Thursday, October 02, 2008


I have seen and heard it three times now, and I am furious.

They do NOT speak for all nurses! I don't care if the NURSE is an RN or an LPN... MANY of us are NOT in agreement with this ad, and I HOPE that there is SOMEONE besides me who speaks out about it. MANY of us are also NOT members of this organization.

This is an affront... this is smear, and that picture of Sarah 'looking angry' is placed there solely for effect!

THIS NURSE of 36+ yrs is not only offended, but also VERY insulted by this ad. That they are TARGETING WI, as well as OH, MI, MN, CO, and Missouri is also a reason for nurses in those states who do NOT agree with this ad to make that fact well known.

They wrote:

America's RN Union Highlights:
Who Might Be One Heartbeat Away...

Provocative New Ad to Run in Six Swing States During This Week of the Vice Presidential Debate

The nation's largest union of registered nurses this morning unveiled a striking new television ad that calls attention to one of the most significant, and least talked about, issues in the current election campaign the possible presidency of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

One Heartbeat Away, sponsored by the 85,000-member National Nurses Organizing Committee/California Nurses Association, begins a run this morning in six battleground states Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Colorado, and Missouri.


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