Friday, March 04, 2011

Catholic teachings pro-union bias

Fr Sirico ends his article:

A one-time member of a Wisconsin union, Stephen J. Haessler, tells me: “My previous experience with agency shop as a former member of a WEAC (Wisconsin Education Association Council) local affiliate is instructive. I opposed my dues monies going to endorse pro-choice political candidates, but my opinions and preferences did not matter because dues were automatically deducted from my pay whether I joined the union or not. This was a violation of the principle of the freedom of association.”

Here’s the question Catholics need to ask themselves: Are the unions I support of the same type that are idealized in Catholic social teaching? Or have they changed to the point where they are unions in name only but actually just political machines for coercing workers and extracting money through the political process?

The bias toward unions in Catholic social teaching is rooted in a perception that unions fulfill certain moral conditions. When they fail to do so, the application of moral teaching can change. There is no a priori reason to back every union demand and no reason for Catholics to feel under any doctrinal obligation to do so.

Catholic teaching's pro-union bias - JSOnline

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Dennis O'Donovan

Discussion of Archbishop Listecki's letter....

Missed the show? Listen now. Religion, Politics & the Culture, Thursday, March 3rd: The huge budget deficits in Wisconsin and the public union situation. What should be done? What did the Catholic Church have to say? What did the callers have to say?

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And additionally, Dennis O'Donovan announced:

Father Robert Sirico, Founder and President of the Acton Institute, will be our guest Monday, March 7th,
on the Religion, Politics & the Culture lay Catholic radio show.

"Fr Robert is confirmed for Monday, March 7. Please call shortly before 3:30 and he’ll be prepared to talk for about 15 minutes on Catholic social teaching and the Wisconsin budget and union battles."
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Pray for us in WISCONSIN... this is dividing families. Pray for Governor Walker and our State Legislators. Pray for Wisconsin.

God bless!


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