayer for Grandson

I am only up to ask for prayer for Alex, my grandson, who was taken by ambulance to the hospital after a bike accident. I don't know anymore than that, right now. My daughter called a little while ago.

She said he fell off his bike really bad, whatever that means. Not sure why he fell, or what really bad means right now.

AJ is 12. He is also the one with the bleeding problem (prolonged bleeding time) that no longer has a diagnosis.

Thank you, and God bless!

Addendum @ 5:02 pm

I guess I am not getting much sleep today, but I wanted Erin to call.

She was driving with her daughter, Raquel, on their way home when she turned on the street near her home, and saw two squad cars, an ambulance, and a school bus. The School bus was blocking her passage, and finally moved so she could ease around it. She needed to get home to get ready for work, and as she was driving past the scene, she saw what looked like AJ's shoe, then the bike, and said "That's your brother's bike!!"

She stopped the car, and saw Alex standing, and ran back saying "Alex, what happened??" He was dazed and sluggish. The police asked her if she knew him, and she said "I'm his Mom"...they told her that someone had called 911 and said that there was a youth lying unconscious in the street, so the ambulance and 'cops' were dispatched. When they got there, he was coming to, but did not know his name, where he lived, etc.

Erin and Raquel followed him to the hospital, and they did a CT Scan, and other tests. They THINK that he had a seizure (last yr on a hot day he had one while on a vacation with his friend, out of State... not sure if you remember that I had asked for prayers then, as well). He had a cut on his tongue, and the other symptoms fit (the state after a seizure could also be a severe head injury, however). He has to go for an EEG on Tues and then see his family doctor on Friday. They said he could go home, take it easy, as he has a concussion, also (No helmet).

He is home, in bed, room dark, and has a headache. She has to wake him every hour or two and check level of consciousness, etc.

Thank you to all who are praying, and please keep him in prayer for awhile. They need to check out the seizures, since this is the second one he has had, if it really was a seizure before the fall, as they suspect.

Thanks! Going back to bed one more time....


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