Saturday, July 12, 2008


I had not known about this story until I read Lee's blog! Bad enough, but then this professor has made it worse!

The original student is supposed to have been raised Catholic. Had he truly been Catholic in more than name only, he would realize that this is Jesus Christ --- Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity --- not just a host. He would KNOW why someone would try to remove the Consecrated Host from the hands of one who did not have the intention of receiving Him, but of potentially abusing Him.

Catholics believe that Jesus meant what He said in John Chapter 6, and was NOT speaking metaphorically or symbolically. He was speaking LITERALLY. When a priest -- in persona Christi -- speaks the words of Consecration over the bread and wine, they are transubstantiated. They are no longer bread and wine. They ARE Jesus, fully and completely.

Saints have died saving the Eucharist from those who would desecrate a Consecrated Host.

So his 'buddy' who wants to remain anonymous pulls a 'good line', which is far from accurate. He says that Jesus was a pacifist? Oh, no He was not. He drove out the money changers, turning over their tables, shouting, and... He did not 'sit down to protest'. The only time Jesus stood in any remotely pacifistic way was before those who  wanted to put  Him to death, and the only reason He did THAT was because it is why He came here to begin with... to Lay Down His Life for US so that we can be saved! 

If someone has actually threatened to kill either or both of the two students, Jesus would not condone that, for certain. Neither would I. But the act this young man committed is wrong, and cannot be condoned.

Then, another enters the picture, and he is actually threatening, AND he is inviting others to take a Consecrated Host(s) from a Church and bring it/them to him! This is a Professor, and is outrageous. Just because HE does not believe as we do, he has no right to cause others to commit sacrilege for him, nor the right to do so himself.

This disrespectful behavior smacks of anti-Catholic bias.

I tried to find HIS article online...Please be aware that there is 'language' here...His piece on his blog is called "It's a Frackin' Cracker!" now, but it HAD a different title originally (based on the url). The comments are not worth reading. It had apparently also been linked to his faculty profile, now removed...

But...I found these:

This first article is clearly written by someone who has NO idea of what we, as Catholics really believe about the Eucharist. However, Cook CALLS it the Eucharist--and he should know better, if he was raised Catholic, than to even begin to take the Consecrated Host (note: not 'bread', not 'cracker') back to the pew with him, much less to take Him home and put Him into a plastic baggie...

'Body Of Christ' Snatched From Church, Held Hostage By UCF Student

The update a few days after the above article clearly shows that he had an agenda other than just to show his friend, IMHO. And he has the audacity to demand an apology. I don't think HE deserves one. I think BOTH of those two owe one to the members of the Church attending that Mass, and to all Catholics (especially if HE REALLY is/was Catholic!!)

'Body Of Christ" Returned To Church After Student Receives Email Threats

University Called on to Fire Prof who Pledged to Publicly Desecrate Holy Communion

Minnesota Prof Pledges to Desecrate Eucharist

Death threats for stealing 'Body of Christ'

Teacher threatens 'cracker abuse' with communion wafer


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